I love weight loss success stories. Love.

I thought I would share a few of my current favorite Instagram sources for inspiration. 
 Emi just started her journey this year and is already down 60+ pounds. AMAZING!! She is on a weight loss roll...and I always look forward to her transformation pictures... because you can see a difference each week!

 Kate is one of the co-hosts (along with her sister) of one of the dietbets I'm doing. She is one of the first weight loss accounts I stumbled upon, and she has ALWAYS been inspiring! She's very real and very easy to relate with.

 Nicole has lost 151 pounds (YES 151 pounds!!!). She looks so amazing.

Bri has lost 100 pounds. How cute is she? 

What are some of your favorite weight loss Instagram accounts?



I talked the other day about some of my weight loss rewards I have planned. Most of them are things I want to buy myself. I know it may seem silly to some, and I get that. But, I have a really bad habit of denying myself certain things because of my weight. Sometimes because it doesn't come in my size or I wouldn't feel comfortable. And sometimes, it's because of this mental block I have going on that tells me I don't deserve it. Obviously the latter is something I need to work on, but that's a post for another day!

I also have lots of other rewards that aren't tied to a specific amount of weight loss. These are more like non-scale victories I can't wait to celebrate!!

I thought I would share a few with y'all today.

1. Wrapping a towel around me and it covering everything.

2. Running a mile. And then running some more!

3. Being comfortable in jeans. And not having that red indentation on my waist.

4. Being comfortable in heels.

5. Losing the double chin.

6. Getting my wedding rings sized down.

7. Not being worried about booth seating being awkward (this usually is because of my height and chest... I always feel like my chest is sitting on the table! Ha).

8. Not feeling awkward, like my body doesn't match my personality. I always feel like I'm wearing a fat suit... if that makes sense. I'll be glad when that isn't the case!

9. Wearing dresses. They feel like moo-moo's on me now :(

10. Tucking my shirt in. I NEVER do this now.

11. Walking into a store and "normal" sizes fit.

12. Boots not being tight on my calves.

13. When people start to notice my weight loss. That is SO motivating for me!

I'm sure there are several more... and I'll be sure to share them as they happen. I think beyond the number on the scale going down, any rewards I may buy myself and even the health benefits... these non scale victories are some of the best.  I sometime feel like I'm missing out on all these things in life. Even if they are silly (like tucking in my shirt), they are things that bother me. It's exciting to think one day... they wont be issues anymore!!

Have a great week!!!



I am really starting to struggle with this 31 day writing challenge. I still have several topics I want to write about, but I just haven't had the time to sit down and fully flesh them out.  I am hoping to do some of that this weekend! I can't believe next week is the end of the month.

Today, I want to keep it simple. This Whole 30 program is hard for me. I'm still plugging along, but not without some serious struggles. I went to bed feeling a little defeated last night. I hate that!

Even though I said I would try to cut back on weighing myself everyday, I stepped on the scale this morning... out of habit.

And I weighed the lowest I've weighed in over a year. It was only about 1/2 a pound lower than my previous lowest weight (last week).  And, I'm still 15 pounds HEAVIER than my heaviest weight (got that) from when I joined WW in 2012. BUT...after two years of steadily gaining, this is a welcome sight!! I'll take it!!

Now, if I could just quit daydreaming about soda.



I ended up not going to my meeting last night. I had too many things to do and there just wasn't enough time. But, I did want to share a little scale related story with y'all.  After last weeks weigh in, I was feeling pretty great. I think that 10 pound mark got me feeling a little sassy. That mixed with the knowledge that I would be starting a dietbet and Whole 30 this week had me feeling like I could eat anything I wanted.

And so I did. We ate out a lot in the last week. We always try to share our meal. We always get water. We don't get desserts or anything like that. But, clearly eating out every meal is not the healthiest way to go.

So, when I went to do my official weigh in's Monday night for my dietbets... OH MY GOODNESS. I was up several pounds. My scales at home are pretty consistent with the scales at my meetings... and according to that, I was up FOUR pounds!!! So that's not good.

Yesterday was day one of Whole 30 and I think it went really well (today is a different story!!). When I got on the scale this morning, I was back down to my "normal" weight. Whew. I pray that I can keep this up and see continued success. I do plan on going back to my meeting next week.

In other news, I thought I would look at last weeks goals and see how I did (spoiler alert: bad).

MY GOALS FOR LAST WEEK (10-15 to 10-21)
Blog everyday
Cardio 3x (min 20 minutes)
Strength train 1x
Drink 88 ounces (min) of water everyday
2 Fruit (min) and 2 Veggie (min) everyday
Track all food/activity
Go to bed (lights out) by midnight every night. 
Take before pictures and measurements (I keep forgetting!)
Go to my WW meeting (Tuesday nights)
Cook 4 meals at home (we are so bad about this)
Make rewards list (more on this soon!)
Daily to-do lists (I need a list to be productive!)

So, I kind of dropped that ball on working out and tracking (and eating fruits and veggies). I'm hoping that this week will get better with that, since I'm not tracking points... I just need to write down everything I eat (easy enough, right?).  I am getting better at the going to bed earlier. I went to bed before midnight last night (now I just need to figure out how to sleep 7 hours straight without getting up 100x). 

I did get my before pictures and measurements done (finally)... thanks to the dietbet! I worked on my rewards list some as well. Not the best week as far as productivity is concerned... and the scale definitely showed that. 

(October 22 - October 28)
Blog everyday
Whole 30 everyday!!!
Finish reading It Starts With Food
Cardio 3x (min 20 minutes)
Strength train 1x
Drink 88 ounces (min) of water everyday
2 Fruit (min) and 2 Veggie (min) everyday
Track all food/activity
Go to bed (lights out) by midnight every night. 
Go to my WW meeting (Tuesday nights)
Cook 4 meals at home (we are so bad about this)
Work more on rewards list (more on this soon!)
Daily to-do lists (I need a list to be productive!)

So, basically, a lot more of the same. Maybe one day I won't need to remind myself to do these kind of things... they will just be healthy habits. I can't wait for that... not so much because I hate the to-do list, but because I look forward to getting healthier every week!!



Today is day one of my Whole 30 experience. So far? I'm doing okay. Haha! I figure I only have roughly 88 meals to go! LOL

When I started on my 31 day weight loss blogging challenge this month, I really just wanted to focus on making changes. I knew that I would be doing the Weight Watchers program. I love the accountability of weighing in and the fellowship that happens during the meeting.

But, I also knew that I wanted to give Whole 30 a chance (eventually). I've wanted to do it since my sweet friend Melissa did her 30 days last fall. This challenge is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. I like all the breads I can get. And, I'm not that big on meat and eggs. I kept thinking WHAT WILL I EAT?!!!  I knew doing the program would require some pretty big changes. I hate to admit this, but I started doubting myself before I even really tried.

But here I am.. a little over the half way point in my 31 days of blogging challenge... and I'm starting Whole 30 and two dietbets! Ha.  I'm just trying to keep the motivation train moving!

You can read all about the Whole 30 program on their website, but one of the rules is that you do not weigh yourself for 30 days.

Is it pitiful that this is the most troublesome rule for me? I weigh myself EVERY day. I will say that I don't get overly wrapped up in it. I mean, it's not automatically a horrible day if I'm up a pound (or 10). I just sort of do it out of habit.

One of the main aspects of WW is that you weigh in every week. See my dilemma?! Ha. I have decided that I'm not going to count points this next 30 days. WW has a program that is similar to Whole 30. And, by doing Whole 30 I'll be mostly within the tenets of WW anyway. But, I'd still really like to go to the meetings.  I'm not sure yet if I'll be weighing in each week (I can use "no weigh in" passes). But, I'm nosy AND I'm a rule breaker, so we'll see!

I think the important thing is that I've committed to doing the program for 30 days. If I feel like my weigh in's are jeopardizing that, I'll quit. I'm also going to hide the scale at home so that if I do weigh in at WW, that is the only time I will weigh in.

I know none of this matters at all to most of you! Ha. But, I thought I'd share anyway!

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on day one, my weigh in results (if I do decide to weigh in) as well as my weekly goals!!

Hope everyone is having a great week.



Losing weight and getting healthy are reason (and reward!) enough to make some lifestyle changes. I absolutely believe this. But, for someone like me (stubborn and lazy with really, really bad habits), sometimes, rewarding myself with things can be beneficial. And... it's just plain fun!

I have a lot of weight to lose. When I would lose weight in the past, it would be 20 or 30 pounds before I (or anyone else) noticed the weight loss. As excited as I was about losing weight... that wasn't very motivating.  So, I like the idea of celebrating those losses as often as possible. I have a little something (and a couple of big somethings) planned for every 5 pounds I lose.

I thought I would share some of the things on my rewards list with y'all.


Let me say again that I have a lot (A LOT) of weight to lose. I can't be rewarding myself with super expensive, extravagant things for every five pounds I lose (though, that would be so much fun!). So, I have lots of "small" items on my rewards list... things I would probably by anyway (nail polish, music downloads, magazines, fresh flowers etc) but that I want to hold off  and instead purchase as sort of a celebration of that particular weight loss goal being met.

I like the idea of rewarding myself with things that can then be used to help me as I continue on this journey. Things like workout clothes, new nikes, music downloads, fitness dvds, etc are a lot of the items on my list.

I also have some "big ticket" items for when I hit a bigger weight loss goals (mostly 25 pound increments... but also some other personal milestones). I can't wait to get my Dez Bryant Jersey (still not sure where I'm going to put that on the list.. maybe 50 pounds!).

For my 100 pound (yes, 100 pounds...ugh) reward... I have those super cute Corral Boots on my list. I have loved them for SO SO SO long. I am so excited that I am only 89 (only..ha) pounds away from them!!!

Of course, I haven't even rewarded myself for the first 10 pounds lost yet! I better get on it!!

What are some of the items on your weight loss rewards list?



So, it's 11pm on Sunday night.... I guess I should blog today!

We have had a really fun weekend. Which, is odd... because we really didn't do much. I guess that is the benefit of marrying someone you genuinely enjoy spending time with.  But that is a post for another day.

via Dallas Cowboys Facebook page
1. Football
My nephews team won yesterday! They moved up an age bracket this year, but are playing against some teams that have been in the bracket for an additional year. We got a little spoiled last year... winning the league Super Bowl. This season has been a bit trickier. But... we are now 3-3 and have a chance at the playoffs! Yay!

The Cowboys are 6-1 after today's win. I can not even handle it. I'm so excited. SO SO SO excited. I'm a huge Cowboys fan. I have ALWAYS been a huge fan... even when the games weren't as fun to watch as they are this season. But, this is a blast!!!

2. Whole 30
I have been plugging away at the book. It is REALLY interesting. I swear, I am seeing myself in almost everything I have read so far (all the bad stuff!). Ha. I am planning on starting my 30 days Tuesday. I'm nervous... I'm not always the best at sticking to things... but I'm going to try and blog/share on social media as a way to keep me accountable.

3. DietBet
I mentioned joining a DietBet in Friday's post. I ended up joining TWO! Yikes. Talk about motivation... I need to get my money back!! Ha. I will do my official picture taking and weigh in tomorrow because both bets start early this week!

4. Bad Thinking
SO basically... my last "free" day is tomorrow. I start Whole 30 and one of the bets on Tuesday and then the other bet the next day (each bet runs 28 days). And I have been OVERLY aware of this. And... I have unfortunately used it as an excuse to eat poorly all weekend. Like, way bad. It's as if I got so wrapped up in this "stuff" I'm going to start this next week, that I forgot that I am already trying to make (permanent) changes. I need to remember that it isn't some one-off thing. I am wanting to continually move towards a more healthy life.

I clearly have a bad relationship with food. This weekend has just been another eye opening experience for me in regards to that. I pray that I make it through the entire 30 days of the program. I hate that I'm already worried about not being able to do it faithfully.


I am declaring right now that I am going to succeed in this 30 day challenge. I mean, goodness gracious... it's only a month.  I pray that it changes the way I think about food. Of course I want to lose weight (preferably over 4%... so I can get my DietBet winnings! ha)... but I really, really want to change the way I eat.

Instead of thinking about how tomorrow is my last/only chance to eat poorly (I'm looking at you french fries and Coke) I'm going to think about how tomorrow is one day closer to changing my relationship with food. Instead of thinking about how this is going to be so difficult,  I'm going to think about how much of a blessing this can be to me.

I hope y'all had a great weekend!! I hope we all have an AMAZING week!!
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