Losing weight and getting healthy are reason (and reward!) enough to make some lifestyle changes. I absolutely believe this. But, for someone like me (stubborn and lazy with really, really bad habits), sometimes, rewarding myself with things can be beneficial. And... it's just plain fun!

I have a lot of weight to lose. When I would lose weight in the past, it would be 20 or 30 pounds before I (or anyone else) noticed the weight loss. As excited as I was about losing weight... that wasn't very motivating.  So, I like the idea of celebrating those losses as often as possible. I have a little something (and a couple of big somethings) planned for every 5 pounds I lose.

I thought I would share some of the things on my rewards list with y'all.


Let me say again that I have a lot (A LOT) of weight to lose. I can't be rewarding myself with super expensive, extravagant things for every five pounds I lose (though, that would be so much fun!). So, I have lots of "small" items on my rewards list... things I would probably by anyway (nail polish, music downloads, magazines, fresh flowers etc) but that I want to hold off  and instead purchase as sort of a celebration of that particular weight loss goal being met.

I like the idea of rewarding myself with things that can then be used to help me as I continue on this journey. Things like workout clothes, new nikes, music downloads, fitness dvds, etc are a lot of the items on my list.

I also have some "big ticket" items for when I hit a bigger weight loss goals (mostly 25 pound increments... but also some other personal milestones). I can't wait to get my Dez Bryant Jersey (still not sure where I'm going to put that on the list.. maybe 50 pounds!).

For my 100 pound (yes, 100 pounds...ugh) reward... I have those super cute Corral Boots on my list. I have loved them for SO SO SO long. I am so excited that I am only 89 (only..ha) pounds away from them!!!

Of course, I haven't even rewarded myself for the first 10 pounds lost yet! I better get on it!!

What are some of the items on your weight loss rewards list?


  1. Wow! That's quite a list : ) It has never occurred to me to reward myself for weight loss, other than just the self satisfaction of the loss itself. I'm probably too cheap anyway - just having to buy new jeans & shirts is enough of an expense. BUT if that motivates you to keep on keeping on, then do it.


  2. I'm glad you posted your rewards list! Love the pink sneakers. What are you going to do for your first ten pounds down! (By the way congrats on the 10 pounds down!! Just think of ten pounds of chopped meat on a table... that is a huge loss! Congrats!!)