October is my favorite month. True, I love fall. November is special because of our anniversary. And, I really love Christmas.  But October? It's just such a fun month! Can you have a spirit month? If so, October is where it's at!!

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And... I'm especially excited about this October because I am once again joining in The Nester's 31 Day Challenge. I'm attempting to blog everyday about one topic.

And my topic for this year? WEIGHT LOSS.

This was also last year's topic, but I managed to gain weight while blogging about losing weight (oops) so we are proclaiming this the do-over!

I struggled with whether or not I wanted to try and attempt this again. I mean, last year was kind of a mess! But, I feel like I'm in a much different place (literally and emotionally) and I'm actually really pumped to try this again.

I mean, what have I got to lose? Ya know, other than ALL THE WEIGHT that is WEIGHING ME DOWN.

I did start this post off lighthearted and fun. But, all kidding aside, my weight is a major frustration as well as an issue that causes me a lot of heartache. It's something I think about all the time, and would love nothing more than to be rid of it. If wanting was all it took, I would have lost all my weight a hundred times over. I'm an emotional eater...in the worst way. And, not only does my weight physically hold me back from some things (like running and skinny jeans) but I let it hold me back from pretty much everything. That is no way to live. THIS is no way to live.

So, I'm challenging myself to do something about it for the next 31 days. I know last year I didn't really put my heart into it. I just sort of went through the motions, often pulling a post together last minute. This year, I'm a bit more determined.  I'm setting goals and I will work like crazy to achieve them. Hopefully, that will be the spark that I have needed for so long. And, if it's the spark you need too? Well then all the more reason to do this.

I can't guarantee that I will lose weight over the next 31 days. I know it's possible and that I'm certainly capable of doing so. If I'm being completely honest, I would love to lose about 20 pounds this month. But, what I'm really going to do is focus on the steps. One foot in front of the other (literally and figuratively!). I'm confident that if I do the work, the weight will come off.

I admit, I'm a little scared to share all of this. There is definitely a comfort in hiding behind the computer screen. But, hiding has only ever caused me to gain weight. And unfortunately, I'm at he point where there is no hiding that.

Of course, I don't want this to be all serious and solemn. So I will be sure to throw in some fun stuff along the way!

Each week, I will share a list of things I want to accomplish for the week. And starting next week, I will be doing a weekly "Weigh In Wednesday" post. If you want to join in with that, I would love it!

Basically, I'll be sharing most aspects of my journey for the next 31 days, starting with an introduction to my "weight story" tomorrow. I'll talk more about my plan for weight loss as well as sharing my food journal and some healthy (and delicious!) recipes. I'll share my workout playlist (I have lots of these, which is weird, because I don't actually work out!... but that is about to change). And lots of other fun things like goals, rewards, and sources of inspiration.

I'm really so excited to be doing this. And, if you made it through this epic post and decide you want to come back and follow my journey? Well thank you!!!

MY GOALS FOR THE WEEK (10/1 ::  10/7)
Blog everyday
Work out 3x
Drink 88 ounces (min) of water everyday
2 Fruit (min) and 2 Veggie (min) everyday
Track all food/activity
Take before pictures and measurements
Go to my WW meeting (Tuesday nights)
Cook 4 meals at home (we are so bad about this)
Make rewards list (more on this soon!)
Daily to-do lists (I need a list to be productive!)

INDEX OF ALL 31 DAYS (click here to read all of them)
1. Happy October (that's this post!)
2. I'm Tricia and I'm Fat
3. What's the Plan?
4. Weight Loss Road Blocks : Eating Out
5. Weight Loss : Things that Help
6. Books : Weight Loss
7. Weight Loss Ramblings : Sleep
8. Weigh In Wednesday
9. Weight Loss Questions
10. Defeated
11. Want This Please : Weight Loss Stuff
12. Bad Habits
13. Good Habits
14. Weight Loss Funnies
15. Weigh In Wednesday
16. Bad Day
17. Friday Fives
18. Exercise
19. Sunday Night Rambles
20. Want This Please : Weight Loss Rewards
21. Whole 30
22. Not So Weigh In Wednesday
23. Small Victories
24. Looking Forward To It
25. Favorites : Weight Loss Inspiration
26. What We Eat
27. Keep On Going
28. Confession Session
29. Weigh In Wednesday
30. Reflection
31. Goodbye October


  1. I can soooo identify with you! In fact, I hope to get a lot of inspiration from you on this 31 day journey. By the way, most of my family lives in God's Country (Texas), and I get there every chance I can!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  2. I think this will be so inspiring to so many!