I can't believe September is now officially half way over. I say this every month...when will I learn that the months go by fast?!
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I struggled with whether or not to participate in today's challenge for blog-tember. Not because of the challenge itself, but more because I wasn't sure what to write. (story.of.my.life)

Today's prompt: "Most people don't know this but..."

I feel like I'm a fairly open book with the things I want to share. And I keep the things I want private locked down pretty good. So this one is throwing me for a loop. A lot of the other girls are just sharing random facts... so I guess that is the route I will go. If you have followed my blog for a while, none of these will be all that surprising.

1. I LOVE clouds. LOVE them. I have about 400 random photos of clouds in my photo stream. When were the taken? Where were they taken? NO CLUE. But gosh, they sure are pretty!!

2. I took French all throughout high school. I tried to take it in college but dropped the class, now I can only remember about 10 words/sayings. This is one of my bigger regrets!

3. I can say the alphabet backwards.

4. I'm a procrastinator. In the worst way. But, I usually work best under pressure (even though I ALWAYS swear next time I wont wait until last minute!).

5. I met C right after I turned 21. He was (well, and still is) 13.5 years older than me. He was not anything like the guy I "imagined" I would marry. AND I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THAT.

6. I didn't graduate college until I was 28. I took several years off after high school. I also took my sweet time several semesters (see #2  AND #4 above).

7. Speaking of college graduation. C proposed the week before I graduated, and I turned 28 the day before. That was a fun week!!

8. I didn't eat red meat for like 8 years after high school and into my twenties. I also haven't had a hot dog or bologna since I was 12. No real reason for either of those. Just woke up one day and decided I didn't like them. (Wish I would do that with sugar and bread!).

9. I have the hardest time trying to decide what to do with my future. Some days I want to be a teacher (well like 99% of the time this is what I want to do). But sometimes, I want to be a realtor, interior designer, author, stationery designer/shop owner, even an accountant (I like numbers). I ALWAYS forget that I'm in my thirties and should have a better grasp on this type of thing by now. What can I say... I'm wild and free. Well, more like I'm indecisive and lazy! Yay!

10. I've been feeling VERY restless here lately. I feel like I'm on the cusp of some major changes. I just pray my laziness/procrastination does not interfere!!

So, tomorrow's prompt is to do a vlog and I'm like 112% sure that is not going to happen (does anyone else CRINGE when they watch themselves on video?). I'm obsessed with watching videos on youtube (mostly makeup and hair tutorials) and would love to do my own. But, that will probably never happen. Instead, I think I will do a check in with my monthly goals tomorrow. I know y'all are just dying to see how I'm doing with those. 

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  1. #6,9, &10! I feel you on all of those! #10 is HUGE to me and I totally know how it feels. Sometimes I think #9 and #10 are related. Like, the restlessness has something to do with what I want to do in my future, although I too am not sure what that is. I don't know if that makes sense, but hopefully you do since you seem to be there too.