Date Nights!!

Yesterday (11-22) was our second anniversary. I generally like to celebrate things multiple times...you know...just to make sure they are sufficiently celebrated. For example...May is generally considered by birthday month.... and on November 10 ... my half birthday is celebrated. This is a nice plan, and has worked out very well for me!! :)

Anyway... we didn't have any major plans for our anniversary. We are trying to be smart with our money (and we (me!) have trouble with that (see: above). But... I knew I just wanted to hang with the hubs all weekend...and that we did!

We did some fun shopping on Saturday, and ended up in the Home for the Holidays festival in Southlake Towne Square. I've mentioned my love of this town (and the shopping!) a few times.
Santa was there!

Things were lit up everywhere....LOVE IT!!

I took lots of pictures, but the lighting wasn't the best. So most of them are just random things. At least they are pretty things!

They had all kinds of booths for kids...including a "snow man" booth with real "snow". Poor things were melting FAST!!
Sunday we went and saw Harry Potter and had Mexican food. YUM! We also stopped and got a cheesecake from Saltgrass and shared that. It was SO much better than the left over cake we had on last year's anniversary!!

Yesterday was our "real" anniversary..but C had to work. I had plans to make a nice dinner, but on my way home from some errands (re: scrapbook store shopping), a transformer blew out the power in my neighborhood. And, because we come and go through our garage....we were locked out of the apartment! For REAL!! C got home from work and we just sat on the tailgate of his truck and waited. and waited. and waited.

By the time it got turned back on...we just wanted something quick...so we went out to eat again (darn!...haha). We came back home and watched some dvr'd tv. Ahhh..perfection.

Tonight we met up with some friends to see the live taping of the Keith Brooking show. We went a few weeks ago but Keith wasn't there. We got to see Anthony Spencer and Demarcus Ware then. Tonight, the punter, Matt McBriar was the special guest. Definitely a fun time if you live in the area!!

It's also nice to watch a taping in the midst of a winning streak!! Hopefully that continues this Thursday (though I do love me some Saints!!).

Anyway...I've definitely enjoyed hanging out with my husband a lot of extra time the last few days. It's been SO nice. And...we get to repeat the process the next few days because he is off work for several days in a row!! YAY!! I truly feel blessed to be married to someone who I never get tired of hanging out with!!

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