I've tried to lose weight about a hundred different times in my life.

I've been successful-ish several times. Once from just starving myself. Once from starving plus obsessive exercise. Several times through a weight loss program.  I've read COUNTLESS weight loss books and watched inspirational show after inspirational show.

I joke that I know pretty much all there is to know to about losing weight.

It's the doing that is my problem.

And it's a big problem in several areas of my life.

The only way I know to fight it is with tenacity. 

I hate being fat. I hate struggling financially. I hate not chasing my dreams. I hate rough patches in relationships.

And if I'm being honest, a lot of the time I hate having to work on bettering myself in any of those areas.  Why? I don't know... part laziness / part sheer stubbornness.

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But the idea of just giving up? SCARES ME TO DEATH.

So, I keep plugging along. And that is what I'm doing these days with my weight loss. I don't have any new or crazy method I'm going to try. I'm just going to try to try (ha) to be/get/do better everyday.

I'm a member at Weight Watchers. I told my husband the last time I joined that I refuse to cancel my membership until I hit goal (and then the membership is free). I don't want to give myself the option to just quit. I'm afraid I would talk myself out of going back.

I'm not a big fan of paying the fee for the month and not losing weight. But, I believe that it has kept me in check enough to go to at least one meeting a month. And, I think because of this... I finally quit gaining. I've even managed to lose about 9 pounds. OF COURSE I wish I was 109 pounds less than I was last year. But, I'm just so grateful to not be 109 pounds heavier!

So, that is my current plan of attack. I get a certain amount of points+ each day (based off my age/weight/etc). I get weekly bonus points+ to use or not. Plus I have the opportunity to gain points+ thru activity. When I follow the plan? The weight practically falls off. Not overnight... but over the week. Every week. 

I've managed to track my points the past two days. Seems an easy enough task to accomplish (you'd be surprised though). I'm not expecting perfection. In fact, full disclosure: I haven't ate breakfast either day (bad, bad habit) and I've ate out 3 of the 4 meals I've eaten. But... I've tracked those meals. 

I'm just trying to focus on the tracking. I think it's the foundation to success in any weight loss program. You need to be aware of what is going "wrong" before you can fix it, right? So I'm tracking. Even if it's ugly. Even if I use up a weeks worth of points on one meal (not that I've ever done that. ha). I'm also trying to get 88 ounces of water and 2 fruits and 2 veggies in everyday. I've managed to do the fruit and water both days. I didn't get in the vegetables yesterday (unless you count fajita onions and salsa. Ha). But, I had a bunch of veggies last night to make up for it.

Next week I will focus on more of the same plus adding in some activity! Every week I will try to take another step in the right direction.

I will say that blogging about this has already proven to be a helpful tool! I'm still a lazy, stubborn girl... but I'm also really motivated right now. I'm so excited to see where this journey takes me!

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  1. I struggle with my weight loss journey too. I recently had unexpected major surgery, which was a really setback. I say that to say "I feel ya." However, despite the setback I find it helpful to set up Non-Food Rewards for consistency. For example, if I do X (food journaling, drinking 8 oz of water each day, etc...) for 21 days straight, then I get a new lipstick, t-shirt, whatever you fancy. I try to work on one consistency goal at a time. 21 days dedicated to food journaling...then I work on developing a new habit. Celebrate consistency and the results will come!

    1. I love the idea of rewards. When I was doing this before...that was honestly one of the main things that helped. I'm not sure what that says about by personality! Ha. But, I do love the idea of rewarding good behaviors...especially it it helps to grow those behaviors!!

  2. I think aiming for a modification weekly is reasonable or biweekly depending on how the week went. I like to write a monthly letter of intention summarizing my health goals. I actually did a little video it. Last year I did a Fitness theme (31 Days of Fitting in Fitness- at my old blog). I mention it because there was a lot of free and practical information there with an emphasis on practical. Wishing you success as defined by YOU in this journey, Tricia! And I love your profile description. That gave me a great giggle. We'd have a good time together!

    1. Thanks SO much Dawn. What is the link to your old blog/videos? I would love to watch them!!