Feeling a tiny bit un-motivated today. Had a stressful evening (not related to weight loss or blogging). The good news is I went to bed earlier and woke up at 930! Nevermind that I feel like I'm dragging. Ha. 

So, I was looking for something online the other day and stumbled upon these 80 weight loss type questions (though several of them are actually repeats). Anyway, I thought it would be fun to answer some of these today. 

1. Describe your dream/goal body.
I can look at other women and think that is what I want to look like, so I have sort of a mental picture of what my "goal" is. I would love have a flat stomach, I mean honestly...that is probably my number one dream as far as the physical side of weight loss is concerned. 

But, really, I just want to have a healthy bmi, and feel confident with my body. I'm 5'2 (and a half!) so my healthy bmi range is like 104-135 pounds. That seems so VERY far away. I can not even imagine weighing 104!! I'm fairly certain that is what my leg weighs right now! Ha. I figure the closer I get to my goal, the more I will be able to tell about my "goal". Of course, 125 pounds has always sort of been the arbitrary number in my head. We'll see. 

2. What is your favorite healthy food?
I love salad. In fact, last time I lost a significant amount of weight, I had a HUGE salad everyday for lunch. It consisted of lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado (a whole one!). Sometimes I would throw in black beans and spinach. I measured out a serving of shredded cheese and these little southwest crispy things. Sometimes I would add a little olive oil (like a tsp) to help mix it up. Or, I would use my light southwest ranch. SO SO SO good. And I literally had it EVERYDAY for lunch for like 4 months. And lost weight every week. 

I also love grapefruit. I don't know why I don't buy it more often, but it's my favorite fruit. The fact that it's kind of a pain to eat coupled with the fact that I'm lazy probably has something to do with it. But, now I'm craving it...haha.

3. What is your favorite unhealthy food?
SUGAR. All the sugar!! I could live off of chocolate chip cookies and coke. And I've made many a meal out of that combo. Probably about 95% of the reason I'm fat.

4. What is your least favorite healthy food?
I don't really have a least favorite. I mean, I like veggies and fruits. I like water. I can eat a salad everyday. I like chicken and turkey (in moderation). I don't mind "healthy-ing" up my food. 

I just prefer chocolate chip cookies and coke over any of the above. Ha.

5. What is your favorite type of cardio?
Walking. C and I used to walk all the time. There is a really nice master-planned (ie walking trails) neighborhood right behind us. We usually head over there and walk for as long as we can and talk and try to sort out all of the world's problems. We would do this everyday, usually about 3 miles, when I was losing weight before. If it would ever cool off again, we might just start doing it again.

I also like the stationery bike in our apartment because it's easy (and air conditioned). 

6. Which part of your body do you wish to change the most and why?
My stomach. I've never had a flat tummy. That is my dream. And my arms. I hate how big they are. 

And, if I'm being honest? My chest. I've been "blessed" (not exactly my favorite blessing though!). Most days I would like that to be flat too! Not.Even.Kidding.

7. What is your body frame? Small, large or medium?
I'm small (ha!). I'm not even 5'3 and I have small features. Little feet, little hands. etc. I've had several Dr's tell me that if I ever lost weight that I would be really petite. I'm not sure if that is motivating or depressing! 

According to this site, I'm medium framed. I don't know how much my wrist will change as I lose weight, so who knows. 

8. Do you have a trigger food? A type of food that is impossible for you to say no to or stop eating?

9. What are your fitness goals? (Splits, hand-stands, push-ups…)
I would love to run. I've NEVER been a runner though. Not even when I played soccer (back in the day). But, one of goals is to eventually run a marathon. Eek. 

10. Describe your dream outfit, the one you imagine yourself wearing once you reach UGW.
I know that there are great options out there for plus-size clothing. I just don't ever feel cute in them. Clothes shopping is pretty much my idea of a nightmare these days. 

I would love, love, love to be able to go into any store, pick out a cute outfit, have it fit and I feel sassy in it. It's been TOO long since that happened. 

I'm not that fancy of a girl (maybe I will be when I lose weight!)... but skinny jeans (I won't wear them til I'm skinny/er) and boots with a t-shirt/cardigan is something  I look forward to being able to wear confidently!

Have a great Thursday y'all!!
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  1. I've find your blog by chance in 31 Days, but I love it!

  2. My friend is a life coach and she asked me game-changer question. "What will it feel like once you've reached your goal and how can you work to create those feelings everyday?" You don't have to wait until you've lost all the weight to have feelings of wellness, confidence, energy, etc...Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming! You've got this!!

  3. We are the same. Chocolate chip cookies & coke? We are soul sisters. ;)