It's Friday!!!! I'm feeling lots better than I was yesterday, so I'm celebrating with a Friday Fives type of post. Linking up here, here, and here!

1. I'm still pretty pumped about hitting the 11 pounds lost mark. I have spent months getting as close to 10 pounds lost as possible...without actually losing 10 pounds. I was gaining and lose the same pound and half over and over and over.  I really do feel like this 31 days of blogging about weight loss has been SUPER helpful!! I've got a long, long way to go... but I've got my eye on 15 pounds... then 20 and so on. I can do this!!

2. The COWBOYS. Y'all. I am blogging about weight loss this month, so I haven't talked much about anything else. But, I can not go without celebrating the big win last week. We were watching all the pregame shows and everyone was picking Seattle. I was rolling my eyes all over the place. I mean, I was nervous... we were playing the Super Bowl champions. BUT... I just knew that we (and I use the word "we" like I am actually on the field. ha). could do it. And, we did! I may be crazy (go ahead and laugh) but I actually had tears in my eyes with that final interception that ended the game.

3. I am not domestic at all. Oh, I wish I was... and I love to dream about being a little homemaker. Maybe one day I will fulfill that dream, but now? Not so much. Anyway, I couldn't sleep the other night, and I was laying in bed thinking about food (ha!). I was craving vegetable soup so the next day I picked up everything from my late night made up recipe day dreaming. It turned out pretty good. Was a little bland... so next time, I might try more seasoning or something.

It was SUPER easy. I just browned some onions and bell pepper in pot (with olive oil). I sprinkled some garlic powder on them while they were cooking. Then I added a bag (frozen) each of: corn, french cut green beans, carrots and peas (these were in one bag together). I poured in about 3 cups of organic/low sodium veggie broth and added some diced red potatoes and a small can of tomato paste. Yum Yum.

4. I won a giveaway sweet Ryan was hosting. She has been SUCH a huge inspiration for me in the weight loss arena. She was giving away a couple of copies of  It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. I have been tossing around the idea of doing Whole 30 for a while now. I tried to get the book at the library the other day and apparently lots of other people had the same idea... there were like 15 people ahead of me. The next week, I won a copy from Ryan! Yay. I got it this week and am several chapters in. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend and start next week!! Have y'all done a Whole 30? What did you think? Any recipes?

5. Speaking of next week, I am starting my first ever DietBet. Have you heard of this? You pay a fee (mine is $35) and then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. If you achieve this, you split the pot of entry fees with everyone else who hit their goal. I'm SUPER excited. I think this will be a great motivator. I do like keeping my money!! Ha. If y'all want to join, email me and I will send you an invite to the bet I'm participating in. It starts Tuesday!

Have a great weekend y'all!!


  1. YAY! The book is pretty dense... just power through it, and then all the Whole30 program rules/guidelines are at the end. :)

  2. I wish I was more domestic too, it would be so great just to be able to whip something up! That soup looks sooo good, perfect for a fall day!