I took a bit of  blogging/challenge break over the weekend. I didn't intend to take off any days this month (much less three in a row) but I will have to save those prompts for later on!

We had a busy weekend. I chopped all my hair off Friday night. It was very spur of the moment, so I went to a new girl. I meant to get about 4 or 5 inches cut. I think she cut about 11. YIKES. Thankfully, C had gone with me. I was crying BIG tears when we left (not in front of the girl... but the minute we stepped outside). He was so sweet about it. I know that's one of those moments he was REALLY wishing he had stayed home though! Ha.  But, I mean, it's just hair... and mine grows really fast. So... I suppose a change will be good for me for a little while.

My nephew is playing football again. It's his second season... and it is just too fun to watch. He is a natural. He's super fast and his team is really good. That makes it even more enjoyable. My nieces always look super cute, and they love to cheer their bubba on. How sweet are they?!

Okay, so today's blog-tember prompt is to create a mood board. I am constantly adding things to my "want this please" list. I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that are currently on it. I mean it's nice to have these items organized... just in case someone decides they really want to buy me stuff. HA.
Okay, so most of this is a "keep on wishing" list ... but, ya never know when you may find an extra couple thousand dollars in need of spending. Right?!

I'm really wanting to try the Balm eye shadow palette. It's paraben free and has pretty good reviews (a combo that I have a hard time finding). I love the colors and the reviews say it lasts all day. I may have to get this for myself soon!

I love that silly little cosmetics bag. I just can't bring myself to spend $100 on it. Ugh!!!

I've wanted a Louis since I was a little girl. My Aunt had a Speedy WAYYYY back in the day. She sold it at a garage sale (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!) about 20 years ago. We both regret that!! Ha. But... this bag is on my "weight loss rewards" list... or really "when I hit goal" list. One day it will be mine!!

I've never been a watch girl. But these are growing on me. I like the two-tone. And the bling.

How cute is this flatware? I want it SO bad!! I'm asking for it for Christmas. I mean we have some flatware we received as gifts when we got married. We use it everyday and still love it (it's very basic... but timeless). BUT... black and white polka dots are just irresistible!!! Right?

Y'all probably know that I want ALL the boots ALL the time. Ha. We went to get C some new boots last weekend and I was like I'll take a pair of these, and a pair of those, and those. Do I wear boots? Not regularly... I mean they don't really go with yoga pants and tshirts. They are just so pretty!! (the boots... not my everyday uniform).

I have worn the same necklace everyday for YEARS. Seriously, maybe 18 years? I've only ever taken it off when the chain broke, and on my wedding day (I wore my Grandmother's diamond). I am really loving these beaded necklaces though. Her etsy shop is adorable y'all.

And... the biggest want right now is this Restoration Hardware Kensington sofa. It's so pretty. Our couch that we currently have has been well loved, and it's showing its wear. Hopefully, when we buy a house here in the next few months, we can get this baby (or a reasonably priced look alike).

What's on your current "want this" list? 

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  1. Those cowboys boots are interesting to say the least :-)