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my scripture for the year
Happy New Year y'all! Hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE. We were super low key...like dinner at 8, followed by some frozen yogurt and then in bed by 10:30. We did manage to celebrate the countdown, but I think we were both asleep by 12:15. Cozy....but also kind of lame. We both vowed to live it up a little bit more next year.

I always think of the new year like I'm going to wake up with a new found motivation to be and do all the things I need to - to be the "new" me. You know, the "resolutions" me. Naturally, this never happens. I still crave donuts and despise housework. Ha. Always a work in progress.

Over dinner last night, C and I talked a lot about some changes we want to make this next year. We broke them down into categories...Faith, Health, Finances, Travel, Relationships, Miscellaneous. I think they are all pretty basic resolutions. We want to get healthy, grow closer to one another and God. We hope to travel more, buy a new home, pay off some student loan debt and work on some career goals. You can read more about my 2015 resolutions here.

I've been doing the monthly goals thing for the last few months. While I'm never 100% successful with them, I do feel like writing down a handful of things I want (need) to accomplish over the month is a great motivator. I'm not too proud to tell you that if I don't write things down....I don't do them.

Anyway, C is going to start doing a list of his own... and I'm excited to see how much more we can accomplish this year. A good portion of 2014 was spent on the couch watching Law & Order reruns. Entertaining, yes... but not so conducive to productivity.

:: work out 10 times
:: hit the 25 pounds lost mark
:: refinish buffet
:: refinish dining room chairs
:: go to eye doctor and get new glasses & contacts
:: go to Kimbell to see the Faces of Impressionism exhibit
:: go to church every Sunday
:: daily exercises
:: go to Stock Show (with Dalton!)
:: put Christmas up (and organize as I do)
:: blog 10 times
:: read 5 books
:: read Bible regularly
:: work on budget (ongoing)
:: cards calender (send!)
:: make bracelet
:: work on garage (it's a MESS)
:: wash Jeep (seriously)
:: dinner with friends
:: watch Cowboys WIN playoff games (yes, more than one!!!)

Here's to 2015!

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