I can't believe it is the end of August. Sometimes a month feels like it is DRAGGING...and other times, I feel like if I'm not careful...I will blink and miss it. This month definitely zipped by.

We drove out to East Texas yesterday for my Uncle's surprise party. It's about a 2 hour drive...and C and I had the best time just listening to the radio and watching the Texas sky put on a show. I'm a cloud girl...I just love them. And...with a view like that...how could you not?

Last week, I set forward a list of things I wanted to complete in the last 10 days of August. I then promptly managed to do everything in my ability to NOT complete them. So me. Oh well...I did have a great last week of August...so I guess that counts for something.

I am going to try it again for the month of September...and see if I can't do more with 30 days than with 10.

September Goals
1.  Hit the 15 pound lost mark (only need to lose about 5)
2.  Organize my  paperwork (I did manage to somewhat organize the student loan stuff)
3.  Excercise at least 5x  
4.  Read 5 books
5.  Blog more 
6.  Redesign my design site 
7.  Get me a spirit shirt (buy or make) for Dalton's football season
8.  Go to church (we are trying new churches)
9.  Complete a vision board
10. Help C empty storage
11. Refinish media cabinet
12. Get curtains for living room
13. Finish paperwork for school
14. Make calendar of important dates and mail cards/get gifts
15. Do something about my hair (cut and color?)
16. Backup photos from phone (I've NEVER done this..eek)
17. Get/make a fall wreath
18. Picture a day 
19. Make 2 new recipes
20. Watch the Cowboys WIN (I'll need help with this one!)

Okay...so I'm going to try and actually mark some (or, hopefully ALL) of them off this month.

To help with the blogging more...I'm excited to participate in Bailey's blog-tember challenge. I love her blog...and all the prompts look really fun. So, that should be an easy goal to accomplish!

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  1. You got this, girl!! You can do it! :) :) Let me know how you like the churches!! Hope you find one you love & that feels like home.

    Also... i love clouds!!! :)