What's a girl to do?

Awww, the first t-ball game.

Everyone thinks Dalton is so much like my stepdad (Pop). Wanting to race cars, fix things, play baseball. Sure...the kid is pretty much obsessed with his grandfather. I suppose that is natural.

But...I see a different part of him. One that is incredibly similar to his Aunt...

I present the after-game snack fest.

I'm pretty sure my favorite part of playing soccer all those years was the oranges and capri-sun at the end of the game. I have a feeling he'll be a big fan of this time too. I mean, he was all business when it came down to the snack...you know, t-ball really can wear you out. He wouldn't even pose for pictures or hugs or hi-fives until some juice and crackers got in the system.

I know I said it before...but the whole thing was really all too cute. Almost made me want a kidlet of my own. Almost.

So...Thanks for all the comments on my quilt. You should have seen my excitement when I actually finished it. Generally (save for my undergrad degree, and my wedding...but even those took a lot longer than they should have) I'm more of a talk about, dream about it (shop for it!) start it, get bored with it... and move on type of girl. But, this finishing things is kind of nice. It's really quite a novel approach actually. Hmmm.

Speaking of finishing things...
My mom made some chocolate covered strawberries the other night. Well...she had some technical difficulties and sort of resorted dunking and flinging...but as she said "they aren't pretty, but they are pretty good".

What wasn't so good was that I somehow ended up in the chair right beside them. And...somehow they kept jumping into my hands. And...you know you can't put them back on the plate after you've touched them. What's a girl to do?

Spend a few extra minutes in the gym, apparently.

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