I didn't go to my meeting last night. I just wasn't "feeling" it. (par for the course here lately).

We went out to Babe's for Valentine's Day lunch. It's a family style (all you can eat) Southern food heaven. We shared chicken but then I had enough potatoes/corn/green beans to make me hate myself. 

We also ate out A LOT last week. I tried to make healthy choices...but I think I lost discipline as the week ended. 

Anyway, I got up super early (for me) on Tuesday...thanks in part to my annoying neighbor. I couldn't go back to sleep so I went and ran some errands and was feeling SUPER productive. Until about 11am. CRASHED. I woke up around 2:30 starving....so I had some left over turkey chili. And managed to weigh about about 6 pounds heavier than I did the day before. How?! I couldn't face THAT number on the scale...so I opted to not go to the meeting.

I was feeling super guilty about that this morning, so I went to a meeting at a different location this afternoon. I lost......2 tenths of a pound. HAHAHA. Hey...I guess I should celebrate the loss, right?!

So, I did lose. That's good. But, again, I can't help but ask myself how things would be different if I was REALLY trying. I'm being completely transparent when I tell y'all that I'm not. I may be giving it 30%. I think the recent losses have come from working out more. But, I know from experience that that "success" will taper off. To lose weight I have to eat better AND work out. I will have limited, slow success with eating okay. And brief surge of success with exercising. But, crazy as it is...the two done together seem to be "magic".

You'd think I'd learn. 

You'd think.

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