Weigh In, Weighing In

First, the not so fun stuff. My weigh in from last...I gained .6 That is what I lost the two weeks before that. I suppose if I actually tracked my foods...and I don't know....went into the gym instead of driving by it....I would have a little bit more successful weight loss.

And, now...the fun stuff. We still haven't completely finished decorating. Initially, we thought we would just be here 6 months...at the most, a year. But...it looks like we will be here another full year (from now)....so I suppose we should actually make it look like home.

The room that we spend the most time in is the living room. Being an apartment...the living, dining, kitchen is all basically just one room. We are really blessed to have found a great building...with some amazing architecture...and not just some cookie-cutter standards. But...space wise...well, ya know.

I've been scouring the web, magazines, and of course...my catalogs for inspiration. I'm loving these two rooms. They are so peaceful. (ahhhhh....peaceful).

So, this is our couch. Which, we LOVE. It is way comfy....and perfect for the size of our room.

We don't have a coffee table yet. I can't find one I like. C keeps saying he will make us one (the man can build anything). But...I just stumbled upon this one at Pottery Barn that is calling my name. Isn't it gorgeous?

I'm usually drawn to upholstered, fluffy ones...but I don't think it will "fit" our room. I love the industrial feel of this one...and for once....a Pottery Barn item is within my price range...PTL!!!

OK, so I haven't taken a picture the last two days. I don't know why that is such a hard task for me...I suppose maybe because my life is so boring. Although, the next few days are looking good. I have sub training tomorrow. Date night Friday. A baby shower and the Stock Show on Saturday (these two things are happening on the same day...but not at the same time...we aren't that redneck...yet).


Audrey Pettit said...

Love the look of those rooms, too! So I love where you're heading with your place. Hope you keep showing photos!

Leigh said...

Those rooms are gorgeous!
I love that coffee table, too.
(And btw, I've been avoiding my scale! LOL!)

carrieferrier said...

love your decorating choices!!!!
absolutely gorgeous! i hear ya on the scales.....i think mine saw me coming the other day and ran to hide! :)