Y'all. I kind of dropped the ball on blogging in December. Oops. I just spent time working and getting ready for the holidays. This is actually the first time I am turning on my computer since before Christmas. Crazy!

I did want to check in with my final weigh in of 2014. I lost 3 pounds (over Christmas even!) and hit the 18.2 pounds lost mark.

I know that I could have lost so much more this year if I would have just got serious. In fact, it does upset me how many weeks (err, months) I let go by without even really trying. BUT, the good news is that I did buckle down these last few weeks and have managed to lose pretty consistently. I am SO looking forward to all the changes I can make in 2015. It's super motivating to think that I could get to my goal weight in 2015!!

Speaking of goals... y'all know I love them. So, New Year's Resolutions are maybe my favorite thing. I just love the fresh clean slate of a new year. It's like the first page of a new book. What you write is totally up to  you! C and I have been talking a lot about what we want to accomplish this next year. Lots of the classics like saving money and getting healthy. But, we also want to throw in some other fun things...like travel and home buying and having a baby. Ha. I'll be sharing more about those (and my January goals) in a separate post.

As for my December goals, I didn't get as much marked off as I wanted, but I'm okay with that! I had a great month and enjoyed almost every bit of it.

1. Work out 10 times NOT EVEN CLOSE. HA!
2. Hit the 20 lb lost mark! SO CLOSE!!!
3. Finish Christmas decorating
4. Finish 52/52 book challenge (5 more to go!!) SO CLOSE... only got to 49.
5. Color my hair (FOR THE LOVE!!)
6. Hang curtains... if they ever ship!
7. Continue working on budget (I need to buckle down)
8. Set up cleaning schedule
9. Unpack 5 NON Christmas boxes :) 
10. Finish 100 Happy Days photos on Insta KIND OF ABANDONED THIS. OOPS
11. Refinish buffet and dining room chairs 
12. Get accepted into certification program (STILL playing the waiting game right now)
13. Finish Christmas shopping early (no waiting until last minute!!)
14. Dinner with J&E
15. Wash Jeep and clean inside (it's bad, y'all)
16. Work on 2015 goals and Resolutions
17. Watch another classic film and read a classic novel (for my 101 in 1001)
18. Finish organizing paperwork CLOSE ENOUGH TO CALL IT GOOD
19. Get a new cookbook (another of my 101 in 1001 goals).
20. Watch the Cowboys win!!!  NFC-EAST CHAMPS :) 

So, obviously not my most productive month. I ended up not completing my reading challenge for the year (52 books) and that kind of bums me out. BUT... I just didn't feel like reading this month. Spent a lot of time with C and family...and I am okay with that trade off. 

Okay, I'm off to get ready for C and I's super low key NYE celebrations. Seriously, I think we are going out to eat and MAY actually make it to midnight. We are kind of lame this year....

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