There are 10 days left in May. What?!! That is just crazy.

I never got around to setting my goals for the month of May. And... y'all know I am sooo the type of person that needs to write down my goals (or even my daily to-do's) to have the best chance of accomplishing them. Even then, it's iffy.

Admittedly, I've been really unproductive thus far this month.

Solution?  I thought I would challenge myself with 10 goals for the last 10 days of the month. Here goes....

:: Hit the 35 pound lost mark (need to lose 2.2 this next weigh in to do so)
:: Get all greens (steps, miles, calories burned, water, activity time) with my FitBit every day
:: Go to church both Sundays
:: Mail the stack of things I have sitting on my desk
:: Wrap up all open orders/get caught up on inquiry emails
:: Clean inside of Jeep
:: Deep clean the apartment
:: Read the Bible daily
:: Read (or finish the ones I've started) at least 3 books
:: Enjoy the 3 day weekend with C

So those are my goals for the last week and half of May. Feeling pretty confident about them. That's a good sign, right?!



So, I'm not so good at blogging these days. I try (bless my heart)...but most days I just don't do anything worth writing about.

I mentioned in my last post that my dad fell off a ladder while trying to trim his tree. He had back surgery last Wednesday and has been home since Friday afternoon (crazy!!). He's still in a lot of pain but is able to walk around his house and plot his revenge on the tree that caused all of this.

I spent almost every day at the hospital last week and several days at home with him once he was released. I feel like I haven't been home in about 3 weeks (and I've actually been home every night). It's so weird...I mean, it's not like I'm the one that fell or that I was even doing anything all that strenuous at the hospital. But, stress can really wear you out! I also never realize what a homebody I am until I haven't spent very much time here. The good news is that it has got me motivated to do some projects around here to get this little apartment extra cozy and cute.

We are still hoping to buy a home later this year, possibly (hopefully!) in the fall. Finances stress me out. To be more specific - student loans STRESS this girl out. I'm so grateful for my education. But, I made some silly (um, stupid) decisions when getting loans to pay for said education. They are HAUNTING me.

Anyway, I've been feeling like I've been in a major rut for several months now. With blogging, with my weight loss, my faith, my career, etc. I need a recharge...in the worst way. We've talked about going on a little vacation or even just a weekend road trip. How fun would that be? Of course, we are really trying to be prudent with our finances...so I think we are going to just take a little day trip to somewhere near here this weekend. We get lots of thinking, talking, dreaming and action planning done when we take our "drives". Maybe that will be just the thing to rejuvenate our tired selves!!



I've been MIA for a while. Things got crazy. But, I thought I would do a small catch up post and then try to get on top of things with blogging!

:: It has rained almost everyday.
:: I turned another year older.
:: I have started lots of projects and have not finished any of them.
:: I've hit the 32.4 pounds lost mark (slowly but surely!).
:: I signed up for a summer Bible study that I'm really excited about.
:: I got accepted into the teaching program at DBU.
:: My dad had back surgery after falling off a ladder (so thankful he's going to be ok!).
:: I've spent lots of time loving on Daphne. We are best buds now. She is such a sweet girl.
:: I've seen some live music a couple of times - loving the patio weather (minus the rain).

It doesn't seem like much...but I feel like we are constantly on the go. I need to get better about documenting stuff, because my memory isn't cutting it. Ha.

One thing I know for sure is that I haven't set any goals in a while...and I have accomplished absolutely NOTHING. So, I'm working on my goals for the rest of the month. If I know anything about myself, it's that I HAVE to write it down or it's just never going to get done!



We had a pretty low key weekend...and it was awesome. After too many non-eventful weekends, I get restless...but for now, they are definitely welcome.

We cooked every dinner this weekend...which is kind of a big deal (see previous weekends). I made this spicy pasta Friday night. I also painted my nails...something I hadn't done in far too long. The color is Watermelon by Essie.  C had to go into work for a bit Saturday morning, so I read and drank some green tea. It's taken a while to get used to plain green tea (no sugar), but I am really enjoying it now.  Saturday afternoon, we met up with my mom and Dalton (nephew) and I took a couple of cute shots of him in the bluebonnets near where we live. And, yesterday, we took the afternoon off...drove through the country a bit. We stopped to look at a few houses and spent the rest of the time dreaming of the future. It was kind of amazing.

Today has started off slow...as Monday's do. I am dragging. Lots of things on my to-do list...but I've spent a good amount of the day snuggling with Daphne.

So, I started a new thing last week where I set a couple of weekly goals (instead of a massive list of monthly goals). The hope was that it would help me be more focused, and in turn, more accomplished. I'm not sure week one is a good representation of those ambitions. But, I'm going to give it another try this week!

Here's last week's goals:

SPIRITUAL: Read thru She Reads Truth daily Bible reading. Go to church Sunday.
Ehh...I did read the app several days...but we didn't get to church Sunday. I hate that!!

FINANCIAL: Work towards finalizing budget (I've been slacking!).
Still working on this. Yesterday's drive/dream session (and looking at those houses) re-ignited the fire to get to saving though!

MENTAL: Read at least 1 book.
Done! I read the newest installment in Melissa Bourban's Magical Dressmaking series (A Seamless Murder, pictured above). It was cute. 

PHYSICAL: Walk at least 4x (I've been slacking with this too). Go to WW.
I did go to WW (see recap here). I only managed to workout twice though. 

PERSONAL: Get up by 10 every morning (so this will probably require going to sleep before 3 or 4!)
This is the biggest struggle for me. I have managed to go to bed a lot earlier (save for one night when I went to bed at 7 in the morning!!!). But, I usually wake up at 3 or 4 can't go back to sleep for several hours. This is a work in progress. It's a lot better than it has been though...so that is promising.

FAMILY: Spend quality time (no tv/social media) with C.
Yesterday's drive was fun. We also managed to just hang out a lot last week. Love him!

CREATIVE: Take a photo everyday. Blog 3x.
I think I did pretty good with this. I blogged 5x last week! That was my goal for the month...so that feels good! I'm pretty sure I took a pic everyday also. I missed a few days of putting one on Insta...but I still took at least one picture a day. Yay!

PROFESSIONAL: Finish paperwork for school (pray over this). Wrap up all open orders for design stuff.
I have one "old" order I'm still trying to finish up...hopefully today or tomorrow. I've prayed a lot about the school thing...we'll see what happens!

So, I guess I did okay. Maybe about 50%. I'm going to try and do a little better this week...especially since this weeks goals are pretty much the same as last weeks.

SPIRITUAL: Read thru She Reads Truth daily Bible reading. Go to church Sunday.

FINANCIAL: Work towards finalizing budget.

MENTAL: Read at least 1 book.

PHYSICAL: Walk at least 4x. Go to WW. Track EVERY day. 

PERSONAL: Get up by 10 every morning (keep trying!!)

FAMILY: Spend quality time (no tv/social media) with C. Send out all the birthday cards I've not sent out!

CREATIVE: Take a photo everyday. Blog 3x.

PROFESSIONAL: Follow up with school stuff. Wrap up all open orders for design stuff.

These seem like pretty basic goals for the week...and they are. I feel kind of silly even putting them on my to-do list...they should really be routine. Hopefully I can make that happen in the next couple of weeks and move on to some bigger challenges!

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Every year, I set a goal to read a specific number of books. 52 was the magic number for several years. But, I never did quite make it. So this year, I thought I would be super smart and set my goal for 60 (or 5 books a month). I figured even if I didn't quite make that....I may just hit the 52. HA.

I started the year off on the wrong foot...reading only 2 books in January. But, I've been in a bit of a zone here lately, so I thought I would share what I've been reading.

I shared January's books here. Since then, I have read 16 books.

I finished up the Pretty Little Liars (by Sara Shepard) series with Vicious. I'll be the first to admit that the books (and the show, for that matter) are a bit repetitive (and unrealistic). But...I love them. Guilty pleasure. That being said, I finished this book in February, and I honestly could not tell you much about it. I think the main problem is that I read through them so quickly and they are kind of brainless, zoned-out reads. But, sometimes those are a good thing. 

The Devil in the Junior League (Linda Francis Lee) was pretty cute. 

Southern Comfort (Fern Michaels) was a quick, easy read. Thought it was kind of cheesy, but not awful. I've not read any other Fern Michaels stuff, so I'm not sure if that is par for the course or not. 

I got Yeah Maybe (by Joey Hodges) after Ryan posted a link to her blog. This turned out to be really cute. It reminded me of a lot of other young adult books I've read....and I mean that in a good way. 

Speaking of young adult, I finally finished up book 2 and 3 of The Selection series. The Elite and The One were both pretty good. I enjoyed The Selection the most of the three, but I'm looking forward to the next book coming out next month. I definitely recommend these books. 

I picked up The Andy Cohen Diaries on a whim one day at the library. I enjoyed his first book, and occasionally catch Watch What Happens Live. Anyway, once I started it, I could not stop. I'm a nosy girl, and this appeased my curiosity of what it's like to be a celebrity (of sorts) and hang out with famous people. 

I finally finished Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. I took notes as I read this book, so it took me a bit longer to read. That being said, I really enjoyed it. It challenged me to be more attentive and focused when reading the Bible. Jen gives an approach to studying that reminded me a lot of college. In fact, I'm not sure I studied anything in college with as much thought as this. Of course, if anything is going to be studied so carefully, it should be the Bible, right? I have already put into practice some of the things she discusses and will be keeping this book for future reference. I may do an update on this and how it is working for me in the future.

I have been trying to finish The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead FOREVER. Seriously. According to goodreads.com, I started the book in August and didn't finish it until March. That's not to say it was awful. I just routinely have a difficult time getting into these books. I end up really liking each book though. They are a spin off of her series Vampire Academy...so I feel like I've been a part of "this world" for a long time. There are three more books in the series. Hopefully I can get through them in the next few weeks! I am interested to see how everything works out.


I read my first Amish book in January. And now, I'm hooked. Well, I should say that I'm hooked to Beverly Lewis. I tried to read two other authors (Leaving Lancaster by Kate Lloyd and A Change of Heart by Beth Wiseman) and I didn't care for either of those as much.

I did finish up the Rose Trilogy by Lewis. Both The Judgement and The Mercy were really good. I miss the families though. That is one thing I hate about a good book or series...I miss the characters when I'm done!!

I also started the Home to Hickory Hollow series. There are 5 stand alone books in the series, and I've read three so far (I'm starting book 4 today). The Fiddler has been my favorite of the three, so far. Each book has a new main character, but characters from the other books make appearances, so that is fun.



Another Wednesday, another weigh in.

I woke up Tuesday morning and immediately weighed (at home) per my daily ritual. It had me at super low (for me, right now anyway) number. I weighed a couple more times...just to double check. Ha. Not sure what that says about my confidence in that number.

I ate out A LOT last week/weekend. Seriously. Every night starting Tuesday night. And every meal over the three day weekend (except breakfasts...which I didn't eat at all. And Sunday dinner we finally cooked). I'm a little shocked that the scale showed a loss at home. And, while I was excited about the new low number...I was also trying to not get my hopes up in case the scale at the meeting said something totally different.

But, it was a good week. I lost 2.2 pounds this past week!!

So I'm at 31.2 lost so far. Yay!!

I didn't work out much last week and ate out so much...so I'm not sure what to think. But...I have noticed I don't eat AS MUCH when I eat. Lots of salads or grilled chicken. I'm also not snacking as much. So maybe that is helping me out. Either way, I need to get back to tracking my points...if anything, that helps me to not overeat. 

Plugging right along. I've got my eye on the 50 lb mark. That's my next big goal. Secretly hoping to hit it before my brother's high school graduation in June. I would need to lose 2 pounds every week to do that. So, we'll see. 

I get so discouraged with how far I still have to go. I mean it's sad, but 30 pounds is a drop in the bucket compared to what I need to lose. I was expressing this to C...and he reminded me that 30 pounds is a lot of weight. My niece weighs about 30 pounds...and I can barely lift her. I certainly can't hold her for very long. It's crazy to think I was carrying that around all day everyday this time last year!



If you've been following my blog much at all, you know I love a good to-do list. I'm a goal setting kind of girl. Unfortunately, I'm not always so good at the follow thru. So, I'm trying something new this month. I have some bigger goals for the month, but I thought I would try and set some smaller weekly goals.

I saw Hannah's breakdown for her monthly goals and loved the idea. Hopefully this will simplify things for me as I set some weekly goals. I'm using the following categories: spiritual, financial, mental, physical, personal, family, social, creative and professional. I may not use every category every week though.

SPIRITUAL: Read thru She Reads Truth daily Bible reading. Go to church Sunday.

FINANCIAL: Work towards finalizing budget (I've been slacking!).

MENTAL: Read at least 1 book.

PHYSICAL: Walk at least 4x (I've been slacking with this too). Go to WW.

PERSONAL: Get up by 10 every morning (so this will probably require going to sleep before 3 or 4!)

FAMILY: Spend quality time (no tv/social media) with C.

CREATIVE: Take a photo everyday. Blog 3x.

PROFESSIONAL: Finish paperwork for school (pray over this). Wrap up all open orders for design stuff.

Seems easy enough, right?! Praying for more success with this method. Hope y'all are having a good week!