Today is day one of my Whole 30 experience. So far? I'm doing okay. Haha! I figure I only have roughly 88 meals to go! LOL

When I started on my 31 day weight loss blogging challenge this month, I really just wanted to focus on making changes. I knew that I would be doing the Weight Watchers program. I love the accountability of weighing in and the fellowship that happens during the meeting.

But, I also knew that I wanted to give Whole 30 a chance (eventually). I've wanted to do it since my sweet friend Melissa did her 30 days last fall. This challenge is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. I like all the breads I can get. And, I'm not that big on meat and eggs. I kept thinking WHAT WILL I EAT?!!!  I knew doing the program would require some pretty big changes. I hate to admit this, but I started doubting myself before I even really tried.

But here I am.. a little over the half way point in my 31 days of blogging challenge... and I'm starting Whole 30 and two dietbets! Ha.  I'm just trying to keep the motivation train moving!

You can read all about the Whole 30 program on their website, but one of the rules is that you do not weigh yourself for 30 days.

Is it pitiful that this is the most troublesome rule for me? I weigh myself EVERY day. I will say that I don't get overly wrapped up in it. I mean, it's not automatically a horrible day if I'm up a pound (or 10). I just sort of do it out of habit.

One of the main aspects of WW is that you weigh in every week. See my dilemma?! Ha. I have decided that I'm not going to count points this next 30 days. WW has a program that is similar to Whole 30. And, by doing Whole 30 I'll be mostly within the tenets of WW anyway. But, I'd still really like to go to the meetings.  I'm not sure yet if I'll be weighing in each week (I can use "no weigh in" passes). But, I'm nosy AND I'm a rule breaker, so we'll see!

I think the important thing is that I've committed to doing the program for 30 days. If I feel like my weigh in's are jeopardizing that, I'll quit. I'm also going to hide the scale at home so that if I do weigh in at WW, that is the only time I will weigh in.

I know none of this matters at all to most of you! Ha. But, I thought I'd share anyway!

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on day one, my weigh in results (if I do decide to weigh in) as well as my weekly goals!!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

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  1. I have a friend on her second round of Whole 30. She hated the not being able to weigh herself so she did a zipper test with a pair of jeans one size smaller. She would try them on once a week as a measure of her progress. Might be worth a try to do a zipper test or just focus on how you feel everyday versus how much you weigh! Good luck these next 30 days!