Challenge Update

So, I thought I would do an update on the challenge, and my weight loss.

Or lack there of.


First, the challenge. I am about halfway thru the third week. The water has been the easiest. I'm really, really trying to drink only water...so that helps. I've been to WW the last two weeks, and plan on going this Friday (assuming they are open). More about my weigh in's below. I've even done okay with the 3 fruits and 3 vegetables every day thing.

The struggle has been working out everyday, getting in my miles (hard to do when you aren't working out) and getting on a better sleep schedule. I didn't feel good last week, and let that be an excuse not to work out like I had been. Then, in an accident that was based purely on my stupidity and clumsiness, I hurt my foot (like could not walk) for two days, so I didn't work out then...or a few days after it felt better...just to be safe.

I am also my own biggest saboteur. 

My sleep has been just awful. I really don't know what to do. Friday and Saturday I was still up (as in not gone to bed yet) at 7 in the morning. Saturday, I honestly considered staying up all day to see if I would crash early that night. But, I passed out around 9 in the morning. It's so crazy. It's like my mind wont shut up. Ha. I think it's because I'm trying so hard to go to sleep? I should probably shadow my husband at work for a few days. He falls asleep the minute his head hits the pillow. He works about 10 times harder than I do though...maybe I should try to be more active. (I mean, I am...but I'm clearly failing at it).

Anyway...enough complaining and making excuses for today. I got back to business yesterday (love that fresh start Monday brings!). I obviously can't mark the 30 minutes of working out everyday as a success on the challenge...but there is still hope for everything else.

Now, my weigh ins. I'm basically giving about 50% to my health/weight loss right now (see: above). And the scale is showing it. I've pretty much maintained the weight that I rejoined at two months ago. The good news is that I finally quit that upward climb of the scale. 

The bad news? I'm still fat. 

I read a lot this week from this book. I think the major take away is that your mind is such a valuable tool in your success or failure. I feel like I'm a positive person, but I think that in actuality....I'm SO SO SO negative about myself...in my thoughts, words and ACTIONS. When I give up or make excuses, I might as well be telling myself I'm not worth it. And, I start to believe it. 

I know that isn't the case. Of course I'm worth the effort it will take to be healthy. Of course my life is worthy of being the best it can be. I just need to get out of my own way. 


Weigh In Update

I had my meeting/weigh in this morning....which I was looking forward to. BUT I SLEPT IN! Luckily, the center is open all day for drop-in's, so I got there early afternoon...and got weighed in. 

And...gained .2. 

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, it's not a "real" gain...so that is good. But, I have worked out every day this week and been about 70% on program as far as eating. There was an issue with a pint of BlueBell earlier this week, but we will just try not to discuss that. I did actually sneak a peek on the scales at my mom's earlier this week and I was UP about 4lbs, so I guess over all I'm okay with today's lack of progress. I know it could have been a lot worse.

The good news is that even though it still sucks every second of my work out, it is finally getting easier. We were walking about 1/4 mile and then I was doing the bike at home. Now, we are up to a little over 1/2 mile and I'm still doing the bike at home. I just have a lot of back pain all of the sudden. I'm not sure if it is my weight or my age or some sad combination of the two. It's probably the fact that I did basically NO activity for 8 months. Which, I regret SO much now. 

Anyway, my "week" restarted today. Love the clean slate on my tracker. I'm really trying to write down, or plug in everything I eat. It's kind of a pain, but it does work. I knew we were having Chipotle for dinner tonight, so I went online and calculated all my points and got it tracked before we went out. Makes it so much easier....and I don't feel guilty. 

Because I am struggling so much with the early Friday morning meeting, I think next week I am going back to my Tuesday night meeting. It's closer. It's not too early. But, it's less than a week between today and then...so I really want to focus on being on program that way I can record a decent loss and get going on the weight loss again. I miss that!!


Opening Day 2014

shirt / shorts / hat / sunglasses / shoes / earrings / wristlet / blue / red

It's Opening Day! Thank goodness! That period between football season and baseball season is always so boring. I wish we were going to the game today (even though I hate large crowds). But, the fact that baseball will be on tv again regularly is exciting enough! 

I grew up in the home of the Texas Rangers. Terry (my stepfather) was part of the crew that built the new stadium when I was in Junior High. Baseball has always reminded me of him. I think it's even more special now that he has passed... it's like my link to him.  

Anyway, I'll be cheering from the couch today. And checking the stats on the Detroit Tigers as well. Broke my heart when Ian got traded to Detroit in the off season. DETROIT?! I'm loyal to Texas, but also kind of loyal to my favorites. This hurts! Ha.

Hope y'all are enjoying Opening Day!! Who are you cheering for?

Oh, and when I was looking for images, I stumbled upon this one. Thought I would share.

 Cause he's hot. For team spirit and all...

Challenge Day 1 :: Success!


I'm just going to go out and say it, I have a bad, bad habit of saying I'm going to do something and then talking myself RIGHT out of it. And, as embarrassing as it is, the main reason for this is that I'm all kinds of lazy. No joke.

So, when I got up today and immediately had my game face on, I was kind of shocked. Ha. I even managed to get up earlier than normal! I got in my water (64 oz) and I've got another big glass of water next to the bed, so I'm sure I'll be up all night long. I got in 3 fruits and 4 veggies. We walked and I did some light weights at home. And....I tracked all my points for WW. That wasn't one of the goals...but it is obviously something I should be doing. 

The food (other than the fruit/vegetables) was a miss today. But, I'm motivated to do better tomorrow!

I know it is probably silly to get excited about doing these simple things...but I've been such a mess lately. Sticking to any goal...even for a day...hasn't been something I've done in a long long time. And I'm not planning on updating everyday...but I thought I might as well celebrate today! 

Tomorrow is Opening Day!!! I have a fun post planned for that!


6 week birthday {weight loss} challenge

I did the math earlier today, and my birthday is 6 weeks from Saturday. When I was younger, I would be on top of that countdown about 30 weeks out. Ha. They don't seem quite as exciting after you turn 30. But, I do love a good birthday. Beside the time with family and friends, the cake (and presents!), a new year is a new start. And, y'all know I love those.

So, to get ready for the start of (hopefully) the best year of my life, I thought I would do a small challenge.
In the past, my challenges have pretty much been less hit and more miss. I think my main problem is that when I make up a list, I want to tackle "all the things". Strong willed, determined people can probably handle that. I'm apparently neither of those things.

So...this challenge: Baby steps!

1. Go to my WW meeting/weigh in each week. I'm also going to try really hard to stick with the tenets of the program (healthy checks, tracking, etc). BUT the only real challenge is to just be present at the meetings...cause I am really good at talking myself out of those.

2. Walk 35 miles before my birthday. My 35th birthday (I wont cry. I will not cry). This should be fairly easy. It's less than a mile a day. My favorite way to get in the miles is with WATP videos. They are kind of cheesy, but usually give me a pretty good workout..and there are a TON to chose from.

3. Water. Water. Water. I know they say you should get between 48-64 oz a day, but then I've also read you should take your weight and divide the number in half and then drink that many ounces. (So if you way 220, you would drink 110 oz a day). I am going to start with trying to drink about 64 oz and work my way up throughout the 6 week challenge.

4. 3 servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies each day, minimum.

5. 30 minutes of cardio/activity a day. Every day. It can be the videos, a walk with C, the gym, etc. But something...EVERY DAY. I am doing the #1800minutechallenge so that will help.

6. Finally, girlfriend has GOT to get her sleep schedule under control. I'm going to be 35 and I could shame a 20 year old with my sleep patterns. Wednesday "night" I went to bed at 7:30 AM on Thursday. Shame!!! I did wake up about 4 hours later, hoping I would crash super early Thursday night. But, it's currently 2 AM on Friday and I'm still wide awake. Seriously. This will probably be the most difficult part of the challenge for me, but I think a lot of my "issues" are from sleep deprivation.

So, all of these are pretty simple and straight forward. I tried to make this more of a "do this" challenge instead of a "don't do this" challenge. Hopefully that helps me stick to it!

Anyway, I am starting the challenge this Sunday, and will wrap it up on my birthday 6 weeks later. Though, really these are things I want to keep on doing after my birthday.


weight loss update

So, if you have been reading my blog any time at all, you know that I am on a constant struggle with my weight. I lost a little over 40 pounds 2 years ago.

Then, I gained it back.

Plus some. Ugh.

Anyway, for the last year or so, I have really REALLY struggled with getting back in gear. I want more than anything to be healthy and fit, but I just can't seem to get the "want to do what it takes" in line with the "want to be skinny". Ha.

We moved in with my mom after my dad died. I think that was part of the struggle. I was super emotional living in my childhood home again. Lots of memories. And, I eat when I'm emotional. The last year has been a big eye opener concerning that.

So, about a month ago, we moved into our own place. I joined WW (again!) the same week. I was looking forward to having my own kitchen back, easier access to a gym, etc. Of course, the first few weeks we were unpacking and getting things settled. And, I talked myself out of going back to WW. I wasn't tracking, but I did start working out some.

In fact, the first day we decided to work out (for like the first time in 8 or or 9 months...seriously), we decided to just walk the track at the middle school across the street. Um. Wow. So so so very out of shape. I was mortified. I mean, I've always struggled with my weight but I've also always been kind of active. Well, I've always been a walker. I could walk 3 or 4 miles a day easy. And, this time, I could barely make it around the track once. (1/4 mile). Seriously?!! I was in tears when we left. And pain.

I guess the extra weight (the most I've ever weighed) + the SERIOUS lack of activity the last few months kicked my butt (and hips and feet and calves).

But, a couple of days later, we were back out there. And again and again. It's getting easier. I can still only walk about 1/2 a mile. But, I'm doing it.

And...I went to WW Friday morning. And...I lost! I was shocked. I really was just going to face the music and get back on track. I was really relieved (and surprised) with the 1.6 lb loss. :)

I am really trying to track more, and continue with my workouts. I have the Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse that I am going to start tomorrow. I did the cleanse about 10 years ago but didn't really know much about clean eating...and I honestly can't even remember what results I had. Ha.

Here's to a great week!!


bed, books and a bucket list

I'm blogging from bed. Cause I'm lazy like that.

When we moved a few weeks ago, we didn't get internet/cable set up right away. To make matters worse, we don't have good cell tower so I couldn't even do anything on my phone. Talk about BORING!!

Thankfully, I stockpiled a mess of magazines and several books to get me through that "trying" time. (how spoiled do I sound? ha...I promise I'm not.). I want to do a book update soon...but today...I'm going to talk about one in particular.

I'm not sure how...but I stumbled upon Julie's twitter a few months ago. Saw that she had recently wrote a book (that was being published!), lived locally, and was adorable. So, a few weeks later when there was an opportunity to win an arc (advanced reader copy), I jumped all over that!

The book is about a girl (Alice) who is diagnosed with cancer. She makes up a list of things she wants to take care of (some good, some not so much) before she can't. And right about the time she is done, she goes into remission.

Y'all. It's so good. I'm super picky about young adult fiction. I mean, I don't want to feel old when I'm reading something...so if a book veers off down that path...I'm done. Thankfully, SEMV didn't! I really enjoyed it.

And...y'all know I love a good to-do list. Unfortunately, I'm way better at making them then marking things off of them. Typically I have a running list of things I want to do (from getting a pedicure to traveling the world). But...this book got me to thinking about what things I really, really want to accomplish...hopefully sooner than later!

Here we go:

1. Go to Ireland!!!! We were going to go on our honeymoon and then one day just decided not to. I'm still not sure what happened. We must have been deranged from all the wedding planning?!

2. Write a book and get it published (I'm not jealous of Julie's accomplishing this at all!! HA).

3. Start a family!! Everyone around me is getting pregnant and having babies. Oh how I wish it was contagious!!!

4. Get to a place where I don't struggle with my weight...either emotionally or physically (probably both). What a crap thing to deal with daily!

5. Run a marathon. Quit laughing. 

6. Learn another language. (Why did I quit French in college?!)

7. Learn to play golf. Seriously.

8. Finish my masters degree. I'm so so close...but I can't seem to get motivated. 

9. Buy a house (again...so close).

10. Go to Paris. (see: #6 above). 

And...some fun things I have marked off of my "have to do list"...

1. Get married!!!

2. Graduate college. 

3. See Aerosmith in concert (this had been on my list since Jr. High...and I finally saw them and Lenny Kravitz about 10 years ago...AMAZING). 

Anyway....Side Effects May Vary comes out tomorrow!! READ it!!

More about Julie (see, adorable, right?!):
Julie lives in North Texas with her husband who loves her, her dog who adores her, and her cat who tolerates her. When she's not writing or trying to catch stray cats, she works at an academic library. Side Effects May Vary is Julie's debut novel. Julie can best be found on her website (www.juliemurphywrites.com), tumblr (www.andimjulie.tumblr.com), or twitter (www.twitter.com/andimjulie).

Get the book!


i have a blog?

Remember when I used to blog?

Me either!!

My little corner of the web (do people still say that? the "web"?) is kind of sad. I mean, I've dialed in a few posts here and there, but I think I sort of checked out a while back. Just got burnt out, I guess. The last year and a half has been pretty awful...and it seems like even before things got bad...the blog wasn't getting much love or attention from me.

I think I just needed a break.

But...I've really, really been missing blogs lately. I have found some new (to me) fun blogs to read...and about a month ago, I started toying around with the idea of trying to write more.

To be completely honest...not much has happened in the last several months. We moved. Then we moved again (I know!). And in a few months...we will probably be moving again. Hopefully, that time will stick for a while. I've not really been working. Lame, right? And, my quest for weight loss and health? HA!

Truth be told? I'm a hot mess of BORING right now. While I'm okay with admitting it...I'm really, really not okay with continuing down that path.

I keep thinking that I will wait until life gets exciting again (was it ever exciting?) before I start blogging again. That isn't really working for me.

So...starting today...I'm just going to pretend that I have loads to share. It may be book reviews for a week or so (one thing I have been doing is reading...a lot). Maybe I can share some decor pics (as soon as I decorate). Maybe a weight loss post. I mean, not to brag or anything...but I am about to go for my 2nd walk this week. It also happens to be my 2nd walk this year...but whatever.

If y'all are still reading, bless you. Be sure to say hi!


read. read. repeat.

I set a goal to read 52 books last year. I missed it by a few (well 15, ha)....but I thought that was ok...considering I didn't read for several weeks (months?) out of the year.

Anyway...here is a rundown of the books I did read in 2013. 
Lets call it the year of Pretty Little Liars. Ha. I think I've read all the books in the series, except for Ali's Pretty Little Lies...which I did start....but haven't finished yet. I like the books. They are similar to the show, of course...but the further along you read...the more they separate. They are a nice, easy read...but still entertaining.

I loved Gone Girl. I knew NOTHING about the book before I read it...except having seen the cover everywhere....which I think added to my interest in the book. SO...I wont say much, except...it's good...if you haven't read it yet...GO GO GO.

I also love pretty much everything Jen Lancaster writes, so both of her new releases last year (The Tao of Martha, and Here I go Again) were fun reads.

A Most Uncommon Degree of Popularity was probably one of my favorite books last year. I love the way this book is written. I definitely recommend.

If you are a big fan of Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series, you might enjoy The Heist, which she co-wrote with Lee Goldberg. I didn't know what to expect, but really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one in the series (I love series...if you can't tell).

Not So Favorites
Very rarely do I not like a book. But, some do seem to drag on. Others are just ehh, and I feel silly for reading them.

Ross Matthews memoirs (Man Up!: Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence) is probably a good example of this. He is hilarious, and several of the stories were funny. But...I don't know if any of this was book worthy, ya know?

Siobhan Vivian's Not That Kind of Girl was another I didn't love. Maybe if I was 15? I mean don't get me wrong...I'm a big fan of YA fiction (see: Pretty Little Liars). But.. this was just not something I relate to (anymore) AT ALL.

I set a goal to read 52 books this year...and hopefully, I will finally be able to complete that. I love tracking my books on goodreads.com. The app has a built in scanner...so I can scan a book anytime I see it, and add it to my list of books I want to read.

Speaking of books I want to read...there are SO SO SO many. I have a tendency to not read anything too heavy. I prefer a light, easy read. But, I would like to challenge myself to read some "heavier" stuff, as well as some classics. We'll see.

However...I'm on my second book of 2014...and both of those are pretty light and fluffy.

Hey, I know what I like.


new year :: new dreams

I love a good to-do list. My favorite kind of list is probably my new year's resolutions list. Kind of odd, you know...considering how I rarely accomplish anything on them.

But, I'm nothing if not loyal. Ha. Really, I have been looking forward to setting some new goals to help myself along this year. I did spend a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to change, do, and try this year. I also wanted to set myself up to succeed. Obviously, I need to be challenged. There is really only so much you can accomplish laying in bed watching Modern Family. But, I think the main issue with my big to-do lists of the past (birthday challenges and new year's resolutions) is they were a bit unrealistic. Sure, I wanted to lose weight and find success...but I set some pretty serious rules to help me reach those goals (work out everyday, save x amount of money each week, etc). This year, I am trying to be a bit more open-ended with my goals. 

Anyway....here they are: 

Read more. 
The Bible. I've got the an app on my phone and I'm following a reading plan. Hopefully this will help! 
I'm also challenging myself to read 52 books this year. I set this same goal last year, but fell a bit short. I didn't read for several months out of the year...so I'm considering the 37 I completed a pretty good accomplishment :) I'll share more about this in a later post.

Worship more.
I'm not going to lie, I got pretty angry with God this past year. I know that's normal, but I also know that in the end, it really only hurt me. Charlie and I both want to read the Bible in it's entirety. We also chose a verse for the year and we read it everyday...it's sort of our mantra for the year (Psalms 37:4). And, we are thinking about trying some new churches, now that we have moved further away from our home church. 

Eat better.
Because really, it probably can't get worse. 

Move more. 
Again, this is pretty vague. Again, any movement at all would be an improvement on last years workout totals. I would like to be able to run a mile without quitting as well as complete a 5k before my birthday in May.

Budget better.
Because like the previous two, we don't really do that much now. We are hoping to buy a house this year as well as pay off most of my student loans. We need a plan to accomplish this. We also need some stick-to-it-ness. Currently, we have neither. 

Learn more.
I really hope to go back to school this summer. I would love to take French lessons. And, hopefully I can fit in a few non-fiction books in that reading challenge. 

Do more.
This one is kind of silly. But, I just want to remember to get up and live each day. I'm challenging myself to take a photo a day, see more live music, hang out with friends and family more often, travel some, and basically, step outside of my comfort zone more. C and I are going to watch a classic movie each month (there are SO SO MANY that neither of us have seen). There are some ideas I have that I want to work on (mostly creative, or work related) and I am making daily to-do lists (told you, I love them)...as well as my birthday challenges. Hopefully, this will all be beneficial!!!