weigh in tuesday!

Another weigh in...and it's funny....I actually find myself getting excited about Tuesday nights because of the scale! Believe me when I say that is a FIRST! I am down another 1.8...which is exciting...I got my 15 lb star. I also got my 5% star ... because I didn't get it a couple of weeks ago when I earned it.  I was definitely on cloud 9 in my meeting tonight. I am SUCH a nerd when it comes to getting rewards. Ha.

I'm getting really close to hitting my 10% (losing 10% of your starting weight)....so that is what I will be focusing on as I sip my water...and work out this week!!

I am not going to lie...I was hoping for more of a loss this week. I feel like it is coming off SO slow...considering all the changes I have made. I know, I know...this from the girl who used to lose .6 every week. BUT...I know that I wasn't really doing anything then...and I feel like I have made a 180 (or close enough) in my behavior the last couple of weeks. I realize anything over a pound is a good thing...and I'm actually averaging over 2 lbs a week for the last 4 weeks (they computer actually told me to "slow down my weight loss". haha). I guess I just am SO tired of carrying around the weight...and I feel like even though I have lost 15 lbs (YAY!) ... I still have SUCH a long way to go. It's a little overwhelming.

SO, I think I'm going to start really focusing on 10lb increments. The big picture seems so daunting, while 10lbs is a lot more manageable a goal (I have lost that in 4 weeks). And..those mini goals will add up quick...and I will be at goal weight before I know it. I am learning it isn't just about changing the way I eat or move, it's about changing the way I think and behave. That, is probably the hardest thing for me!

Before we went to the stock show a couple of weeks ago, C took some more pictures of me. They are still pretty rough...but I could tell SUCH a difference between those and the ones I took this summer. I also took my measurements (for the first time) last Tuesday (um, depressing)...but then I thought I would just check on those again today...and most of them are the same...except the 3 major measurement (chest, waist, hips). I was down about .75 of an inch in my chest and hips (each!) and .5 and inch in my waist!! In one week!



stock show 2012

One of my favorite things about the new year is that January brings the stock show to town. Now, I once was the picture of a city girl, who thought I was being drug to the stock show against my will. I would complain and carry on like it was some sort of punishment. It stinks, it's cold, it's not the mall...

One of the first years we were dating, C and I decided to go. I was a bit hesitant...but ended up LOVING IT! I even considered transferring to another college and switching my major to ranch management. I lie not. While that thought seemed to give way within a few months...my love for the stock show stuck around. And now, I have passed that on to my nephew. 

About 3 years ago, C and I took Dalton to the stock show and now... we simply must go as a group every year! We made our 2012 trip a week ago and had so much fun.

Ready! (How tiny does he look in this picture? Also, how cute is this kid, I mean, REALLY?!). (Also, see that road behind him? Yeah...when we left...we got to see LOTS of that road. We moved .6 of a mile in 40 minutes. FORTY!!) 

Hangin' with the cows. They are my favorite part of the show (well, that and the shopping...I'm still a city girl after all). 

 Sportin' his spurs.

Dalton loves the animals and all the cowboy stuff. But lets all be honest for just a second...the kid comes to the stock show for the rides.

Going down the slide (by himself!...for the first time).

Getting ready to scramble. The scrambler is one of my favorite rides too. They have a little kids one (where D is) and a big kids one. We tried to ride the big kids one...but it was out of commission. Sad!

Taking pictures of pretty things is fun...a lot more fun than this ride looked.  I used to be such a daredevil...but the idea of spinning round and round while the ride goes round and round? Yeah, not so much.

Seriously? Is this not the cutest thing?

No, this is the cutest thing!!
He fell asleep about 5 minutes after we got in the jeep. We had so much fun, and can't wait to go back in 2013!



So far, so good. I got this book a while back, but couldn't get into it. Trying it again and I'm like it a little better. Does that ever happen to y'all?

I'm reading this book...finally. I got it when it first came out...but wasn't reading much then, I guess. I just started it the other day...but I think it is definitely going to speak to me. I have my fair share of battles with insecurity. Praying for wisdom while reading this!!!

A lot, actually. Ha. But, mostly fruits and veggies. The other day, I had 3 (THREE!) bananas in one day. Not all at one time...but still. I asked C if that was even healthy. We agreed it was probably healthier than having 3 sodas in a day. Not that I ever did that or anything (okay okay...only on days that ended in y).

Most days I actually have a couple of points left over....and I have yet to eat all of my allowance points or activity points. Thinking that may be why I'm not losing as much every week as I had hoped...may need to actually eat more!!

But...I have found a couple of things I LOVE to snack on...and thought I would share!
Oh my gawsh, y'all. These are delish!! I have had like 4 slices of bread since January 2. And no chips or crackers. But...I needed something crunchy...in the worst way. Ta-dah! These are amazing. They have very little sodium too. In addition to calculating my points (via WW), I'm also trying to watch my sodium intake (which is astronomical in pretty much everything!) and sugar (same thing...it's in everything!). So..these work really well. They have a bunch of other flavors..but those have more sodium.


Kroger brand CARBmaster yogurt...the "white chocolate raspberry" flavor...it's so good I want to cry. Along with no chips and no bread...I've also had NO sweets...with the exception of fruit and peanut butter. At first...it wasn't so bad...but I'm not going to lie...I have been craving fro-yo or ice cream the last couple of days. This yogurt is just sweet enough to fool me into thinking I'm eating something sinful. But..the good part is...I'm not! :) 

We all know about pinterest and it's ability to stop us from completing our daily chores, but have y'all tried tumblr? I finally got an account...and started following some people. Lots of pretties on there too. Cause y'all know I needed another way to waste time, right?


Trying to get my work out on. Riding the bike or walking every day (missed yesterday...oops). Hoping to start adding some weights, pilates, and yoga into the mix soon. Baby steps.

Listening to...
Just love The Band Perry....her voice is amazing...kind of folksy or something. Anyway..LOVE the song "all your life"...could (and do) listen to it over and over.  I'm dropping mad hints to the hubs about their concert next month. Ha. I should just buy the tickets and be done with it. The reserved seating is all sold out...but there is still general admission. Maybe a Valentine present to myself! 

My dvd's of season 1 and 2. Yes, I'm a nerd that has the dvd's. Hey...they were on sale at Target...and I LOVE the drama of it all!

I LOVE getting all cozy in bed and watching this on the dvr on Thursday nights. It's getting good this season! (I also have the first season of this on dvd...so while your judging me on my previous confession...throw that in there too!).

Looking forward to...
The weekend. C and I don't have anything huge planned. Just some errands and chores around the apartment...but I LOVE love LOVE having him home all weekend!!

My class reunion this summer. A lot of the details are being finalized. So excited to reconnect (in person instead of facebook). 

Besides the concert tickets mentioned earlier (and a whole slew of other things)..
These shoes. how cute are they? I want to start the c25k again here in a few more lbs lost. Thinking I might reward myself with these WHEN (not if) I finish that!

Um, where we are going to live in 6 months. Our lease is up in May. I really don't want to move again...but I fear the rent increase. I think we are finally (FINALLY) getting serious about purchasing a home in the next 12 months...but we obviously need a place to live until then. If only they would go down on our rent! I know C is thinking...if only Tricia wasn't so picky about where she lives! Ha.

This is where I'm wanting to move...
Or, even here would do...
(both for sale down the street from me...if anyone is interested in helping a girl out!). ha. Champagne taste and a beer budget, right?!

No seriously...all the houses for rent in our town are kind of ridiculous on the rent (speaking from the ridiculously priced apartment renter). I wish we were in a position to buy right now. Who knows, maybe we are. Those pesky student loans are haunting us though.

Maybe I need to quit stalking pinterst and watching reality tv (on dvd!)...and get to work. Hmm...I might be on to something.

So there you have it.... what's going on with y'all?


weigh in tuesday

I promise to start posting more than just my weight loss updates. But, in all honesty....this is really what I am focused on right now...so it feels like this is all I have to talk about. :)

I do have some more book reviews and some pictures from the stock show...maybe I will get those up later this week!

But for now....my weigh in update!

I lost 2 lbs this week. I was actually kind of surprised because I stepped on the scale at the apartment right before I left...and it had me up a couple of pounds. Moral of the story...I need to quit weighing at home...it's giving me anxiety!! Ha.

Anyway...I'm down 13.4. Still looking forward to getting that 15lb star...was hoping for it tonight...but I'm okay waiting another week!

I've gone three weeks without regular soda. I do have diet (and if I can help it, caffeine free) coke a couple of times a week...maybe 3 at the most.

I've also gone three weeks without any sweets like cookies, candy, ice cream, brownies, etc. This is HUGE for me. I have such a sweet tooth. C and I had got in a really bad habit of having treats almost every day. Now...if I want a dessert...I get an apple or banana with some reduced fat peanut butter and maybe...1/2 T nutella.

I've also started working out some more. We've walked...both on the track and in the gym... a couple of times. Mostly, I've been trying to ride my bike (stationary recumbant bike). I know that isn't the best form of cardio out there...but it's better than laying on the couch reading!

C took some more pictures of me on Saturday...I guess they are semi before/progress pictures. He took some this past summer at close to my highest weight. I need to find those and compare!

I also took my measurements today. Then I looked up celebrity measurements just to get some bearing on where I stood. Ha....do not do that!! Talk about depressing! Ha.

I have a couple more changes I am going to try and incorporate this week. Hopefully, it will be as smooth of a transition as the rest has been. All these years, I've made weight loss out to be this really difficult journey. I'm not saying it's been a walk in the park the last 3 weeks...but it is surprisingly easy. So much easier than I figured it would be!!

Which is great...because I still have quite a long road ahead of me!


weigh in tuesday

I had my weekly weigh in tonight. Now, I know I shouldn't weigh myself on the scale at home everyday (or every couple of hours, as the truth may be) but, I do. I was SO bummed every time I got on the scale and didn't see it budge ALL week.

I was trying to mentally prepare myself for a maintain or even a gain this week. I mean, I had a big loss last week, so I thought maybe my body was just trying to regroup.  But...I have to admit....the thought of following my plan to a T and gaining made me angry!! I kept saying, Tricia you will not cry in the meeting if you gain!!! Haha.

Luckily...it didn't come to that. I lost 1.2 lbs. Not as much as I had wished...but certainly a lot better than gaining!  So, I am down a total of 11.4 pounds. I'm really hoping that this next week will be kind to me!! I've got my eye on that 15 lb star!
Anyway...after the meeting..I treated myself to Taco Bueno (my favorite fast food restaurant....that I haven't had since before Christmas). Had 3 party tacos and a diet coke. Still have over 10 points to play with for a late night snack (more than likely just having fruit and a protein shake).

I know I'm only down about 6 lbs in the last 2 weeks (which is a lot more than I normally lose)...but what is most surprising to me is how much I have changed my eating habits. Oh how I wish I would have done this 5 or 6 years ago. But...I am grateful for each day I stick with this!!


save the drama

So, my 15 year class reunion is coming up this summer. I know what y'all are thinking:

1. I can't possibly be old enough to have been out of high school for 15 years?!
(to which, I wholeheartedly agree).


2. Who has 15 year class reunions?

Well, apparently the planning for our 10 year kind of went crazy and it ended up just being at a local bar/grill/games place (Dave & Busters). I had something else going on...so I didn't go. Anyway...a committee was formed and planning for the 15 year get together started over the holidays.

And then....

apparently planning a high school reunion knocked some people back into high school (err, possibly middle school) mentality.  There was all kinds of drama on facebook this weekend. My notifications button on the blackberry was on fire there was so much going on on the reunion group page. And, now it looks like we have 2 separate committees planning 2 separate events. I figure going to all four functions (adults night out and family function the next day for both) makes up for missing the 10th reunion. Right?

So long as the drama stays on facebook (or ceases to exist) and the events are fun...it's a win/win!

I really haven't seen most of my class since I graduated. I kept in touch with a few a couple of years, but really other than seeing people on facebook or at the grocery store, or in traffic...not much over the last 15 years. Crazy, considering I still live less than 10 miles from my high school and there were over 450 in my graduating class. Oh well...it should be fun!

Speaking of fun...here is a picture of me on graduation night with my grandfather! Love this picture of us!


52 Books, Working Out, and other Accomplishments...

One of my resolutions was to read 52 books. That's one a week. Admittedly, that's a lot. Here's the thing with me though, I like to set my goals really, really high. And then fail. Ha. At least I'm honest about it, right?

Well, we are two weeks into the year, and so far...so good. I've read 2 whole books and most of another.

First up, Danielle Staub's (Real Housewives of New Jersey season 1 &2) book.  I personally could not stand her in the series. But, curiosity got the best of me...and I wondered if her book would be any different than her character on the show.  Yeah, not so much. But, it was interesting.

Keeping with the Real Housewives theme, I read Kyle Richards new book. It was pretty good. She was actually one of my favorite housewives, prior to this season...but that's another story.  Anyway, it's a fun book with lots of relationship, beauty, and life tips and stories from her life. 

I'm counting this third book as a read, because I read most of it. Ha. I got it just to read the Sookie story by Charlaine Harris. I started reading the rest of the short stories in the book, not really knowing what to expect. Turns out they were all goblin, vampire, ghost, demon related. Just wasn't my cup of tea.  I have a hard time starting a book and not finishing it (one of the very few things in my life that I make myself  finish what I start)...but I made the decision that it was okay this time. haha

So three books is pretty good. Of course, they weren't the hardest or most literary reads ever...but hey..whatevs.

Moving on....I worked out today! I haven't worked out since the first or second of the month (and then I started feeling bad). We just did a mile at the track at the school by us. I was so excited because normally, walking on the track would wear me out pretty quick (okay, walking on the treadmill did too...lol), but today I could have kept on walking. Yay for small victories.

AND...we got our Christmas stuff down today!!! I kept thinking I would get everything put up one day while C was at work, but I never had the energy. We just busted it out earlier (after the walk) and I am SO relieved. We also got my new cross that I got for Christmas hung above the pantry!

Now, I'm praying the accomplishments keep on keepin on this week. Especially with my emails....my inbox makes me want to cry y'all.


Weight Loss Update :)

I am finally feeling a lot better and for the first time in almost two weeks, sitting at my computer in the office. Yay!  I had a little bit of a health scare last week....and I decided it was time to kick things into gear for real with the healthy lifestyle that I keep saying I want.

Last Tuesday, Jan 3, was the last time I drank a full calorie coke. I've had maybe 24oz of diet coke since then (I broke down last night and got a caffeine free diet coke that I thought I was craving...it was good...but wasn't really worth it, ya know?).  I've not had anything "sugary"...no cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy, etc. I have had peanut butter...but it's reduced fat...and I make myself measure out the serving size (novel concept, no?). I've also tracked (for WW) EVERY SINGLE THING I'VE ATE. I'm proud to say that when I went my ww meeting this past Tuesday, I was down 4.4 lbs for a total of:
10.2 !!! I know that doesn't seem like much (especially when you still have as much to lose as me)...BUT...I've done WW about a million times in my life and only two other times have I crossed the 10 pound mark.

I'm not quite brave enough to post before pictures or my weight...I need to find a little bit more confidence to do that. BUT...I will say that before I joined WW this time, I had lost about 5 lbs on my own, which brought my middle number down, and as of this past Tuesday, I'm down another "decade" (that is what I've heard people call it when you go from say the 140's to the 130's (don't I wish that was what I was doing this past week? Ha!).

Anyway...the weird thing is...other than coke, I'm not really craving anything (and the coke craving is nothing really...). I think being scared of having a serious weight related disease (because I was definitely having the symptoms of such) scared me into making quick, cold-turkey type changes in my diet. I think that is just what I needed...and praise GOD I am comfortable with these changes.

I always use to tell myself that I couldn't just cut out this or that cold turkey...that I needed to ease into it. I think for some, this might work. For me, it obviously didn't. It was like permission to cheat...and I never could seem to not cheat.

Obviously, I realize that I have a long way to go, and that a week and a half of eating healthy hasn't cured me of all my bad habits. BUT, I feel like for the first time EVER (no seriously...EVER)....I'm in control. In fact,  yesterday I had almost all of my points left at the end of the day ... I was able to have 2T of reduced fat peanut butter (treat!) with my banana and protein shake (and still had over 10 points left for the day)...because I just don't eat as much...and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables...which are free :) This coming from the girl that ate fast food almost every day (seriously...) is really something.

Anyway...I am excited to see how much I lose next week. I realize it probably won't be as much as this past week (though...I'm not gonna lie...hitting the 15lb mark would be amazing!).


Midweek Confessions: Pitiful Tricia Edition

Good thing it's Wednesday (at least for another hour anyway)...because I've got some confessin' to do...

1. This is the first time I have turned on my computer in...oh...close to 40 hours. I've been sick (sihhh-ick y'all) and the computer has been making it worse.  I won't go into details...but I'm pretty sure I experienced my first (albeit minor...but still) migraine last week. I'm still trying to feel better.

2. Nothing like the aforementioned ick to kick my bootie into gear on the diet resolutions. I'm pretty sure that today was the best eating day (and by best, I mean healthiest) I've ever had. I always manage to eat something not so good...which I did today...but it was not that bad.  Yay me!

3. I lost .4 at my weigh in Tuesday night. Kind of pathetic. BUT..I'm down 5.8 and when I got on the scale this morning...I was down another 2 lbs. That is promising....hopefully it will just keep going down!

4. Christmas tree (AND decorations)...still up. Do not care (see #1).

5. I'm watching my dvd (that I purchased with my own money..haha) of Real Housewives of New Jersey (season 1). Judge away.

6. Email inbox? Out of control. I was going to attempt and manage it today via my phone...and I decided I wasn't feeling well enough to try that. I am hoping to do some serious catching up tomorrow...assuming I get a good night of sleep.

7. Speaking of sleep...pretty much all I did today. 

8. The hubs stayed home today to keep an eye on me (had a bit of a scare yesterday...will discuss more later)...and I sleep SO well when he is here during the day.

9. We did watch Unstoppable today. I nearly got a headache from tensing up the entire movie. Had to keep telling myself that it would end okay...because it's a movie and that's what movies do. I just couldn't chill out! Ha. Do y'all do that in action movies?

10. I love me some Denzel, don't y'all?


New Year, New Tricia

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times....I LOVE the clean slate feeling of starting anew. And there is no better time do that then the new year. Every year I make a ton of resolutions. Some I keep, others I don't even start. Ha.  

I've been thinking a lot about that the last couple of weeks, and I think I have figured out why I fail so easily: expectations.  I don't set crazy goals. I basically just make a list of things of changes or accomplishments that will give me a better life. I don't aspire to learn spanish in the next six months, but I do aspire to work hard at school (or work or whatever). However...the goals I set every year with my finances, faith, and health are the ones that constantly seem to burn out before the first week of the year is complete...and I think it is because I expect myself to change completely on January 1st. It's just not realistic!!

So, this year, I am all about taking each minute as it's own. One foot in front of the other. One decision after another. Hopefully, this will lead to a different outcome (a better one!) than years past.

I wont bore you with the complete list, but I thought I would share a few of them :) (I do have them all written down for my sake...and I assure you, you will hear if I have success in any of these along the year! haha). 

Source: etsy.com via Tricia on Pinterest

Every year Ali embraces a word for the year (one little word) and every year I try to pick a word...but have a hard time....I guess I always wanted to make my word "special", instead of letting the word pick me. If that makes sense. Anyway...this year...the word came easy... HAPPY.  2010 and 2011 were years where it felt like happiness eluded me. I decided a few weeks ago that enough was enough...and that really, to be happy...I must do just that. BE HAPPY.

Source: etsy.com via Tricia on Pinterest


Ha. And that is another one of my resolutions for this year (and for always)...feel better about myself. Accept who I am... fearfully and wonderfully made...and love myself for that. And, if there are bits of me I don't like...change them for crying out loud!

Some other things on the list (some silly, some serious):
grow out hair
be more diligent about getting healthy!!!
get involved at church
read more (52 book goal)
write more (blogs, letters, journaling, that book I've always wanted to write)
finish master's degree
send cards monthly
visit grandparents more
run a 5k
go dancing more
take more pictures
pray instead of worry
make more friends (and reconnect with old friends)
travel to a new state
have more fun!
pay off credit cards (those yucky things have been with me too too long)
buy a house

So there ya have it...a lot of changes..good ones...and I'm excited for what the year will bring and I pray that it will be the best ever!!

What are your resolutions?


Happy 2012!

I say this almost every year...but I can't believe the holidays zipped right by and the new year is already upon us. And, we are almost 1 day down in that new year!

I am pretty excited to shut the door on 2011 and see what all this new year has to offer! I pray that it brings blessing upon blessing for my family and yours!

Be back tomorrow with my resolutions! Yay!