I'm feeling kind of blah today. And, I think it has everything to do with my messed up sleep schedule. It's pretty bad, y'all.

While I sit here trying to muster up some energy, I can't help but think that my wonky sleep habits might have something to do with my weight.

I talked a lot about my daily schedule here. It was probably one of the most embarrassing posts to write, a surefire hint that something needs changing! I have always been a night owl. And because of this, I've always loved to sleep late. It's not like I sleep twice as long as most people... it's just that I don't actually go to sleep until they get up. And it seems to be getting worse! Maybe if I just wait it out another year, it will have naturally fixed itself!! Ha.

In all seriousness, I do get about 6 hours of sleep most nights (well, mornings). It's usually 4am-10am. Sometimes it's more like 6am-noon. I'm still working with the same 18 hours most people have, but because of the actual hours they take place, they are not getting spent in the best way.

If I don't get up and going until noon, I only have about 4 hours before C gets home. This is great because spending time with him is my favorite. But, it also means that I have 4 hours to wake up, eat, and run errands. And, usually by that time, he is on his way home. We usually sit and chat a while. Then we may go run errands together, go out to eat, maybe take a walk, or visit with family. Obviously some days are more active than others, but it either way... it seems like before I know it, he is getting ready for bed. And then, I'm left to do all the things I haven't done yet (mostly work). Which is fine, because I feel most creative at night. But, because it is technically the middle of the night, I'm usually pretty sedentary and quiet for all these hours (say 10pm-till whenever I get sleepy).

So, if you are following that crazy train...

I'm sedentary pretty much all day!! Not good.

And, I think if I had 'normal' hours, my daytime hours would be more productive. I'd also be more likely to eat breakfast (which I rarely do now). I also go a really really long time from my last meal of the day around 7pm to my first meal of the next day around noon (sometimes as late as 2pm).

As I type this, I realize my metabolism is probably non-existent!!

Anyway, this is something I not only want to work on, but really need to work on!

It's not like I haven't tried to adjust my schedule, I have. But, I haven't been consistent. I think tonight I'm just going to try and go to bed when C does. No lights/television/social media. Just lay there till I go to sleep. I've tried this before and ended up laying there for hours while my brain went into overdrive. I usually just get super frustrated and give up. But, maybe if I continue to do it every night, I will eventually start falling asleep earlier.

What about y'all? Do you have bad sleep habits? Or do you have anything weird that you do that you think might be affecting your weight loss attempts?

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  1. Ohhh girl... I feel you! Unfortunately weight gain is linked to sleep deprivation and weight loss is linked to getting proper shut eye. (Darn the vicious cycle!) I have a very stressful 9-5 so sometimes I was only getting like 3 hours a night if I was lucky. Here are some things that helped me:(1) I didn't try to go to sleep earlier right away. I dialed my go to bed time back in 15 minute increments. 3am, 2:45, 2:30 etc... the goal was 11pm. It took a long time but it was an easier transition. (2) Take a notebook to bed. Anytime a thought crosses your brain write it down. The results in the morning will look hilarious and jumbled, but if your brain knows you have written it down and won't forget whatever you were thinking about it is more likely to turn off.

  2. I have had to train myself to put my phone out of my reach ( I use the alarm function). In the past when I would wake up I would look at my phone. Now, I use my Cpap machine, eye mask, phone away and a table fan for white noise. When I do all these things and head to bed at a normal hour I usually wake refreshed. It's getting to bed on time that trips me up. Good luck!

  3. My sleep is not as good as when I was younger quality-wise, but I try to get it in. I am crazy about a schedule, and I feel like I'm wasting the day away if I'm sleeping past 8:30 on a weekend day. Weekdays I'm up before 7.