Let's Talk About Cookies!!

So excited about this little blog hop at Jessi's ...as I am quite the cookie monster. I have the pant size to prove it! :)

Anyway, these are my new favorite treats...and they are DELICIOUS!! They are also easy to make...which makes them all the better!!

First, you will need:
Ritz Crackers, your favorite peanut butter and some milk chocolate chips*

You just spread the peanut butter between two crackers (this is a great way to get the kids to help...they will love this!)

You also need to melt your milk chocolate. I just do that in the microwave...I suppose if your super fancy you could do the whole double boiler thing. I'm all about easy though :)

Then...you just dip your cracker sandwiches into the chocolate. This may take some trial and error...but I have found it easiest to use a bigger spoon and drop the ritz cracker into the chocolate. THIS IS A MESSY STEP!! (again...the kiddos will LOVE it)

Just let them cool on a cooling rack or wax paper until the chocolate hardens. ENJOY!!
* This can also be done with almond bark (or white chocolate). My grandmother used almond bark and some food coloring to tint it, then you could have red and green cookies! Or pink and blue....or well...you get the idea.


Valerie said...

These sound really good - not too sweet and thanks for tip of using almond bark also!

Scrappy Jessi said...

ooohhh these sound fabulous.
i love all the ingrediants.
have fun hopping around cookieland.
this is so fun.

Kenda said...

yumm, I'm gonna have to try this :)

Suzy said...

These sound delish, I'll have to give them a try. You could place them on a cooling screen and pour the chocolate over them perhaps.
Thanks for sharing!
Keep it Sweet,

Ginger said...

What a great idea. I can see pink ones at Valentines, orange ones at Halloween, well you know where I am going. I will try these. Check out my Date cookies.


stephanie said...

You are right, these are delicious! I had never thought about white chocolate with food coloring added. Bet that makes them really pretty...

kayellen said...

I never heard of these:)

I will add it to my sweets!!!

Thank you for posting this:)

Holiday blessings to you...


Nessy said...

Love the Cookies !! Mmmm . . .I think this years's Scrappy Jessi Cookie Exchange is such fun! Merry Christmas!!

momto6 said...

Yummy! I have everything I need. May have to hop to here soon and get some "baking" done.

Nicki said...

I love these! Thanks for the recipe, I made these a long time ago, will have to make them again!