The Case of the Missing Christmas Decorations....

Candles, but NO cute snowman couple.
Stockings, but no stocking hangers.
Wreath holder....NO WREATH.
Am I going crazy??? Or is someone messing with me??

Or could it be that maybe, just maybe....I have a box of Christmas stuff that got mixed in with all the other boxes...I HAVE YET TO UNPACK? I mean, I've only been here a year. :)

So, for now...my stockings are laying on the island, and the wreath hook is on the front door without a wreath. And the candles...well...they actually stayed up all year. But...we are celebrating...even if we are missing some accessories.

In other news....I just finished a big item on my to-do list...and it's 2am on Tuesday morning. I have decided that I am most creative when I am creating under the Christmas tree lights. Just another reason I feel the tree should stay up all year. Well, that and it might disappear.


Ashley said...

Ok - I SOOOO "amen" the Christmas tree staying up all year! It just "brightens" my day!!!!

Kenda said...

LOL I soooo just had a major blonde moment. I was going through reading your blog and I was like the snowman couple is right there, the wreath is RIGHT there! Is this a joke??? Then I thought those must be last years pictures.... dee da dee

But anyhow, I LOVE snowman and your couple is really cute :)