Coming in just under the wire on today's blog-tember challenge.  But, I'm here! Ha.

Today's prompt: Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

I have been reading blogs for a long time. So, I've gone through lots of favorites. I have several blog "friends" who I check out regularly. But most of them have really cut back on blogging, which makes me sad. But, who am I to judge as I went about 3 months without even thinking about blogging.

Anyway, over time there have been a handful that I have really always come back to, and a few new (to me, anyway) ones that I can't get enough of!

Life In Grace:: Her home is so great. Her style is so fun. And she has such a sweet heart.

The Sweetest Thing:: This is a newer read to me. I kept pinning things that linked back to her blog, so I finally went to check it out. She is gorgeous. My dream is to one day (no seriously, just for one day) to look as pulled together and chic as she does.

Makeup by Tiffany D:: I've watched Tiffany's video tutorials forever. She started sharing home design posts on her blog a while back and she has great style.

Nesting Place:: I remember reading her blog WAY back when (ha!). I may take breaks from blogging (and blog reading) here and there, but I always check in with The Nester to see what is going on over there. I also just picked up her book... and I am completely in love. I will be doing a post about this another day.

Whatever:: Probably my favorite blog. Seriously. So much craftiness, decor and personality.

I could share lots more. I remember when I had like 400 blogs in my google reader (I miss google reader!). Of course, I didn't read them all regularly so at any given time I would have 1000+ unread blog posts. That just got too stressful. Ha.

1. 100 Happy Days
So, there are 100 days left in the year (can you believe that?!). After some thought, I have decided to hit the reset on my 100 happy days challenge. I had a rough start to my last one... and I immediately felt defeated. So I didn't do it. There is always always ALWAYS something to be happy about. I need to make sure I am more aware and appreciative of that!

2. I am going to WW tomorrow night! I am declaring it here so I don't talk myself out of it later. I think I'm going to start doing a "Weigh In Wednesday" post every week, so if y'all are doing the healthy thing and having something to celebrate... be sure to come share! (Lord knows I need all the motivation I can get!)

3. I'm am trying to decide if I want to do another blog challenge for October. The Nester always hosts a 31 Days challenge in October. Last year I posted about weight loss for the entire month (and managed to gain weight!). While I love having a certain thing to post about, I also like having some freedom. I just can't decide!! Ha.

4. Speaking of challenges and starting over (seriously sensing a theme in my random list), C and I are going to refocus our saving efforts. Sometimes we manage to save with real intention, and other times? Where does all the money go?!!

5. All the new planners are have been coming out the last few weeks. I just can't decide which one I want!! AHHH. I need to hurry and decide because one of the ones I wanted has already sold out. Also, I need to go into the planner design business!!

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  1. I'm so glad your blogging again - I have got to get my rear into gear & pick it back up. I'm so awful at it. But I'm debating on the 31-day series too...I can't decide what in the world to write about.