31 days of weight loss :: bad foods

I feel like I keep repeating the same thing over and over each blog post.

"I need to lose weight. It's too hard. I'm not very good at it"


I am struggling with what to post about...but I thought I would break the mold a bit today and talk about one of the main reasons I'm fat.


And not just any food...but the foods that I call "trigger" foods. These are things that I have to be really careful eating because I just can't seem to stop. That's the thing about me. I don't feel like I eat horrible portions or mass amounts of food. It's just that there are a few things I can't seem to control myself with.

1. Chips and salsa.
I would be JUST FINE going out to eat and only eating chips and salsa. For reals. And, usually by the time the food comes, I'm completely full. Of course that doesn't stop me. Ugh. Charlie and I always say we are just going to grab a few chips and then remove them from the table. We may have done this one time. LOL! We have found that getting corn tortillas is a helpful solution. Slows us down anyway!!!

2. Chocolate chip cookies.
I have mentioned this in a semi-joking manner. But, in all honesty...c/c cookies are my FAVORITE. I like them homemade, store bought, cooked, raw, whatever. I'm a total cookie monster!

3. Dark chocolate.
This one is not too bad. I mean, if you get a good quality dark chocolate, there isn't that much fat or sugar. And, it's pretty bitter so it's not like you can eat a ton of it at one time. But, if it's in the house...I will eat on it all day long. I try not buy it, but y'all know how sometimes things just jump right in your shopping cart!

4. French fries.
When I lost weight last year, I would pretty much avoid eating at a restaurant that served fries (ie fast food). They just smell so good, and I have no self control! Every once in a while, I would crave them really bad, and the only way I would allow myself to eat them was if I walked the 1/2 mile to MickeyD's, got a small order and ate there, and then walked back home. If only I could find that kind of motivation again!!

5. Soda.
I have the HARDEST time drinking all my water. I've got such a bad habit drinking coke/diet coke/etc. I think I've convinced myself that I CAN NOT eat a meal and drink water. Ewww. I mean, obviously I know this is a complete lie...but this is a really bad habit I need to get under control!

So, those are some of my favorite "bad" foods. I don't really think there are bad foods...or foods you just shouldn't eat. But, I do believe moderation is the key. And, unfortunately, it's also something I am really struggling with.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to talk about my favorite "healthier" foods. Maybe I can start working on getting those more showtime in my daily diet!!


Melissa said...

Omg. These are my trigger foods. Seriously. Maybe not dark chocolate (I would put plain m&m's in that spot), but all of the rest of them ESPECIALLY chocolate chip cookies! OMG. And chips and salsa! YUM!!!! LOL

Katie said...

Yes to the fast food. Also-- cupcakes. I love going to a bakery to pick up a cupcake. And diet coke-- I should drink water, but it's just not as delicious!

ashleymethew12 said...

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laura smith said...

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