Ever have 'one of those days'? Because, boy, I am all over that today.

But, instead of going on and on about how defeated I'm feeling today, I thought I would share the lesson that keeps revealing itself to me in these little obstacles.

Planning is everything. Get prepared girl!

My car has been on the fritz, which is frustrating enough as it is, but we are in SERIOUS house saving mode. So, we are trying to put off getting a new(er) car as long as we can. We are trying to be grown ups. Ha. It's been SUPER trying.

Anyway, today I was heading to Target to get some shopping done, including picking up something for my lunch. AND MY CAR DIDN'T WANT TO COOPERATE. I mean, this is annoying as all get out...and it stresses me out, but what can you do? C will deal with it when he gets home.

But, I've been awake for a couple of hours, haven't had anything to eat and I'm getting hangry. And.... there is no food here. NONE. We don't even have fruit  I have a bag of Sonic ice and some condiments. Some of my favorite things...but not necessarily meal makings.

So I ordered a pizza. And a coke (because I have no control).

And, it was good. Real good. But, I can't help but thinking if I had been a little bit more prepared, a little better at planning, we would have something here for me to eat. I really can't do anything about the car situation (except pray it's nothing major) but I could have saved myself some money and some serious calories.

I feel like this is something I should have really learned by this point in my life. But, that is obviously not the case. For all my maturity and good habits in certain areas, I'm way behind in others! Ha.

I really, really feel like this is another major road block in my weight loss goals (clearly evident today, with the pizza and coke... neither of which I actually needed or even wanted 10 minutes earlier).  So this weekend, I am going to be working on ways to help myself out. I am going to meal plan. I am going to bump up our efforts in the envelop system (we are only doing it about 25%). I'm also going to stock the pantry and fridge... because I'm not a 20 year old anymore!!

Here's to hoping the car issue is minimal. And here's to a productive, preparing & planning weekend!!
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