Took a little blog break the last couple of weeks in November. Oops!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We were thinking about going to the Cowboy game and last minute decided to go out of town with my mom and Aunt for the day to the family Thanksgiving. (And...about halfway through watching the game that afternoon...we were SO relieved we didn't drop the cash for that disaster!!).

I (shockingly!) had a pretty productive November. Although, the last two weeks were incredibly difficult...emotionally. My stepdad's birthday is the 20th. He would have been 57. Last year, C and I started a tradition of going to eat at Texas Roadhouse (which was his favorite) for his birthday. It was bittersweet. I miss him SO SO SO much. I try to focus on the good times and think positively, but some times... it's just too difficult and I can't seem to function.

In happier news, I hit the 13.4 pounds lost mark. Slowly but surely. I know if I tried just a bit harder (because I'm not even close to giving it my all) it would happen a bit quicker.

As for the rest of my November goals...

1.  Celebrate our SIX year anniversary!
2.  Go to Roadhouse on Terry's birthday (this is a new tradition C and I started last year!)
3.  Exercise at least 8x  
4.  Read 5 books
5.  Try to do some stuff on my Fall Bucket List 
6.  Get Christmas decorations out of storage and organized (and decorate, if there is time).
7.  Go to church 
8.  Refinish media cabinet
9.  Get curtains for living room JUST WAITING ON THEM TO GET SHIPPED
10. Paint dining room chairs and buffet
11. Get accepted to teaching program (SENT APPLICATION, WAITING ON DECISION)
12. Get hair colored (NEED TO DO THIS!!!)
13. Get family pictures done 
14. Picture a day 
15. Finish (and win!) the diet bets I'm participating in
16. Organize paperwork SO CLOSE...GOT MOST OF IT DONE
17. Unpack 5 boxes from storage MOSTLY CHRISTMAS, BUT STILL
18. Deep clean apartment IN PROGRESS
19. Continue working on budget IN PROGRESS
20. Watch the Cowboys WIN (I'll need help with this one!)
* BONUS: Make our Christmas Bucket List (MORE SOON)

1. Work out 10 times
2. Hit the 20 lb lost mark!
3. Finish Christmas decorating
4. Finish 52/52 book challenge (5 more to go!!)
5. Color my hair (FOR THE LOVE!!)
6. Hang curtains... if they ever ship!
7. Continue working on budget (I need to buckle down)
8. Set up cleaning schedule
9. Unpack 5 NON Christmas boxes :) 
10. Finish 100 Happy Days photos on Insta (going to have to double up a few days to catch up!) 
11. Refinish buffet and dining room chairs
12. Get accepted into certification program (just playing the waiting game right now)
13. Finish Christmas shopping early (no waiting until last minute!!)
14. Dinner with J&E
15. Wash Jeep and clean inside (it's bad, y'all)
16. Work on 2015 goals and Resolutions
17. Watch another classic film and read a classic novel (for my 101 in 1001)
18. Finish organizing paperwork
19. Get a new cookbook (another of my 101 in 1001 goals).
20. Watch the Cowboys win!!! 


  1. Wow, your goal list is inspiring! I feel like I haven't accomplished that much in six months, haha!

  2. I too took a veeeery long blog break lol. We used to follow each other eons ago, wishing you the best and checking up on you.