I talked the other day about some of my weight loss rewards I have planned. Most of them are things I want to buy myself. I know it may seem silly to some, and I get that. But, I have a really bad habit of denying myself certain things because of my weight. Sometimes because it doesn't come in my size or I wouldn't feel comfortable. And sometimes, it's because of this mental block I have going on that tells me I don't deserve it. Obviously the latter is something I need to work on, but that's a post for another day!

I also have lots of other rewards that aren't tied to a specific amount of weight loss. These are more like non-scale victories I can't wait to celebrate!!

I thought I would share a few with y'all today.

1. Wrapping a towel around me and it covering everything.

2. Running a mile. And then running some more!

3. Being comfortable in jeans. And not having that red indentation on my waist.

4. Being comfortable in heels.

5. Losing the double chin.

6. Getting my wedding rings sized down.

7. Not being worried about booth seating being awkward (this usually is because of my height and chest... I always feel like my chest is sitting on the table! Ha).

8. Not feeling awkward, like my body doesn't match my personality. I always feel like I'm wearing a fat suit... if that makes sense. I'll be glad when that isn't the case!

9. Wearing dresses. They feel like moo-moo's on me now :(

10. Tucking my shirt in. I NEVER do this now.

11. Walking into a store and "normal" sizes fit.

12. Boots not being tight on my calves.

13. When people start to notice my weight loss. That is SO motivating for me!

I'm sure there are several more... and I'll be sure to share them as they happen. I think beyond the number on the scale going down, any rewards I may buy myself and even the health benefits... these non scale victories are some of the best.  I sometime feel like I'm missing out on all these things in life. Even if they are silly (like tucking in my shirt), they are things that bother me. It's exciting to think one day... they wont be issues anymore!!

Have a great week!!!

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  1. Lovin the non-scale victories. Print those bad boys out and post them everywhere! (I have sticky notes to myself allover the place at my house!) I know weekends can be tough on a new food program. Just remember why you're doing this. Happy Weekend!