I didn't weigh in last night. It was cold and rainy and C worked late. And well, I just didn't feel like going.

But, I did weigh on the scales at home (like I do everyday) and I'm fairly confident I'm at least back down to where I was before last week's gain. I am SO SO SO close to dropping a "decade" on the scales at home. But... they are about 3 pounds off from the scales at WW, so it's all so confusing.

Since I gave myself "permission" to loosen the reigns on Whole 30 (until the new year).... I have struggled. Putting the restrictions of the program in play made me want a soda like a madwoman. But, when I told myself that I could have a soda IF I really really wanted one (and acknowledged that I was indeed having one... not just doing it mindlessly)... I went crazy. Soda for breakfast. Soda for Tuesday. Soda. Soda. Soda.  Also, I feel weird typing soda...as I typically call all sodas "coke". But then I didn't want to talk about my addiction to "coke" on the blog because I always feel like I need to justify that it's soda not the other. Ha. That is how you know you have a problem (with a sugar addiction AND with over thinking EVERY LITTLE THING!).

Anyway, I have done some activity. We even got really brave the other night and went to the gym. Watch out world!!!

I just feel like I'm staring at this HUGE mountain. Sometimes I feel like I've got a really good hold on things. I mean, I know that it is going to be a long journey and everything... but I feel like I've got it under control. And then there are other times where I feel like any footing that I did have goes crumbling and I slide back to starting position. It's so frustrating.

But, the good news is that I haven't lost motivation! I'm still getting up everyday and doing what I can. Instead of climbing the mountain and sliding back down it, maybe I need to try MOVING the mountain. Getting it out of my way!!

Sidenote: I'm reading a book about the Bible (not about weight loss at all) and the author uses the "move a mountain" analogy when she talks about learning/studying the Bible. She says to do it, you've got to do it one spoonful of dirt at a time. It's a lot like something I remember telling me one time about a spoonful of water being able to fill a pool. Sure, it's a super slow method... but it will do it a lot quicker than never adding water to it at all.

I think the same can be said about my weight loss. Some people get a big ole shovel or backhoe and are able to plow through their mountain (weight loss journey) fairly quick. Whereas most of the time, I feel like I'm working with a flimsy little plastic spoon. But? That little spoon will do more damage than doing nothing. Right?!

My "goal" for this week is more of the same. I'm just going to keep tracking (I did pretty good.. maybe 70% last week). I'm also doing better with my sleep issue... which I think makes a HUGE difference!!

Okay, enough rambling. I promise to post about other fun things (ie not weight loss related!!) soon!!

Have a great week y'all.


  1. Ugh!! This is SO hard!! I have been terrible today. I broke down and had a baked potato. It wasn't even that good. I also broke down and drank a for real sprite. I am failing miserably. Thank goodness that tomorrow is a new day!

  2. I am glad that you are still hanging in there with your weight loss efforts. Keep tracking, keep moving, keep eating healthfully. A tiny good decisions overtime makes a big difference! I know your October Weightloss Journal is over, but am still cheering you on from bloggyland!