I'll be the first to admit that I'm not near active enough. It's not like I lay in bed all day, but I certainly could stand to move around a little bit more.

I somehow managed to get a job at a gym the summer after high school graduation. I worked mostly in the daycare, which was about as far away from the gym floor (where all the classes and machines were) as you could get. We got a free membership as an employee perk, but for about six months... the only part of that I took advantage of was the tanning booth (yikes!).

One of my personal trainer friends cornered me in the break room one afternoon and told me she had a cancellation. She asked if I wanted to work out with her. 


I was overweight (though, I was significantly smaller than I am now...sigh). And, I hadn't really worked out in about three years... since I quit playing soccer. I was really intimated by all the machines and equipment... not to mention I felt like I would stick out like a sore thumb. But, I was too embarrassed to tell her no. I remember walking up the stairs to the workout area thinking that was going to be humiliating!

Turns out... it wasn't so bad. She showed me how everything worked, and I what I needed to do to for the best results (cardio + strength training). I sort of ignored the spiel about weight training, but I totally bought into the cardio. I started working out almost everyday after work. I ended up losing about 50ish pounds in less than a year. 

I went from not working out ever, to becoming obsessed with doing cardio (mostly walking and stationary bike) to not working out again.  I know my constant extreme workout sessions weren't healthy, but I often wish I would have found a happy medium and stuck to it. Can you imagine how different my life would be now?

But, there is no point in dwelling on that too much. I am trying to get back into a routine. Of course, I'm 17 years older (that PAINS me to type), so I don't have the time or energy to walk 4 hours a day (seriously, I used to walk that long most days). But, I need to do something.

I've been doing the stationary bike. It's really easy to do as I have one in my dining room (ha!). But, it's getting a little boring, and I know I need a bit more challenge. I've got some workout dvd's I need to dig out. I LOVE the Walk Away the Pounds DVD's. They are kind of cheesy... but some of the 3 and 4 mile ones are a pretty good workout (for me, anyway).

Once again, I find myself with a free gym membership (we have a gym in the amenity center where we live)... and I NEVER GO. It's not so much an intimidation thing now... as much as a talk myself out of doing it thing.

But, I need to get over myself and just go. I know I will feel better (and no doubt look better). 

What do y'all like to do for cardio or strength training? 


  1. I haven't exercised in forever! I really got into it in 2009 - doing bootcamp & zumba, and i loved it! Brad also bought me a bike that year, so we would ride or walk & i enjoyed that too. I really miss it, actually, It's been forever. Now that the weather is nice... that's what i keep saying!

  2. I love cheesy workout videos. I had one where the lady would keep saying "Don't you want the tiny waist. Don't you want the tiny waist!" It drove me crazy, but then I would find myself saying it throughout the day!

  3. Search pinterest for strength-training ideas! I alternate arms and legs each workout. And then for cardio, try a HIIT workout! It's crazy how many calories you burn, and because it's got built in "rest" periods (lower-intensity, so you're still moving, but not as fast), it's not as hard. I will also sometimes do sprints on the treadmill. I'll sprint at an 8 or 9 speed for 20 seconds, and then straddle the side of the belt for 40. I'll do a total of 15 sprints, plus a 5 minute warmup and a 5 minute cooldown at an easy walking pace. That's a "fun" workout, and you'll burn 300 calories or so, but it's not impossibly difficult.