Skipping today's blog-tember challenge. One of these days I may do a vlog, but today is not that day! HA.

I thought, instead, I would do a check in on my monthly goals. I shouldn't have to do this mid-month, but Lord knows I need the accountability.

September Goals

1.  Hit the 15 pound lost mark (only need to lose about 5)
So... I haven't been to WW in forever. I just always have something going on. Plus, I get out of the habit of going and it's hard to get back in the habit. Of course, not really doing the program is the biggest issue. That being said.... my scale at home as gotten down to about 13 pounds lost. But, it fluctuates a lot...and I mostly hover between 9.5 to 12 pounds. I need to get back at it!!!

2.  Organize my  paperwork (I did manage to somewhat organize the student loan stuff)
Still sitting in a laundry basket in the closet. Ha. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, not really.

3.  Excercise at least 5x  
Yeah, NO. Not even once. So shameful.

4.  Read 5 books
Y'all I have NOT read a book in several weeks.  I mean, I'm reading several different books, I just haven't really gotten in the groove and finished any of them. I go through spurts though. Maybe this overcast/rainy weather will help.

5.  Blog more 
I'm doing pretty good with this!! Thanks to Bailey Jean and her challenge. 

6.  Redesign my design site 
I still want to do this, but it's not as big of a priority right now. I need to sit down and brainstorm some ideas and really get clear on what I want to offer and what direction I want to take my design business.

7.  Get me a spirit shirt (buy or make) for Dalton's football season
I've found one I really like. I just need to order it. He's had two games (won both!!!) and he has a bye this week so I should get on it!! I may be able to get it in before the next game.

8.  Go to church (we are trying new churches)
We are going back to our old church this weekend. They are having a new small group meet up. Praying for direction and new fellowship opportunities.

9.  Complete a vision board
Did it. Had a lot of fun with it too. I want to get it laminated (LOL...is that crazy?) because some of the images are lifting. I also want to get my bulletin board put up above my desk to sort of continue the vision board theme. I think I will mostly put inspiring quotes on that. And family pictures.

10. Help C empty storage
We so need to do this. We have until the end of the month. I just wish it would cool off.

11. Refinish media cabinet
Need to get it out of storage first.

12. Get curtains for living room
I can't decide what I want!!!

13. Finish paperwork for school
I need to do this asap.I have to reapply and get all my paperwork current. It's really not that difficult but it will take a trip to the school and I just haven't had the time.

14. Make calendar of important dates and mail cards/get gifts
I am going to try and do this today. I did pretty good at the beginning of the month... but I was having to buy cards/gifts very last minute. I hate that. I really want to get to where I have them all on my calendar and buy cards/gifts once a month so I'm prepared and not feeling rushed.

15. Do something about my hair (cut and color?)
I cut it!! Now I just need to decide what color.

16. Backup photos from phone (I've NEVER done this..eek)
Done!! I have an iPhone 4s (I know...so old) and I am excited to get a new one next month. BUT...I was fearful everyday that my phone would crash because I had like 3500 pictures on my current phone. It would constantly give me messages about lack of storage. I finally transferred them all to my computer/external hard drive. It's like a new phone ... I was able to finally update the operating system and all of my apps. It's so fast now. Almost makes me not want a new phone. Almost.

17. Get/make a fall wreath
It's hard to get motivated to do this when it's still in the high 90's. 

18. Picture a day 
NOPE. I clearly like to take pictures (see above). But... I can't seem to make myself routinely take one a day. So silly.

19. Make 2 new recipes (1/2)
I made baked chicken fajitas (from this recipe). We loved them. Actually made them again last night.  Need to find another recipe to try out!

20. Watch the Cowboys WIN (I'll need help with this one!)
YAY!! They beat the Titans this past Sunday. Hopefully I can check this off twice more this month. I'm feeling pretty confident about the Rams. We'll see. GO COWBOYS!!

Okay...So I'm doing okay this month. I mean it could be a lot better. But, I could also be staring at a list with NOTHING accomplished (it happens more than it doesn't!). It's good to take another look at the list and see where I need to improve (workouts, weight watchers are my main issues right now). I will check back in in two weeks with my monthly progress as well as a my new goals for October (eek!!).


  1. You are awesome!! You have accomplished some of your goals, girl, and that is great! Also, yeah... i have a 4s too & i had the same issue!! I just recently put all my tons of pics on my computer! WHEW! :)

  2. I love your goal list! May have to do one myself!