30 day blog journal: day 30: a dream for the future

I'm blogging from my office today. That means I'm actually sitting up, in a chair and for the love of all things wonderful....using my mouse. I can not tell you how difficult it is for me to use the laptop touch pad mouse thing. I feel like a new woman...here's to getting all those things on the to-do list (that has piled up) completed!!

Which, incidentally has a lot to do with this post. First, this is the last of my 30 day blog posts. I know it technically took me longer than 30 days to complete...but complete it I did. If you know me at all...this is HUGE. I have a tendency to get side tracked quite easily.

Anyway...the other tie in is that laying in bed for the majority of the last few days has been an emotional roller coaster for me. It gave me a lot of time to read (and try to study for school) but it also gave me a lot of time to just think. I feel like there are so many things on my "life list" and I'm not progressing on any of them. I think I have a habit to be more of a "dreamer" and less of a "doer". I also think that a lot of my dreams are dependent on completing other dreams. Like, for example: I want to be a mother SO bad. I also know that we need to pay off some debt, I need to lose weight, we should get a house, etc.

So my main dream for the future is that I keep dreaming. But, I also need to start doing, chasing those dreams...and enjoying the journey.


30 day blog journal: day 29: hopes, plans, and dreams for the next 365 days

About two weeks before my wedding (election day, actually), I was getting ready for work and bent over to pick something up and had the worst back spasm in my life. I went ahead and went to work (I was working as a tutor for the high school, so I had to walk FOREVER to get to the room...not to mention all the voting people that were in my way). And, I could barely walk, which was fun. I ended up being down on my back for almost the 2 weeks before my wedding. I remember going to my final dress fitting and just bawling in the dressing room because I couldn't stand up without being in absolute pain. It was really awful. Even walking down the aisle at my wedding I still had a remnant of the pain.

If anything, it opened my eyes to people who are in chronic pain everyday of their life. I just can't even imagine how they cope. Everyone told me that it was because I was so stressed out that I hurt my back so easily. And, it got better. Then, last week...I got up from my office chair after designing all day....and my little back pain came back. It isn't quite as bad as last time, but it's slowing me down..for sure.

I don't feel uber stressed out, like I did the days before my wedding. But, I do have a lot going on. In fact, I feel like I'm at a cross roads in my life, and maybe that is bringing a bit of anxiety. All this to say that this second to last post of the 30 day blog challenge is something I'm thinking about A LOT lately.

I'm a dreamer...for sure. I'm always thinking about things I want to do, be, see, have, accomplish, etc. In fact, I would say that I've spent more time dreaming about things than doing them. This is something I dream about changing! Ha.

My biggest hopes, plans and dreams for the next year are really centered on starting a family. I told C the other night that I was ready to be the next person who announced their pregnancy. A mere 2 hours later I had heard that 2 other friends of the family were expecting. So much for that! (I am way excited for them...just a lot envious too!). That is my big motivation in this weight loss journey. It's also a big reason we are SO ready to pay off all of our debt. I just can't wait to be a mommy!

I also see some changes in my career path, my school (I'm SO OVER it!!), and my spiritual walk. I think it's good to be ever evolving and growing, and I certainly seem to be forever changing my mind. One thing is for certain though, I would love NEVER having back pain again!


30 day blog journal: day 28: what's in my bag/purse?

Right now I'm carrying a purse I got from Kohl's. I love big bucket style purses. Usually, there is at least one book in my purse (remember...I'm a nerd like that). So, I need something that is fairly large and easy to dig around in. The only drawback to this type of purse...I almost ALWAYS have to dig around to find my keys or chapstick or whatever.

It's cute, right? They always have them in different colors/patterns. I just got black, cause I'm boring.

Look, there is a cat in my purse!

He's SO nosy!! He was in another room, but when he saw me get on the floor with my camera, he thought he'd better come investigate. This is also lots of fun when reading, cutting coupons, folding laundry, etc.

My bag is a little empty today. I've got a Kohl's coupon from the mail, an almost empty bottle of Tommy Girl, my WW stuff, gum (always!), wallet (it matches!), makeup, other necessities (lotion, aspirin, chapstick, anti-bacterial...all in the stripe bag), inhaler, glasses cleaner and little coin purse (free from Brighton WAY back in the day!).

Oh, and of course...some trash.
Usually, there would also be a book, my keys, my cell phone, lots more gum wrappers, and a little leopard print bag with pens in it (wonder where that is).

Exciting stuff, huh?

Tonight is weigh-in!! I was all looking forward to it, but then I just got on the scale earlier (I weigh every day) and it wasn't looking to good. Ugh. Either way...I'll be back later with an update. Also...thanks to tropical storm Hermine, we got some flooding in my town. We got out last night to take some pictures. I'll share those later too!


30 day blog journal: day 27: my worst habit

My worst habit? Focusing on my bad habits!!! :)
Seriously, I do have some habits that I wish I could change. I'm a procrastinator. I'm kind of lazy when it comes to doing things I don't want to do (see: procrastinator). I worry... A LOT. I drink to much soda. I have a hard time forgiving and forgetting. And, I've become nocturnal.

Isn't this a cheerful post?

I've found ways to work around some of my bad habits. I make lists. I love the thrill of marking things off as they are done. I try to pray through the worries. I make "soda deals" with myself (drink x amount of water, then...you can have a soda). The last two are the most difficult to deal with. I'm very much a "fool me once...." type of person. I know that I should forgive, just has I have been forgiven. I know that would be less hurt for me to carry, but letting it go has always been difficult for me. Ugh.

And the sleep thing. I'm just about at my wits end. I am thinking of going back to "real work" next year, and I seriously need to start sleeping at night and being awake during the day. I'm so not normal.


30 day blog journal: day 25 & 26: my day & week in great detail

Okay, I think these topics are odd, especially for me. I actually don't ever have a "typical day" or week, for that matter. So, it would be hard to define a day or week in great detail without actually rambling off everything I did today/this week. And, that would just be BORING.

I have a serious sleeping issue. Not serious in that I need medical attention (well maybe I do) but serious as in it is seriously out of control. I've always joked about being a night owl and being nocturnal. But really, I think I am. I can not for the life of me go to bed at night. I will toss and turn. Doing that for hours on end every night is crazy...so I just stay awake until I'm sleepy. (I don't have a "normal" 9-5 job, which is a blessing right now...if only for this issue).

So, my days usually start around noon. Don't judge. They end around 6 (as in 6 AM!!!). Crazy, right? I might go to sleep "early" around 3 or 4...but here lately it has been AFTER MY HUSBAND WAKES UP!! Horrible.

I design blogs, digital scrapbook stuff, invitations. I do laundry. Sometimes I go hang out with my Mom or meet my Dad for lunch. Mostly I just hang around the apartment and try to be productive. Ha. Also, I have school twice a week now, so I get ready for that and I also read. I do A LOT of reading for school.

As for my weeks...I repeat my "days". I've been trying to work out a few days a week, I have WW on Thursdays. I usually got out to eat with my Mom once during the week. C and I try to have date nights at least once a week. We have church on Sundays. We have family/friend stuff on the weekends.

See, it's boring. But, I love it. I guess that's all that matters. Well, getting back on a normal sleep routine would be nice too.

30 day blog journal: day 24: my town

I am slacking so bad on the 30 day blog journal...but I am bound and determined to finish it and get back to regular posting!

Today's topic is all about "my town". I actually did a post not too long ago about my hometown, which you can find here.

I love living in the North Texas area. There is SO much to do around here. Of course, we generally just hang out at home...but it's nice knowing stuff is out there should we get a wild hair. Ha.

I know I've also talked about this before, but my "dream" town is Stars Hollow. I LOVE the show Gilmore Girls and Stars Hollow is such a cute place. I wonder if there are really towns like that out there? Towns with Luke and Lorelai's, Miss Patty's and Taylor's? Maybe a Kirk or two?


30 day blog journal: day 23: a youtube video

Oh how I love youtube. I love looking up weight loss videos, music videos, makeup tutorials, and of course....funny videos.

I LOOOOVVEEE these health care commercial videos. The kids are so cute. This video cracks me up EVERY TIME I watch it!

"He was injured....Injured bad". hahahaha Priceless!!

There are two more in this video. So cute. "We're doing business here". LOL!!

And...one of my favorite singers and her new video....I LOVE IT!!


30 day blog journal: day 22: a website

Websites are a big source of my procrastination. I love it when I find a new site and before you know it, you've been "researching" it for over an hour.

I of course love etsy.com. I sell my invitations and announcements on there, but sometimes I just start browsing, wishing I had hundreds of dollars to spend on all the amazing artists. I have bookmarked a bunch of things and promise to share an inspiration post with those soon!

A couple of years ago, I found Polyvore.com. It is SO much fun to play with. You can search all these different clothing options and build your own style board. Plus, it's a social site so you can friend people (make contacts?) and see all of their collections. You can also do it for interior design. Fun stuff!
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