I'm barely getting this post in on the right day! C and I had made plans for today, so he took off from work. But, then the plans got changed... so we ended up just having "a day of fun"! He has been working a ton of overtime... and I was missing him!! Today was just what I needed!!


I know I did a big reflective type post yesterday, so I won't be doing that again. But, I just want to say that I have really enjoyed the last month. Coming up with something to write about each day started to get difficult, but I am SO glad that I stuck with it.

I have a tendency to quit when things get tough. I hate to admit that about myself, but, there it is. I'm a quitter. I know that blogging for 31 days straight about a single topic isn't that big of a deal... but the fact that I stuck with it is a big deal (to me anyway).

Here's the thing. I knew I was capable of writing everyday. And, I know I'm capable of losing this weight and getting healthy. I can look at the big picture and think about how daunting it seems. Or, I can take it day by day... and just get through the next 24 hours. Some days I worked on several blog posts in one day... and other days, that day's post was all I could manage. I think my weight loss journey is going to be a lot like that. Some days I may be feeling super motivated and organized. And some days, I may have to just focus on what I can do for that day.

The thing is... the time passes anyway. I'm glad I sat down to write a post everyday... if just to prove to myself that I could.  I don't mean to over simplify the task of losing weight. Obviously it's far more difficult (and time consuming) than trying to write for 31 days in a row. But, I think the same principle applies. Do what you can do today. Get through today. The days (and pounds and inches) WILL add up.

That is my takeaway for this month. I can do this. And completing a challenge feels a lot better than quitting one!

October Goals
1.  Hit the 20 pound lost mark 
2.  Organize my  paperwork (I started, that has to count for something!)
3.  Exercise 8x (I did 7x)
4.  Read 5 books (I read 2)
5.  Blog everyday for the 31 Day Challenge
6.  Get a spirit shirt (buy or make) for Dalton's football season 
7.  Go to church (we are trying new churches)
8.  Refinish media cabinet (we picked out and bought the paint!)
9.  Get curtains for living room (I went to pick them up today and they didn't have them in stock!)
10. Finish paperwork for school (Finished application, need to finish letter of intent)
11. Make calendar of important dates and mail cards/get gifts
12. Get hair colored
13. Get/make a fall wreath
14. Picture a day 
15. Make 2 new recipes
16. Get rings inspected and cleaned
17. Unpack 5 boxes from storage
18. Deep clean apartment
19. Continue working on budget (this is proving to be an on-going thing)
20. Watch the Cowboys WIN

I did okay this month. I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it is. A lot of my goals are sort of in progress... I guess that is better than nothing. Most of what I didn't get done is money and time related. Ha. Isn't that the story of my life?!

I will talk more about my November goals tomorrow!!

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  1. I just found your blog through the "31 days" site and applaud you for finishing. I have read lots and many didn't. Plus I really enjoyed reading your posts and following your journey. I too am working on getting healthy and like how you posted the good, bad and ugly, even when it might have been uncomfortable for you. I am going to copy your "monthly goals/reflection" as I think it will help stay focused on my goals. You are stronger and braver than you might think. You can and will reach your goals!