So one of my goals for the year was to try and read 52 books. Again. I set this goal every year and always fall a little bit short. I think my problem is that I tend to start several books at once and I probably need to read straight through one book at a time. I have a really hard time starting a book and not finishing it though, so that lends to the problem.

This year....I have only read FOUR books. Not good. So much stuff went on at the beginning of the year. And then we moved. I have about 10 books on my nightstand. And I'd love to finish all of them. But, now we have Netflix in the bedroom (something we never had before)...and the call of FRIENDS or The Office is too much at night.

But I did want to share the first 4 books. Hopefully, I can share another 4 later this month. There are so many new summer books about by my favorite authors!!

Anyway, here are the firsts for 2016.
books to read

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Okay...so I have seen a lot of people feature this book on Instagram, but I always put it off because the title seems a little hokey. With good reason....the book is definitely a bit silly. Don't get me wrong, there are some valuable insights in this book. I especially liked her approach to getting rid of things. We were in the process of packing/moving while I was reading this, so I was confronted with how much of a pack-rat I am. We move every couple of years, so I always thought that was a good way of weeding through what I really want. But, y'all, I have boxes of cards. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards. It's kind of crazy. I just have always had a bit of a sentimental touch...but seriously, nobody needs to keep thank you cards from 10 years ago, right? So I liked her attitude towards appreciating things for the service they provided (even if it is just the joy of opening the card) and then getting rid of them. While most of my stuff is in storage right now, I'm actually pretty excited to put to use her method of going through everything and sorting what it is that brings joy vs. things to part with once we get to our new place.

The Shunning by Beverly Lewis. I've gotten on a bit of an Amish kick in the last year or so. Beverly Lewis is definitely my favorite Amish writer, but I'd never read this series. I enjoyed it. I actually read a more recent book that revisited some of the main characters in this book. So that was a little frustrating. I believe there are two more in this series...they are on my to-read list. If you like Amish books, and somehow haven't read this one...do it!

Big Fat Disaster by Beth Fehlbaum. This is a young adult book about a girl who struggles with her weight and her place in her "perfect" family. I'm going to be honest and say I didn't love this book. I didn't like any of the characters and it just wasn't relate-able or believable.

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I seriously laughed out loud several times throughout the book. Just such a good read.

What are y'all reading?



I'm coming in a few days late on my Hello June blog post. I started the month with a horrible sunburn and followed that up with a cold. I haven't had a cold in at least 10 years and I completely forgot how nasty they are. Especially in the summer. NO fun!

I feel like I am finally-hopefully-fingers-crossed on the mend and ready to tackle the month.

A quick re-cap of May....

1. Celebrate my birthday!!! (the 10th)
3. Get back on track with WW (post coming soon)
4. Go to a baseball game (maybe!)
5. Find a swimsuit (dread!)
6. Read a few books
7. Keep looking for a job

Not great, but not too bad. Moving took up a bunch of our energy and focus last month. 

Okay, so for June, I am still wanting to work on my daily habits. I'll admit that I have been slacking a little (a lot) on these. Need to figure out a way to make them more of a, um, habit. Ha. 

1. Make daily to-do list
2. Duolingo lesson each day.
3. Track for WW
4. 6ksteps each day
5. Read SRT daily
6. Drink a 20 oz glass of water first thing
7. Read before bed.

... and here are a few other things I am hoping to accomplish this month!

1. Organize paperwork 
2. Give up soda the rest of the month (starting 6/11/16)
3. Get back on track with WW (post coming soon)
4. Blog more!!
5. Find a swimsuit (dread!)
6. Read a few books
7. Keep looking for a job



I can't believe May is almost over!! I say that every month. You'd think I'd get used to the months zipping by, but here we are at another month's end.  This month was CRAZY.  We moved. And that was super stressful and a big mess. I don't have a lot to show for this month except turning another year older (yay!) and packing all of our STUFF again. 

I thought it would be fun to do a CURRENTLY post to get back into the swing of blogging. I plan on blogging more this summer...but we'll see how that goes.

Reading... several books right now. I've finally started reading again. I think I had only read like 4 books this year prior to this month. I'll do a book update soon. 

Watching... Pretty Little Liars right now (it's easy to have on in the background while I'm working). We are also loving a few new (to us) shows on Netflix: Mysteries of Laura, Cristella, and a TON of documentaries. 

Trying... to get back into eating right. It's been FOREVER. I actually cancelled my WW membership while we were preparing to move. I just wasn't committed to doing the plan. Unfortunately, it's starting to show. I haven't weighed recently, but I have a feeling it's gone up about 5 pounds. No bueno.

Cooking... nothing. Not a thing. And needing to fix that. Pronto.

Eating... a ton of fast food. UGH. But, we are planning a big grocery shopping trip this weekend, and hopefully we'll be back to eating semi healthy soon.

Drinking... water mostly. I also got some vanilla sleepy time tea that I am kind of loving. 

Calling... nobody. I hate talking on the phone.

Texting... my sweet friend Melissa. I bother her all day long with randomness. 

Pinning... mostly recipes. If I cooked as much as I pinned...we'd be all set.  

Tweeting... nothing. I just don't get it. Still.

Going... on a lunch date with C tomorrow. All this talk about eating healthy and we are looking forward to eating out (again) tomorrow. But...we have been talking about doing this for a while. 

Loving...  snuggling with miss Daphne (the cat) each night. She's just so precious.

Discovering... that I am very restless right now. I mean, I think I've felt it brewing for a while...but I am just realizing that I am so ready for some major changes.

Thinking... all the things I want and need to do. Sometimes I feel like my brain goes too fast. Do y'all have that?

Feeling... excited about what is ahead! There are a lot of unknowns in my future, but I cannot wait to see what the Lord has up His sleeve! OKAY, I got this prompt from Bailey a while back and I am just leaving her original answer here. Because it is exactly what I'm thinking!!

Hoping (for)... a fun three day weekend with C. We have nothing planned (other than lunch tomorrow and church Sunday) and I am SO excited about that. 

Listening (to)... Randy Rogers Band station on Pandora. LOVE. 

Celebrating... my cousin is getting married tomorrow. She is getting married out of state and we aren't going, but I am so excited for her.

Smelling... the banana I just ate. I love bananas but hate that smell. 

Ordering... well, thinking about ordering some new clothes online. I am desperate for some new clothes. In the worst way.

Thanking... my mom for helping us out so much during the move. She's pretty great. And that we don't have the worlds most annoying neighbors anymore.

Considering... different career opportunities. I have my mind set on one thing, but I am thinking about trying a few other options. Ready to see what happens. 

Starting... to wake up earlier. Ever since we moved, I've been going to bed at a "normal" time and waking up early (for me). Yay!

Finishing... up the month with big ideas for this summer. 

What's going on with y'all?



I'm a couple of days late, but Happy May Y'all.

So April was crazy, but also kind of a bust. We are moving next week, so we were getting stuff together most of April. And by getting stuff together, I mean I was mostly panicking and in denial about moving. Again.

Mostly I'm excited about moving away from where we are. Just a bad situation with neighbors (AWFUL) and our internet and phones have not worked properly since we moved here. We live by a creek/forest and at the lower level of the neighborhood. I mean, we live in the city...but apparently it's kind of a hole for technology. So that's fun.

But, I'm also freaking out. We have moved SO many times since we got married. Not on purpose. Just how life has worked out. And we've always lived in pretty nice places and had great opportunities. BUT....I just never imagined we wouldn't be living in our own home at this stage. Hopefully, this move will be the last one before that happens!! I am grateful though, to have a roof over my head. And all this stuff that we keep packing up. Trying to look at the positives.

I'm going to take May pretty easy goal wise. Just continuing to work on my daily habits. I am upping my daily step goal.

1. Make daily to-do list
2. Duolingo lesson each day.
3. Track for WW
4. 6ksteps each day
5. Read SRT daily
6. Drink a 20 oz glass of water first thing
7. Read before bed.

Just a few other goals for the month:
1. Celebrate my birthday!!! (the 10th)
3. Get back on track with WW (post coming soon)
4. Go to a baseball game (maybe!)
5. Find a swimsuit (dread!)
6. Read a few books
7. Keep looking for a job

We are going out with family tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!!! My grandparents are moving closer to us, so it's fun to see them more often!!



I'm just about the worst blogger ever.

Best intentions...horrible follow through. My life in a sentence, y'all.

March was a crazy month. It's the anniversary of my (step) dad's death...and it's just kind of a sad month. I have really been struggling with missing him. SO many times I want to call him up and tell him about something crazy I saw or get his advice or just sit with him. :(

We are about to move. It wasn't planned, but completely necessary. We were hoping to stay here (an apartment) until we were ready to buy a home (this year!). But, sometimes life has other plans for you. If I were to tell the truth, I would say that this month has been AWFUL and I thought I might literally have to fight someone (ha!). But, I'm trying to look at the bright side. New adventures (and less annoying neighbors!) am I right?!!

So, other than several sleepless nights and a few tear-filled days (drama-queen reporting!) March was pretty uneventful.

BUT....I'm SO excited about April. My sister's birthday. Baseball starts. The blue-bonnets are blooming. Good times.

So the last time I blogged was A MONTH AGO. Horrible.

Last month, instead of doing a massive list of goals for the month, I really wanted to focus on creating some new daily habits. I wasn't perfect, but I think that they are slowly becoming something I do naturally. So, this month, I'm just sticking with the same habits from March. I really want these to become second nature before adding anything else to the daily schedule. 

1. Make daily to-do list
2. Duolingo lesson each day.
3. Track
4. 5k steps each day
5. Read SRT daily
6. Drink a 20 oz glass of water first thing
7. Read before bed.

I did want to add a few other things to the monthly goals for April. Just to keep things exciting! Ha.

1. Hit the 40 lb lost mark. I'm back to 35.2, so losing 4.8 this month is TOTALLY doable. 
2. Clean out storage.  Ick. 
3. Go to baseball game!! DUH!
4. Progress photos and measurements. Let me try this again. 
5. Read 5 books. I don't know if I read a book all of March. Not good.
6. Church every Sunday.  Cause I miss it when I don't go.
7. Blog more. Seriously. 

Hope y'all have a great month! Does anyone still read here? 



A new month means new goals!

So, I didn't make any monthly goals in either January or February. And I feel like the months passed and I didn't really accomplish anything. I'm sure part of that is psychological (I like the satisfaction of marking an item as completed). But, I've also always known I just operate better with a written to-do list. 

I am trying to do a lot of things right now.
1. Get stuff done.
2. Set realistic goals.
3. Create some new hobbies.
4. Change habits.
5. Quit comparing myself to others.

That last one is a major stumbling block when addressing the previous four. I've always dealt with it (haven't we all?!), but I feel like here lately it's definitely gotten worse. So, amidst all the big dreams and goal seeking and the daily to-do's, I am going to focus on showing myself some grace. I love love love the message from the article I shared yesterday. This month is all about baby steps (and grace!). 

1. Make daily to-do list. This just keeps me focused during the days.

2. Duolingo lesson each day. Love this app. I have the Spanish and French loaded, but I'm going to focus on Spanish for now. The great thing is that this only takes about 5 minutes a day. 

3. Track. Even if I don't know the WW smart point value. Just work on making this a habit.

4. 5k steps each day. I would love to hit the 10k mark everyday. Or more. But I need to work on making it a routine.

5. Read SRT daily. I'm way behind and would love to get caught up, but so long as I read some each day, I'll call it a success.

6. Drink a 20 oz glass of water first thing. I have cut way back on regular soda (yay!). But I am struggling with getting in all my water goal each day. Hopefully this boost in the morning will help...in lots of ways.

7. Read before bed. I've gotten SO bad about watching netflix at night. I feel like it makes it more difficult for me to sleep. Reading sometimes has that effect, but more often than not it relaxes me. Plus, I need to read more anyway.

1. Hit the 40 lb lost mark. I'm about 5 pounds away (which I have been for MONTHS). This is totally doable, if I would just stick to the plan (and hopefully some of those habits above will help!).

2. Finish the buffet. This has been on my monthly goal list for years. (shameful!) But, I'm happy to say that it has been sanded and has one coat of paint...so we're almost there!! Maybe March 2016 will be the month! Ha.

3. Order contacts and glasses. I've put it off long enough.

4. Progress photos and measurements. I want to start doing this monthly, or maybe every 10 pounds. 

Okay, so that's it. Nothing too crazy. Here's to a successful month! 




Hello!! It's been forever since I last wrote. I knew I'd be taking a bit of a break, but I had no intention of checking out for nearly 5 months. Yikes!! I've been itching to come back though!!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to come back. But then I thought...why not today? Leap Day is fun, right? So, here we are!

Despite my absence, I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately. I struggle with what I want this blog to be, what all I want to share. I've had a blog of some sort for the past 11 years. Crazy! Initially, it was just a collection of my daily ramblings. Not so entertaining...but I do enjoy going back to read the archives. The blog world seems so much bigger now. I don't really feel the need to share my day to day anymore. Let's be honest, that would be incredibly boring anyway. But I do still feel the need to share.

I've been praying a lot about where to go with this blog. I'm not sure I have the answer yet, but I'm confident I'll find my way. One thing that's been weighing on my mind lately is to get out of my routine. I think routines are great...I'm not all the excited about change or crazy adventures. I like my days to be pretty consistent. And, believe me, they are. But, I feel like that can also keep you from blessings. From meeting new people and experiencing new things. And I've actually got a craving for that. I'm not going to be auditioning for the Amazing Race or anything, but I definitely want a break from the ordinary. At least a little bit. :)

I stumbled upon this article today. LOVE it. If you've been around this blog anytime at all, you know I'm a big fan of goal setting. You'll also know that for all my hopes and dreams....I'm not great at the follow through. I think this article really gets to my issue. I try to bite off WAY more than I can chew. As absurd as this sounds, the idea of setting small goals is not that appealing to me. Of course, the idea of failing is even less appealing. So I'm really excited to try this approach to my goals. I'm trying to keep that in mind as I plan my March Goals (which I'll share tomorrow). Hopefully this will make a big difference!

Happy Leap Day!