I try to start my posts the night before and then work on them a little bit more the next day before posting.  I never did that last night... and I just now realized that I hadn't posted today!! Yikes.

I was tempted to just skip today's post all together, as I don't have anything planned. But, I am trying to complete this 31 day challenge, so here I am.

I had kind of an off day. This may be completely in my head, but I think I have foggy brain when I eat too much bread/pasta. Does this happen to y'all? I really try not too eat a lot of bread, mostly because it's a trigger food for me. But, it seems like I've had it more this past week. And, I really think that was my issue today.

I just couldn't seem to get motivated to do anything. I had to drag myself out of bed. I ate some homemade veggie soup leftovers (pretty good for a "made-up" recipe). But, like a goober, I had some bread with it. Then I finished off the day with a burger, fries, coke AND some (shared) ice cream with the hubs. Lovely. Ha.

Of course all of this booty-dragging may have absolutely nothing to do with bread or my diet at all.... and EVERYTHING to do with my super loud neighbor.  He gets home around midnight and then C and I swear he does Crossfit or something for about 3 hours. I was laying in bed the other night and I would have bet money he was throwing weights across the room (he's our upstairs neighbor). We have decided that he has a rocker/recliner right above our couch...because we can literally here him rocking the chair. We've never had noise issues in an apartment before, but this is crazy. I could cry it's so frustrating.

So, today was probably one of the most difficult one's this month... food, activity and motivation wise. But, I guess those happen to everyone. I just need to recognize it, and move past it. In the past, these kind of days would turn into "these kind of weeks/months". I want to make sure that I don't let that happen!

At least tomorrow is Friday! Here's to it being 10x better than today!

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