Living Room

Kelly is doing Show Us Your Life :: Home Tours again. I am beyond excited. Not so much to share my casa, but to be nosy inside all of yours! I am obsessed with decorating (though after the following pictures you will probably not believe me) and equally obsessed with looking in other people's homes (but not in a creepy way, of course).

Anyway...my pitiful living room is having a bit of an identity crisis, so it's current state is rather boring.

My husband and I currently rent an apartment. We would both love to have a house...but it's just easier to rent right now. We lived in these apartments when we first got married in a small one bedroom (which you can see the living room tour of that apartment here). We now live in the building across the street in a 2 bedroom. HOWEVER....the living room in this apartment is just the most awkward set up. 

Like I said earlier...I am just not sure what my "style" is anymore. I love everything I have but I am also wanting to bring in more colors/textures and amp up the look. I've been pinning inspirations like crazy as well as dog-earring catalog and magazine pages. Of course...I doubt I will do much to this place. We are really talking about moving this fall...I'll save my money and mojo for then. Well, maybe...

We got our couch at Haverty's before we got married in 2008. Love it. BUT, it gets all squished and flat pretty easy. I was talking to C about getting the cushions fixed. Maybe we will add that to our summer project list.  

The painting was done by my Noni. She passed away in 2007 and  my Aunt gave me this painting after that. I miss her every day, but love having her art in my home. She was very talented.

Please notice the empty sconces. Ha. I'm so bad about empty candle holders and empty frames. Sad. 

Love our dated tv? Hey, it works. The hubs would love a big flat screen...but that is another "wait till we get a house" item. 

I do have some old ceiling tile runs that C is going to hang above the television. I think that will add a fun pop. I would also like to get some lamps in here. The lighting is icky in the living room (well, the whole apartment really) at night. 

Below is the view from our kitchen. There is a big island separating the two rooms...I'll show that more next week. 

Notice the cat in the patio blinds. He's nosy just like me. Got to see what everyone outside is doing.

Pretty cute, isn't he?

I thought I would share a few of my favorite "pins" for living room inspiration. I spend too much time on that site! Love all of these styles!

Love Love Love the black/white/brown above. So stylish!

C and I love the rustic look of this one. Those ceilings are AMAZE..

Just love this. Leopard pillow and all!!

Probably my favorite. I just love turquoise.

I can't wait to look at all the other home tours on Kelly's and add to that inspiration file!


Natasha said...

It's fun to dream about someday, isn't it??? We're hoping to buy our first home in the next year and it will be so fun to decorate something we actually own!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

We move around too much to buy so renting has worked well for us. My husband says one day we'll settled down and buy a small home for the 2 of us.
I truly love your space. Lots of room for seating and family fun.
My favorites are the curtains and the medallion that you have hanging over your door.
I'm really enjoying visiting the SUYL participants this week. I'm loading up with lots of decorating ideas.
Have a wonderful weekend!