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It is finally feeling a bit like fall here!! I think the high today is in the mid 60's!! I can get on board with this kind of weather!! We are headed out the door to my nephew's playoff football game and this will be the first time it will actually feel like football weather!! So exciting!!

1.  Celebrate our SIX year anniversary!
2.  Go to Roadhouse on Terry's birthday (this is a new tradition C and I started last year!)
3.  Exercise at least 8x  
4.  Read 5 books
5.  Try to do some stuff on my Fall Bucket List 
6.  Get Christmas decorations out of storage and organized (and decorate, if there is time).
7.  Go to church 
8.  Refinish media cabinet
9.  Get curtains for living room
10. Paint dining room chairs and buffet
11. Get accepted to teaching program (need to send in application)
12. Get hair colored (NEED TO DO THIS!!!)
13. Get family pictures done 
14. Picture a day 
15. Finish (and win!) the diet bets I'm participating in
16. Organize paperwork
17. Unpack 5 boxes from storage
18. Deep clean apartment
19. Continue working on budget
20. Watch the Cowboys WIN (I'll need help with this one!)
* BONUS: Make our Christmas Bucket List

It would be JUST LOVELY if I marked everything off. But, in the spirit of really trying to be a bit easier on myself, my main goal for this month is to be more intentional with my time. That's kind of a vague/open-ended goal. But, I have noticed from the past few weeks that I get caught up in non-important things (social media and games on my phone!). I never really thought it was that big of a deal... I mean it's just a few minutes here and there, right?! But, I'm noticing is that it is a lot more here and there than I realized. 

So that's... my focus for the month. Putting the phone away and doing self checks (like asking myself: "Is this a good use of your time, Tricia?"). Hoping this helps me to be more present in social situations (C and I are both really bad at looking at stuff on our phone at dinner). And, it would be nice to free up some time to actually do the things on my to-do list. Ha.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. We make 6 years in November too! Did i know we were married the same amount of years?! If we realized this last year i forgot. LOL. What day? We are the 14th.

    Your goals are looking good, girl.We can do this! :)