31 days of weight loss :: wrap it up

Happy Halloween y'all.

TOO much candy. We thought we got smart and got all non-chocolate types of candy. Turns out...skittles will work in a pinch. Ha. I'm feeling a little sugar-headed tonight. Fun while it happens. Not so much afterwards. Right?!

So, besides Halloween, it's also the end of my 31 days of weight loss blog challenge.


I've got mixed feelings about it.

I'm tempted to think that it was a complete bust.

1. I didn't blog everyday.
2. I didn't really lose weight.


1. I did blog 17 times this month. That is almost twice as much as I've blogged all year.
2. I did do a lot of thinking about my weight, why I'm fat, what I need/should do to fix it, what I'm willing to do to fix it, etc.

I was on a bad, bad path with my weight/health this past year. It had gotten REALLY bad over the summer. I can honestly say that had I not done this challenge (even just in the half-attempt that I did) it would have only gotten worse.

While my 31 days of blogging about weight loss are technically over, the journey is far from it. And, I will of course be sharing bits of that journey along the way. I am looking forward to blogging regularly again...about the other parts of my life...and hopefully, I will start that tomorrow!

I've always loved the beginning of a new month. It's a fresh clean slate.

Here's to a great November!


Captain Underpants said...

What if you decide to do the challenge again in November, and keep giving yourself new chances to succeed? Every day is a new chance to make a good choice. Keep facing forward and take as many chances as you can, I bet over time you make better choices more and more. You can do it, good luck.

Flora said...

Hi Tricia, I agree with Captain Underpants. You get to start over every day or even with the next meal. Good luck with everything.