31 days of weight loss :: good foods

I talked about my favorite "bad" foods on Sunday...so today, I thought I would redeem myself a bit and share some of the "good" foods I love.

For what it's worth, I think a balanced diet is the best. But, there are definitely foods that have no nutritional value, and those that have lots of health benefits. Normally, I like to think of these as yummy (bad) and icky (healthy). Ha.


There are lots of healthy foods that I enjoy as much (well, almost) as a big ole bowl of ice cream. Of course, my main problem is that if both are viable choices...I always go with the ice cream. What is that?

1. Fruit!
I pretty much love ALL fruits. Except watermelons. Can't get down with those. I always try though...I just prefer my watermelon in the Jolly Rancher form, thank you very much.

My favorite kinds of fruit are apples (honeycrisp....I love you!), tangerines (cuties!), bananas, grapes, and grapefruit! I also like cantaloupe and strawberries. Especially together (in fact, I can only eat cantaloupe with strawberries, weird right?).

2. Almond milk.
Y'all, I don't like normal dairy milk. You know how people can get a big glass of cold milk and gulp it down like it's a treat? I would gag! The only way I like milk is with chocolate syrup. Ha. And, I've read lots of scary stuff about dairy milk which probably doesn't help my distaste for it.

But...I love love love almond milk. I get the organic, sugar free vanilla. And...it's delicious. I will actually drink a cold glass of this stuff. I want to attempt to make my own, but y'all know I'm lazy and that will never happen. Fun treat? A low sugar fudgesicle and a glass of almond milk. I dip the fudgesicle in the milk in between bites and then drink the "chocolate" milk when I'm done. I realize this isn't super healthy...but I assure you it could be a lot worse!

3. Salad.
I could (and have) ate salad for lunch and dinner everyday. I love lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumber, olives all mixed together. Usually I do mix in a little cheese (another one of my favorites, but not so healthy for you, foods). I also like to mix in sunflower seeds (just a few) and flax seeds for a crunch. And, an avocado. I just dice it up and put it in the salad. Then, I have some dressing on the side...but really don't need much if you just use the avocado.

I had one of these almost everyday for lunch for 5 months last year. Some times I would add black beans or chicken. And EVERY TIME I would use a WHOLE avocado. It's about a cup all diced up and I calculated the points (which was more than the rest of the salad all together). But...I managed to lose an average of 2 lbs a week during that time. So, avocados are fattening...but if you are eating right, they wont make you gain weight. Salad and avocado - good. Avocado and chips - maybe not so good.

4. Veggies.
Cooked. If I eat veggies raw, I need dip, which crosses you over into unhealthy territory. I can not eat a carrot all by itself. I will gag. Same for cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. But, if you bake the veggies? ALL over that.

A couple of times a month, C and will dice up some red potatoes, carrots, squash, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus and lay it out on a cookie sheet, toss with a little olive oil and garlic powder and then cook. It's SO yummy. We have that and a salad for dinner and swear we could save the world we feel so healthy! Ha.

5. Nuts
These are a great snack. I was so dedicated last year, that I would measure out little snack size portions of mixed nuts and carry them with me. We took Dalton to the Stock Show and he ordered a huge cinnamon roll. In previous years, I would share that with him. But...last year? I whipped out my little snack bag and went to town. Haha. Seriously though? It's a great treat. I like to top them up on my cereal, yogurt, salad, etc. They are high in WW points and fat, but I think it's kind of like the avocado thing....if you are eating right, you are probably better for eating them than not. Right?

See it's not that I don't like foods that are good for me. I would gladly eat any of these things. I think my problem lies in the fact hat I also reallllly like unhealthy foods and sometimes....I have a hard time making the right choice.

What are some of your favorite "good" foods?


Katie said...

I looooooove fruit. And veggies. But not salads. Sure, I'll eat them. But I just don't love them. My favorite healthy snack is hummus-- I could eat some hummus with cucumbers all day long.

Melissa C. said...