Day three of blog-tember! Today is all about what we want to be when we grow up. I tell C all the time that this grown up thing is kind of for the birds...especially when your car needs ALL THE REPAIRS. Ha. But...I guess being a grown up does have some benefits. You can actually chase after those dreams you had a kid. 

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was a little girl, I probably said teacher, interior designer, or princess.

If you asked me today, you'd probably get about the same answer. 

In all seriousness...there are so many professions that interest me. So many things I would love to fill my days with (and get paid to do). My main issue has always been settling on one!!

In college I was a business major, then changed to criminal justice (this one still makes me lol), then education, then dental hygiene, then marketing and finally...when I decided I should actually... you know... graduate... I got my degree in communication with a minor in management. I did my internship at a start-up scrapbook company, where I later took on a full time job. I spent my days blogging for the company, scrapbooking, designing products, and planning classes for in store demos. It was so much fun. 

And then...it wasn't. That industry was slowly fading in popularity and the company I worked for took the hit. I started doing freelance design stuff and that is sort of what I've done ever since.

Now...I'm asking myself those "what do you want to do when you grow up" questions all over again.

I'm a creative spirit. I love photography, decorating, party planning, and graphic design. I also dream of writing a book (or two or three). I just need to quit procrastinating (if only procrastination paid the bills!). 

I do have a passion for teaching. I was blessed enough to have some really great teachers during schooling. I also had the opportunity to work along side some amazing educators when I tutored middle school kids a few years ago. Teaching is a dream that I just haven't been able to shake. So, in the spring, I will go back to school to finish up my certification. I'm SO excited. 

I hope to also finish my Masters degree... and maybe even teach college courses one of these days.

The fact is...I'm probably not the type of person who could do one type of job for their entire career. Unless, of course...I can ever nab that princess gig. 


  1. Love your post, your enthusiasm for life shines out! So many people are looking for fulfilment: I saw a pin on Pinterest the other day that said something along the lines of, "Wherever your mind wanders when you daydream, that's where your true vocation lies".

  2. Yeah, ii feel like the growing up gig was indeed a trap most days too. Ah well, fake it till ya make it i guess :) It took me quite sometime to narrow things down too and here i am at teacher, which was actually never on my list ever haha.

  3. That scrapbooking job actually sounded pretty sweet! How cool though that you've decided what's next for you--getting your teacher's certification and following that route. I'm not sure I could stick to one career for a lifetime, either.