I like to think I'm a happy girl most of the time. I try to always surround myself with people and things that bring me joy. Today's prompt for the blog-tember challenge is all about sharing things that make us happy.

the little things
making lists, leopard print, cats, sleeping in, rainy days, turquoise, texas, bookstores, worship music, good mail days, nail polish, cherry coke, pearls, cowboy boots, shopping, fall, cinnamon scented candles, chips and salsa, little boutiques, clouds, football season, ripped jeans, the color pink, long country drives, decorating my apartment, sparkly things, fresh washed sheets, live music, elephants, good hair days, freckles, sunflowers, social media, sonic ice, men's cologne, going for a walk, christmas decor, all things design, and bubble baths

the big stuff
being a wife, our home, my sweet family, loving on my nieces and nephew, memories of my dad, accomplishing goals, traveling to new places, and church

I could probably go on and on. Once you get started talking about the things that bring you joy, you can't help but see more and more. I think if you have your eyes & heart open...you can find happiness in just about everything. I mean...I'm staring at the vacuum I just pulled out to use once I get this posted. While I'm not overly fond of the act of vacuuming...I find lots of joy in a freshly vacuumed casa!
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  1. Love decorating my apartment, sparkly things, fresh washed sheets, & memories of my dad, too! Love your happy things & pics!

  2. o yes.. I don't particularly like cleaning.. but the freshness later always win me over.. ^^