I love weight loss success stories. Love.

I thought I would share a few of my current favorite Instagram sources for inspiration. 
 Emi just started her journey this year and is already down 60+ pounds. AMAZING!! She is on a weight loss roll...and I always look forward to her transformation pictures... because you can see a difference each week!

 Kate is one of the co-hosts (along with her sister) of one of the dietbets I'm doing. She is one of the first weight loss accounts I stumbled upon, and she has ALWAYS been inspiring! She's very real and very easy to relate with.

 Nicole has lost 151 pounds (YES 151 pounds!!!). She looks so amazing.

Bri has lost 100 pounds. How cute is she? 

What are some of your favorite weight loss Instagram accounts?


  1. I LOVE Kate from Finally Alive After 25! She's so inspirational (and hilarious) and has helped inspire me with my weight loss. I did not even realize that you blog about weight loss! You've done two blog designs for me that I still absolutely love. Just happened to come across your blog looking for weight loss inspiration. :)

  2. wow--I am on this same journey.

  3. Oh and I followed you from a previous blog and started over and it looks like you have started over again as well-- glad i found you!

  4. Ok, i just followed all of these on instagram! :)