Happy Friday (BARELY!)

It's actually about 11:45 on Friday night...so this may technically be a Happy Saturday! post by the time it's published.

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Um, nowhere and nothing.


So, random updates it is!

We FINALLY got new phones. My sad little 4s was really giving me struggles. It was a great phone though...and I was being nostalgic (and cheap!) about getting a new one. But, I was getting to where I couldn't send texts unless I rebooted my phone. That's not that big of a deal....if your power button works...which, mine did not. So I would have to run down the battery to make it turn off. Kind of a whippin'. The other night it sat on 1% for almost an hour!!! C and I watched youtube videos. We looked and Instagram and Facebook. We called my mom. Still hanging out with that last little 1% of the battery. I wish the first 99% had that kind of longevity!!

Anyway I got the 6 and C got the 6 Plus. I opted to get more memory (and be able to actually hold my phone) instead of getting the plus. The good news is we are super fancy now (kidding) and our payments stayed the same. Yay!!

And...we got gift cards when we updated our phones (double yay!) so we ended up getting our cases for free!! WINNING!!

C got a boring case but I got this cute one!!

What else? BOTH of our vehicles broke down this week. That was all kinds of fun. We are in just about the same boat with our vehicles as we were with our phones. I don't think we are going to be getting super nice upgrades for the same price in the new vehicle department though. Ugh. I do think we will have to break down and get a new(er) vehicle for one of soon though. C has an old work truck and we are about to have invested more in it that 1) we paid for it and 2) it's worth.

The rescue group we are volunteering for (a cat rescue group) is leaving the location we have been volunteering at. I'm SO sad. We were really enjoying our time with the little bitties. I thought it would sort of give me a cat fix until we are ready (and by "we" I mean "Charlie" cause I'm ALWAYS ready to adopt ALL the kitties) to adopt again. We will have to find another group to volunteer for.

one of the rescue cats. look at her heart nose!
We leave for Vegas in a little over a week. I have a to-do list about a mile long...and the only thing I've scratched off is buying new phones...and that was just like 4 hours ago.

OH...and finally...just a small update on my weight loss since I have missed the last two Weigh In Wednesday's. I'm at 24.8 pounds lost. Gave major stink-eye to the scale on Tuesday when it didn't hit the 25 pounds lost mark. Oh well...I guess it will happen eventually!

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