Happy Saturday! It's rainy (with a temporary "cold front") here. And, I LOVE it. We are taking it way easy this weekend. We might even fit in some gym time (instead of just talking about fitting in some gym time!).

Speaking of, I thought I would share a few work-out-ish things I've got my eye on!

If I could guarantee that buying all new workout clothes would motivate me to work out, I'd blow my budget right this second.  But, I am adding lots of these to my rewards list to motivate me. Hopefully, that will do the trick!

I'm most excited about the Flex, do any of y'all have one?
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  1. I have a Fitbit and I LOVE it. It is definitely a motivator to get up and move. I try to get in 10,000 steps a day and if I'm close, I'll start walking around the house more to get the extra steps in. We went to an amusement park Saturday and walked 18,000 steps. I bought my Fitbit on Amazon for less than $50 with free shipping.

    I walk on the treadmill five days a week for 20 minutes after dinner. 20 minutes doesn't sound like much but it's moving and it's better than doing nothing. A friend was losing weight doing only 20 minutes walking as well as watching what she was eating. I just wear jeans, no workout clothes, but I do have decent shoes. Just do something (walking, riding your bike, etc.) to make you feel better and to feel like you've accomplished something. It's very easy to feel like you've failed or taken a few steps back but today is today and you can't do anything about yesterday. Keep going! You WILL make it!

    Karen in MD