Happy Wednesday Y'all!!!

I had my weigh in/meeting last night...and I was pretty pumped about going. I weigh at home everyday...so I knew I was going to have a loss. In the past, there have been some discrepancies between my scale and the one at the meeting...but last night they were pretty close.

I lost 3.4 for a total of 28.2.


Last week, I was so close to the 25 pounds lost mark...and now, I'm close to 30 pounds lost. I could get used to those kind of results!! Ha.

I do feel like the more I lose, the more motivation/momentum I have. I'm hoping I don't lose it all on vacation!!


Happy Friday (BARELY!)

It's actually about 11:45 on Friday night...so this may technically be a Happy Saturday! post by the time it's published.

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Um, nowhere and nothing.


So, random updates it is!

We FINALLY got new phones. My sad little 4s was really giving me struggles. It was a great phone though...and I was being nostalgic (and cheap!) about getting a new one. But, I was getting to where I couldn't send texts unless I rebooted my phone. That's not that big of a deal....if your power button works...which, mine did not. So I would have to run down the battery to make it turn off. Kind of a whippin'. The other night it sat on 1% for almost an hour!!! C and I watched youtube videos. We looked and Instagram and Facebook. We called my mom. Still hanging out with that last little 1% of the battery. I wish the first 99% had that kind of longevity!!

Anyway I got the 6 and C got the 6 Plus. I opted to get more memory (and be able to actually hold my phone) instead of getting the plus. The good news is we are super fancy now (kidding) and our payments stayed the same. Yay!!

And...we got gift cards when we updated our phones (double yay!) so we ended up getting our cases for free!! WINNING!!

C got a boring case but I got this cute one!!

What else? BOTH of our vehicles broke down this week. That was all kinds of fun. We are in just about the same boat with our vehicles as we were with our phones. I don't think we are going to be getting super nice upgrades for the same price in the new vehicle department though. Ugh. I do think we will have to break down and get a new(er) vehicle for one of soon though. C has an old work truck and we are about to have invested more in it that 1) we paid for it and 2) it's worth.

The rescue group we are volunteering for (a cat rescue group) is leaving the location we have been volunteering at. I'm SO sad. We were really enjoying our time with the little bitties. I thought it would sort of give me a cat fix until we are ready (and by "we" I mean "Charlie" cause I'm ALWAYS ready to adopt ALL the kitties) to adopt again. We will have to find another group to volunteer for.

one of the rescue cats. look at her heart nose!
We leave for Vegas in a little over a week. I have a to-do list about a mile long...and the only thing I've scratched off is buying new phones...and that was just like 4 hours ago.

OH...and finally...just a small update on my weight loss since I have missed the last two Weigh In Wednesday's. I'm at 24.8 pounds lost. Gave major stink-eye to the scale on Tuesday when it didn't hit the 25 pounds lost mark. Oh well...I guess it will happen eventually!



I went to my meeting last night...not really sure what to expect. My scales at home seem to be anything but consistent...and my weight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds a day. I just kind of said a prayer before I left for my weigh in. 

It must have worked! I lost 1.6 for a total of 23. My scale at home has me down to 25 pounds lost (or 27 on a good day) but...WW is my "official" scale so we will just go with that.

A couple of years ago, I lost almost 40 pounds at Weight Watchers. And then I hit a really rough patch in my life and gained it all back..plus about 25 pounds. While it's super depressing to admit, I am excited that most of that "extra" weight is almost gone. I still have such a long (LONG) road ahead of me, but I feel like I'm finally getting some footing. 

How are y'all?



Um, it's March!!

I feel like this year is zipping by. Which is silly, when I think about it, because I've done a whole lot of NOTHING most of the days!!

Proof: here's a recap of my February goals. I'm not even sure why I wrote them out a month ago.

:: work out 10 times
:: hit the 25 pounds lost mark 
:: refinish buffet
:: refinish dining room chairs
:: go to eye doctor and get new glasses & contacts
:: get new phones
:: go to church every Sunday (MISSED ONE)
:: daily exercises
:: go to Stock Show (with Dalton!)
:: do the Cowtown 5k
:: blog 10 times
:: read 8 books
:: read Bible regularly
:: work on budget (ongoing)
:: cards calender (send!)
:: make bracelet
:: go to WW meeting EVERY Tuesday
:: wash Jeep (seriously)
:: start organizing my pictures
:: run special for TND

The good news is I did work out several times. I quit keeping track, but I'm fairly certain it was at least 10 times...so we are just gonna go with that. And, we've done our daily exercises EVERY day. Shocking...but yay! We missed a Sunday at Church. I did read 4 books. But my whole goal was to read 5 a month...so I'm in a perpetual state of playing catch up now. I missed one WW meeting (this past week...thank you icy roads). According to the scale at home I am down 25 pounds...but it likes to mess with me. So, we'll see what happens tomorrow night at my meeting.

Anyway, I'm feeling motivated to start accomplishing more of the things I want to accomplish (about time, yes?!). I keep thinking if I set less goals, I'd be more likely to get them checked off. But, I'm never one to make it easy on myself.  I'm being just as ambitious with my March goals. Pray for me.
:: work out 15 times
:: hit the 35 pounds lost mark
:: refinish buffet & dining room chairs
:: get new clothes for Vegas trip (I need new clothes in the worst way!!)
:: go to eye doctor and get new glasses & contacts
:: get new phones
:: go to church every Sunday
:: finish (and win!) the diet bet I started in Feb.
:: daily exercises
:: new makeup!!!
:: get the ball rolling with school stuff
:: color hair
:: blog 10 times
:: read 9 books (eek)
:: read Bible regularly
:: work on budget (ongoing)
:: cards calender (send!)
:: make bracelet
:: go to WW meeting EVERY Tuesday
:: wash Jeep (seriously)
:: start organizing my pictures
:: go to VEGAS (end of month)

Basically, it's a lot more of the same. One of these days I will get that silly buffet (and my dining room chairs) redone. And my Jeep. I'm honestly ashamed at how long it's been since it's been properly washed and detailed. It's sad.

The good news is there is a lot of shopping planned for the month. I have put off buying stuff for so long that now I almost have no choice but to go get ALL THE THINGS. Ha. That should be fun though, right?



I didn't go to my meeting last night. I just wasn't "feeling" it. (par for the course here lately).

We went out to Babe's for Valentine's Day lunch. It's a family style (all you can eat) Southern food heaven. We shared chicken but then I had enough potatoes/corn/green beans to make me hate myself. 

We also ate out A LOT last week. I tried to make healthy choices...but I think I lost discipline as the week ended. 

Anyway, I got up super early (for me) on Tuesday...thanks in part to my annoying neighbor. I couldn't go back to sleep so I went and ran some errands and was feeling SUPER productive. Until about 11am. CRASHED. I woke up around 2:30 starving....so I had some left over turkey chili. And managed to weigh about about 6 pounds heavier than I did the day before. How?! I couldn't face THAT number on the scale...so I opted to not go to the meeting.

I was feeling super guilty about that this morning, so I went to a meeting at a different location this afternoon. I lost......2 tenths of a pound. HAHAHA. Hey...I guess I should celebrate the loss, right?!

So, I did lose. That's good. But, again, I can't help but ask myself how things would be different if I was REALLY trying. I'm being completely transparent when I tell y'all that I'm not. I may be giving it 30%. I think the recent losses have come from working out more. But, I know from experience that that "success" will taper off. To lose weight I have to eat better AND work out. I will have limited, slow success with eating okay. And brief surge of success with exercising. But, crazy as it is...the two done together seem to be "magic".

You'd think I'd learn. 

You'd think.



Y'all I have been feeling SO out of sorts here lately. I can not seem to get organized!!! So weigh in Wednesday is happening on Thursday this week!

I had a really good weigh in Tuesday night. I lost 2.4 for a total of 21.2 pounds lost!!! I am SO excited to (officially) cross over that 20 pound mark. 

I'm still a little frustrated due to the several pound difference between the scales at home and at my meeting. The scales at home have me down almost 35 pounds....so I'm not sure what is going on. I do go to a meeting that is in a church, so the scales get moved every week before/after the meeting. I'm not sure how often they are calibrated. I did hear them say that they would be getting calibrated soon...so that's good. Of course, my scales at home may be the problem. 

Anyway, I'm working out a lot more. Trying to walk every day or at least every other day. We are also still doing our "daily exercises". I'm kind of shocked we have stuck with them this long. It's SO out of character for us (ha!). Basically every day in January we did a 10 second plank, 10 push-ups, 10 crunches (C does full sit-ups, and I just do crunches) and 10 leg lifts on each side. Then, in February, we bumped it up to 20. March will be 30, April 40 and so on. I can tell a HUGE difference in my shoulders/biceps. I just do the modified push-ups, but they seem to be doing amazing things for me. I am having to push up quite a bit of weight though, so there is that.

We are going to Vegas at the end of next month...so there is an added motivation for me to stay active and lose as much as I can. I've been to Vegas once before and it was A LOT of walking. It would be super nice if I could not have to carry around 15-20 of the pounds I'm carrying around right now.

We'll see!



Happy Wednesday y'all!

I have a bad habit of weighing (at home) several times a day. I know they say it's not good for you mentally, but I do it so often that I don't think it affects me that much. However... yesterday's weigh in might challenge that!

I weighed at home right before leaving for my meeting and it had me down almost 6 pounds!! I was REALLY excited to go to my weigh in!!! Ha. So imagine my shock when I get on the scale at the meeting and it only registers a 2 pound loss!! Now, normally, I would be jumping up and down over that loss, but I was devastated that I didn't hit the weight loss total I thought I would be.

Anyway, I AM down another 2 pounds. Which puts me at 18.8 pounds lost...and the "lowest" I've been since I started this round at WW.

I am trying to be more active and track my points. Neither of these things is all that difficult to do. I mean,  it's not like I'm doing something crazy like CrossFit or running marathons. No. I'm just trying to walk 30 - 45 minutes a day. I have the hardest time MAKING myself do it. And tracking is the key component of WW but I struggle with this most of all. It takes a little time. And you have to measure everything so that you know you are tracking the right amount of points per serving. Once you get in the habit of doing it, it does seem to go a little quicker. But...it's that getting in the habit thing I'm struggling with!! Haha.

Anyway... yesterday's scale frustrations did little to stop the habitual weighing. In fact, I weighed this morning and was down another couple of pounds since yesterday. Either my home scale is malfunctioning, playing some cruel tricks on me... or maybe (hopefully) showing the actual progress. Either way...the scale(s) are finally going down and that is exciting!!
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