The last weekend in September! Can you believe it? Only a couple more days of the blog-tember challenge left! Thanks again Bailey for coming up with all these prompts! It has really helped me to blog more this month.

Today's promptWhat's on your wish list?


I'm a shopper. Mostly, I limit it to window shopping (see: budgeting). Sometimes I take a picture of something at the store... and if I keep thinking about it, I may go back and get it. Or, if I'm "shopping" online, I might bookmark or pin whatever strikes my fancy. Ha. Anyways, these are some of my most recent "wants" I've kept track of.

one// Cheetah pashmina from Kohls. I LOVE this. It's really inexpensive too. The only problem is that I don't wear a lot of scarves (I feel silly in them). Well, that and when I went to go pick this one up this past weekend (I was feeling brave!... and I had gift card) they didn't have them in stock. UGH

two// Victoria's Secret PINK / Dallas Cowboys shirt. Sequins y'all. I see this one in my near future, actually.

three// Brighton ring. I love Brighton. At any given time, I want about 40 things from that store.

four// Riding boots from Nordstrom. I LOOOOVE these, and they are a really good price.

five// Quilted leather jacket from Nordstrom. To match my boots, obviously.

six// I need to go to the eye dr. I need new contacts and glasses in the worst way. I'm thinking about doing prescription sunglasses too. That sentence makes me feel old...but how convenient would that be on bad allergy days (like today, for example).

seven// Kate Spade pink earrings. Cause they are cute, yes?

eight// Juicy wristlet from Kohls. I saw this last weekend and almost got it. I don't really have a need for it...but it's SO cute. And looks really well made too.

nine// Acqua di Gioia. I got a sample of this the other day. It smells SO SO SO good. And the scent stayed with me. I could smell it on my pillow a day or two later. I'm putting this on my Christmas list for sure. I have pretty much worn the same perfumes for years and years. It will be nice to get something new!

What's on your "wants" list?

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  1. Ooh, yum, that Nordstrom jacket is just so nice!!!!!