It's beginning to look a lot like....

And I am just SO excited about it!! I start getting excited in July when Hobby Lobby starts moving things around for the Christmas goodies. Of course, it's pretty hard to feel too festive when it is 110 degrees outside. And, it's not that I don't love Halloween and fall decorations (or the holidays themselves)...because I do! It's just...there is something almost magical about having all your Christmas decor out and about.

To help celebrate, I had to share a little Christmas cheer on my blog. How do you like the new look?

I also LOVE getting the mail in December, don't y'all? I've always loved getting the mail..but sometimes all those boring white envelopes with people wanting money try and put a damper on my excitement (Lord help us if there is no catalog or magazine that day). BUT, in December, there is always a brightly colored envelope or two...and of course...the true treasure...cards from friends and family.

My favorite cards? PHOTO cards!! And...I love that they are getting more and more popular every year.

If you still need someone to design your photo card this holiday season, I would LOVE to work with you!

You can find out more information about the photo cards by checking out my Christmas site, here.

While your there, be sure to check out the information on getting a Christmas blog makeover of your own!
When the holiday season is over, you can always go back to your current design, or start the new year off with a new look! As a gift to you, anyone who purchases a Christmas blog will get $15 off a new blog makeover in 2012! You can read all the details (and see the designs!) here



Look at me...two posts in one day.  And, since I'm using all kinds of numbers....let's celebrate THREE!!!

Because on November 22 (11-22) THREE years ago...I married my best friend!

Last year we had a pretty low key celebration and just spent some time driving around and shopping in our favorite town square. It just happened to be a big Holiday celebration with a tree lighting and everything. You can read about that here.

We thought it would be fun to do that again this year...and so we did!

First, we spent some time driving around looking at our dream houses. This particular town is fancy shmancy and  there are some huge houses to dream about. Case in point:

Can you even imagine? And...it's for sale!! So if like 3 million of y'all would put in a dollar...we could all share it. There is probably room. Ha.  Dream dream! 

On to town square we went. We thought we were being all smart this year and getting there early. Last year we had a hard time finding parking...and this year...front row at Barnes and Noble! Sweet.   

We walked around and shopped (I'll take one of everything Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Brighton and Williams Sonoma!). We played with all the toys at Apple. We walked and shopped some more. 

We sat on the curb and people watched. Then we turned around and listened to Christmas music. Which, isn't so festive when it's like 100% humidity and I'm starting to sweat. :(

We started to get bored and decided to leave. Charlie complains all the time that it gets dark so early in the winter. Well, it wasn't in a hurry on Saturday. The tree was pretty though. I'm sure it looked beautiful at night...we might just have to go back in a week or so. 

We ended up trying a new Mexican food restaurant after we left. It was so yummy!

Please excuse the crummy cell phone picture. I always get so shy and nervous with my camera at a restaurant. I just feel silly snapping a picture of my food (or as is the case above, my empty plate!).

So, tonight we headed to an early dinner and then to a movie. I don't know about y'all...but I love date nights in the middle of the week!!

Here we are before we left. So hard to get a picture of the two of us when the cat wont help take the picture! Ha.

And here is a quick picture (with my camera, no less!) of my dinner. Well, pre-dinner. I only had one roll!! Between our anniversary and Thanksgiving...things could get out of control in late November! 

We went and saw Tower Heist. It was pretty cute. We haven't been to the movie and forever...and the last few movies that C and I saw together were ... well ... kind of raunchy. There was some language in this one...but it was pretty cute.

I have to share this picture. The sky looked so crazy on the way to dinner. The picture doesn't really do it justice but it was SO bright right at the cloud line. Anyway... I'm always fascinated by clouds. 

Something else that fascinates me? THIS:

I'm all for a good deal. And I do LOVE to shop. But, c'mon y'all. Really? Before we went to the movies there was one tent with a couple of people sitting outside. After the move, FIVE tents...and what looked like a festival outside the Best Buy. I don't get it. 

Maybe if they were giving away Louboutins for $199....
Source: tumblr.com via Tricia on Pinterest

But, they aren't...so I shall take my pretty little self to my own cuddly bed and watch Biggest Loser on my tv I got on sale at Best Buy in the middle of the week. No tent required, thank you very much. 


Goings On...

The other day, I was going through some of my old posts, looking for something...and I was shocked at how little I have blogged!! It seems like I hit "older posts" just a few times and it took me back almost 2 years. NOT GOOD!! I want to be better about documenting and sharing things...even the trivial...and even if nobody else reads them....just so that I can maybe remember them! Lord knows that every year I get older...my memory does too!

So, starting next week, I am going to try and be better about blogging! Promise!

For now, though...I thought I would share a few updates:

30 Day Photo Challenge
Wow. My own challenge...and I can't even keep up!! I have taken several of the daily photos since the last time I posted, but I just haven't been good about getting them up. I will be taking a picture everyday and will be updating all of those on MONDAY! And..I will finish the 30 days strong!! :)

Weight Loss
I haven't posted about Weight Watchers or my journey in a while. I actually let my membership cancel about 2 months ago because I wasn't able to make it to several meetings in a row. I have been (mostly) watching what I eat and exercising every once in a while. Neither to the level that I should, obviously, but I haven't been a complete sloth.  Right after my wreck in January, I weighed the HIGHEST I have ever weighed on my home scales. Talk about SHOCK. I lost a few pounds before I joined WW and maintained that loss plus about a 5lb loss at WW for months (and months and months). BUT..according to those same home scales...I am down around 15lbs since earlier this year. That is all kinds of exciting...but Lord knows it could be SO MUCH MORE.

Anyway, I am going back to the meetings next Tuesday! I will be doing weekly update posts and I am hoping to get this thing in gear...finally.

Christmas Designs

Christmas Cards and Christmas Blogs!!! I'll be taking orders for both beginning MONDAY. Stay tuned for a special offer!!

Tricia Nae Designs
Speaking of design, I have been working hard on my design site. It should be wrapped up by December 1st...and I am excited about some of the new things I will be offering!

December Daily
This has been something I have wanted to do the last couple of years...and I am finally going to do it this year!! It's a little mini album that just documents the days leading up to Christmas starting December 1st.
Or, you could do all of December, if you wanted. I think this year, I will just stick with the 25.
You can click on the image to see Ali's site and all the info about this. And of course, there are tons of ideas on pinterest.  I am still working on my album. Okay, I haven't even started...but I have the album and all the stuff...and the determination to finish it. Ha. I will be sharing the album next week, and then, hopefully, over the course of December, I will share the completed pages!

Currently, I am cleaning out my external hard drive. Talk about a mess! I have saved pretty much everything I have worked on or designed the last two years. It's crazy. I have put off cleaning it forever because it is just so daunting. But, yesterday our cable and internet was down most of the day...which pretty much eliminated all my distractions, so I sat down and knocked a bunch of it out. I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow...and vowing to STAY organized from here on out!!! Hahaha. Cause, you know, I've never said that before!


Dancing on the Ceiling...

Today has been a much better day! I haven't been on the computer much (so I've not been annoyed!) and I've also not been cleaning random parts of my home. Instead, I took a little window shopping trip to Target getting ideas for Christmas presents for the kidlets. I LOVE to shop for kids Christmas presents. SO fun. I swear I'm still a kid!!

Anyway...did y'all watch the CMA's the other night? They were pretty good.

I adore Miss Carrie, but my jealousy of her legs makes it almost impossible to watch her! I guess she probably works hard to get/keep them. I should probably try that out.

And did y'all see Lauren Alaina? She has lost some weight and looks so cute!

I saw a news interview about it and when they asked her how she lost the weight, she said with diet and exercise. Is it me, or do y'all get a little frustrated when that is ALWAYS the answer people give? LOL

Okay, I have to share my FAVORITE part of the evening:

There is just something about Lionel Richie that reminds me of my childhood. I don't listen to him much anymore...but I think that is what makes it so fun when I do hear his songs. Also, I've watched the part with him and Darius Rucker about 20 times. Looooove Hootie!!

I remember the summer I turned 7, my Grandmother took my cousin and I to Florida to visit my Aunt that was living there. My Aunt had a Lionel Richie record (remember those?) and we must have listened to it a hundred times. So hearing his music sends me back to the mid 80's fast. I love that.

C, on the other hand, informed me he never listened to him. He admitted he didn't know one song that he sang. WHAT?! So, I had a little dance party and sang for him during the CMA's the other night. Hey, that's how we did it in Florida!

Speaking of Mr. Richie and funny things:

Y'all know I can relate ANYTHING back to Friends, right? It's a gift, really.

And, finally? Haha.

Have a great Friday everyone!! I'll be back with the photo challenge over the weekend or on Monday (yes, I'm slacking at my own challenge!).


Technically...I'm frustrated!

Oh y'all....

This picture (while HILARIOUS) pretty much sums up my day. I'm thisclose to losing it with all this technology around me.

1. Twitter and my Blackberry are not friends. Twitter gets frozen at least once a day. If I feel like it, I'll delete it and reinstall. However, here lately I question even doing that. I'm still not 100% sure I even want a twitter account. Sometimes it sort of feels like I'm just talking to myself (so does blogging for that matter....which is a whole nuther issue). And, I can talk to myself just fine without getting frustrated by a "smart phone".

2. Facebook...I've never really minded it when they make changes, except this last go around. I just can't get used to it. Also, I seriously need to clean out my facebook account. The whole page of updates are shops/tv shows and bands. Um, where did all my friends go? One of my really good friends had to go to ER the other day and a family member posted on facebook...but I never saw it because of the new timeline thing. Grrr.

3. Gmail. I don't know if y'all use gmail or not, but I have for the last few years and LOVE it. In fact, I was just texting with Kenda the other day about how I love gmail. THEN...like a day later they go and change the gmail format. First, I don't like the new look. I think it's supposed to be formatted for easier reading, but it's not. Second....it keeps crashing.
Clever as that little icon is...if I never see it again...I'd be a happy girl. 

I haven't figured out how to run my little business without my email account. It's bad y'all. 

And do you know how I know it's bad? Because I spent the better part of today cleaning my baseboards. 

Not even kidding. 

Tomorrow, I will try to find a solution to the technology issues. 

Of course, I may end up organizing my closet.

*If you are waiting on an email from me...I will figure something out tomorrow...even if I have to do it from my phone. Unless of course gmail and my BlackBerry don't like each other....in that case, you can find me cleaning my washing machine. 


Digi Kits

I have been busy working on digital kits the last few weeks and I wanted to share them with y'all. These would be great for digital scrapbooks (naturally), but they are also great to print and use for other crafts!

I love everything about fall, but I wanted to do different type of fall kit. I'm loving these colors and patterns. So fun!!

The paper kit can be found here

The coordinating elements can be found here

And...how fun are these cupcake toppers? I'll definitely be using them for Thanksgiving treats. There is also a sheet of blank ones so that you can create your own message or use as place cards or whatever. FUN!! You can find these here

The kit that just launched this week is called Sophia and it is just a festive, anytime kit. I am LOVING the colors of this kit too. Reminds me a lot of the colors in mi casa!

Here are the papers. Cute!!

And the elements are here

You can find the rest of my digital goodies here.



I'm here to play catch up on the photo challenge. I've done pretty good with taking the pictures...just not so good with posting them.  Baby steps!  

I was sick sick sick this weekend...so I'm loving feeling better finally. If I could just get my ears to unclog or whatever...I'd be a new woman! Ha.
Day 4: High Angle Shot...
This was last Friday. We went to Canton for a little shopping and fun time (how lucky am I that my hubs will take me there?!). It was cold and I was just starting to feel bad. If I were a smart girl, I probably would have stayed home (as I felt like death by the time we got home)....but I'm not and I didn't. :)
It was SO busy...I was actually kind of shocked at how many people were out there. We went last year in November on a Friday...and I don't remember it being so crowded. Was SO over people by the time we left. Love this picture though...Dippin'Dots was my first job (not at Canton...but here in town). Fun!

We hit some serious traffic coming home...which was not so fun. I guess coming home at 5:30 wasn't a smart-girl thing either. Ooops.

We were stuck on the highway at one point for like 10 minutes without moving AN INCH. That is a long time to just sit in your car. Reminded me of my days when I did that everyday. At least some of the views were decent.

Day 5: Water
This one was hard for me. I was trying to be creative....and I just couldn't think of anything clever. I blame it on the sickness!

Both of these pictures (above and below) are of different parts of the lake that is behind our apartments. I took the first one driving over the bridge. Well, C was driving while I took the picture (I'm not that stupid).

Below is from a neighborhood near the lake. Sad how low it is.

Day 6: Something Orange
After church we almost always go to Whataburger for lunch. Yum.

Day 7: Something Blue
Y'all this was taken yesterday when I thought I was dying. I was so proud that I actually remembered to take the picture (given my track record and all). Please notice it was taken via iPod. And, it may or may not have been taken from bed.

Day 8 (today!): Flowers
I stopped by my moms this evening to visit the cuties (my niece and nephew). Lucky me...Teags was sporting some super cute (floral!) capris.

We were having a dance party!! She was workin it!!
Pardon the runny nose...she takes after her Aunt NaeNae in so many ways!!


Clouds. Finally!

We are back on track...there are clouds today!!! Hallelujah! Funny story, C called from work this morning to tell me there were a bunch of clouds out. I guess he was sick of me complaining about no clouds. LOVE him!!

I took this one off my balcony. LOVE the sun flare and the little rainbow orb (is that what that is called?).

I love to take pictures of clouds and I have tons of them. Maybe it's because you can't really take a bad picture of the clouds? Haha. I think they are just so calming.

Speaking of fluffy things...
Couldn't you just eat him up? Excuse the extremely long curtains. I'm in the process of making curtains for the office, and I hung the fabric to get an eye for where I wanted to cut.  Aslan promptly decided that the excess made a better bed than anything else (even the box!).

Don't you just want to cuddle him? Are you dying to rub his fluffy belly? Do it. I dare you! Ha. He goes from sweet to evil in about a second if you touch him anywhere other than his head. Spoiled brat!! I tell him all the time that it's a good thing he's so cute!


30 Questions

Still no clouds. What is up with that? It's like the universe is against me moving forward with my photo-challenge. Ha. If there aren't any tomorrow, I think I'm just going to skip and go to the next one!

In the mean time...I got this questionnaire in an email from a few friends a while back and thought it would make a good blog post. I've been working on it off and on for several days! Lots of questions!

1. Five ways to win your heart.
Honesty. Sense of humor. Tolerating me. Loving me. Loving my family. That's how C did it, anyway!

2. Something you feel strongly about.
My faith!

3. A book you love.
I LOVE books. Some of my all time favorites are: 

4. Bullet your typical day.

  • 5:30 am: wake up and tell C bye.
  • 5:45-7:00 am: watch tv, read, try to fall back asleep
  • 10:00 am: wake up
  • 10:00 am - 4:00 pm: check emails, design, clean house, laundry, errands, work out, shower, talk on phone spend too much time at computer, constantly get on to Aslan for jumping on counters, look for houses, pay bills
  • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm: hang out with C, watch tv, talk, go work out with C
  • 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm: cook or go out for dinner, clean kitchen, watch television, sometimes we go see the kiddos at my mom's house
  • 9:30 pm: C usually starts falling asleep and I watch tv that he doesn't like (Real Housewives, Vampire Diaries, etc)
  • 10:00 pm - 2:00 am: design some more, facebook, pinterest, read blogs, read, watch tv, try to go to sleep 

5. Things you want to say to an ex.
Nothing really. Maybe thank you for not being the one, because then I wouldn't have met C?

6. Your views on mainstream music.
I guess I don't really have any distinct views on mainstream music. Ha. I will admit that a lot of stuff I hear on the radio, when I listen to anything other than country or sports radio is kind of raunchy. I'm so old. 

7. Five pet peeves.
People who blow their nose at a restaurant.
People who crowd me with their buggy in line at the grocery store. 
People smoking outside entrances. 
Bad drivers.
Student loans. Ha. 

8. What you ate today.
So far? An avocado with some chips and a diet dr. pepper. Healthy, obviously. 

9. How important is education?
I think an education is extremely important through high school. I also have strong feelings about a college degree and it was very important for me to get one. Although, I wouldn't say that having a college degree is the only sign of intelligence.  Some of the wisest people I know have never step foot in a university.  Also, I feel like education can happen everywhere...even outside the classroom. 

10. Put your ipod on shuffle. What are the first 10 songs?

  • Dwight Yoakam: The Back of Your Hand.
  • Julie Roberts: Break Down Here
  • Elvis Presley: Can't Help Falling In Love
  • Bob Seger: Chances Are
  • Gary Stewart: An Empty Glass
  • Miranda Lambert: Dead Flowers
  • Reckless Kelly: Nobody's Girl
  • Randy Rogers Band: She's Actin Single
  • Justin Timberlake: Hallelujah
  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

11. Your family.
Big. Crazy. Loud. LOVE!!

12. Five guys whom you find attractive.
Besides the hubs, obviously: 
Also, this sort of makes me feel like a teenage girl. Ha. But...you have to admit they are pretty!

13. Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.
Not comfortable with it at all. But, working on it. 

14. What you wore today.
I'm still in my pj's. (FOR SHAME!). But, here in little while I will throw on the standard daily attire: 
I kid not! I wear some version of this outfit almost everyday. I have the yoga pant + jacket in several colors and patterns. Clearly...I need an intervention. I promise I dress up for church and important things!

15. Your zodiac/horoscope. Do you think it fits your personality?
I'm a Taurus. I do agree that I'm stubborn at times...but who isn't? Other than that, I don't really follow/believe that stuff. 

16. Something you always think "what if..." about.
I honestly try not to do that...because it will drive a person crazy. But, occasionally I wonder things like:
What if my parent's never divorced?
What if I never met C?
What if I had lived on campus during college?

17. Something that you're proud of.
My marriage. Finishing college.

18. A problem that you have had.
My struggle with weight. 

19. Five items you lust after.
I've mentioned the boots about a hundred times (2 hundred to C). Next computer will be mac (soon...as mine is dying!). I miss my mustang. I love having a little suv, but I've always had a mustang. The Louis....sigh. I just can't bring myself to buy (or really ask C to spend) that much on a purse. Same with the cake stand by Mackenzie Childs. 

20. Your fears.
Never having a child of my own. 

21. Your hope for your future.
To grow old with C and have a family of our own. Health and happiness for my family and friends. Also, winning the lottery wouldn't be so bad. 

22. Your academics.
I have a bachelor of science in print/graphic communication with a minor in management. I'm hoping to finish my MLA next year.

23. Something you miss.
Having no bills. My best friends living in the same town as me.

24. Five words/phrases that always make you laugh.
Dontcha? (kind of like don't ya?) C and I say this if something is crazy or odd. Like if we see a man in women's clothing (which has happened more than once!) we will look at each other and say dontcha? And then I laugh.

What's her doodle? My aunt says this instead of "what's her name?"  Funny. 

Pivot!  (Friends reference...remember when Ross was trying to get the couch up the stairs?) My mom and I always say this if something or someone is in the way. 

Source: etsy.com via Tricia on Pinterest

25. Something you are currently worrying about.
My weight. Our finances. Having a baby. Relationships with family members. Fun stuff! 

26. Things you like and dislike about yourself.
I like that I'm creative. I'm supportive and loving of my friends and family. I learn things quickly. Also, I like my eyes.

I dislike pretty much everything else (physically) about myself. I dislike that I am so negative about me (when I'm generally upbeat and positive about others). I really dislike that I worry about EVERYTHING. I get on my nerves!!

27. A quote or quotes you try to live by.

28. Somewhere you'd like to move to or visit.
Ireland. Would LOVE to go there. Maybe one day.

As far as living...I'm good where I'm at (well...maybe a house instead of an apartment..but you know...). 

29. Five weird things you like.
This could get awkward!
~I prefer rainy days over any other day. If I didn't love Texas so much, I would move to the pacific nw. 
~I like mustard with my french fries.
~Counting things. My steps mostly. (OCD much?)
~Meatless chili-dogs. We (my mom and I) call them deserrtys. bun+mustard+relish+chili+cheese=yes please!
~Watching the telanovelas on the Spanish channels. C and I like to add our own commentary. 

30. One thing you are excited for.
Short term: Canton First Monday! We are going this Friday!! 
Long term: Buying a house and starting a family!