I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend!!
my daffodil's finally bloomed!
C had a 3 day weekend. This is SO rare...as he normally works at least half a day on Saturdays. They have been super busy so he is always working overtime here lately. But...we had THREE whole days with nothing on the books. It was definitely a treat!!
We did lots of eating out. I woke up about a half pound less than I was on Thursday morning...so maybe I'm learning how to reel it in while eating out? We didn't get a lot of chips and breads. Those seem to be my issues.

Thursday night, we met my mom and niece for dinner.

Friday we did some shopping and birthday party location scouting. C has a BIG birthday coming up this summer, and we don't know where we are going to have the party! Just another reason I would love to have my own home!!

We did some more shopping on Saturday and wound up at ATT Stadium (I still call it Cowboys Stadium!!). C wanted to look at some hats and jerseys. We managed to leave empty handed (yay for small $ miracles).

Then, we met my dad for dinner at a BBQ place in Fort Worth. My friend's husband was doing an acoustic show out near the patio. Good food, good music and some good visiting. It got kind of cold though, and then it started lightning and raining. My dad had rode his Harley up there, so we all left.

We had church yesterday, which was really great. It wasn't a typical "Easter" sermon....but the message was pretty moving.

And then...the Easter bunny brought us a treat.

Meet Daphne. She's just the sweetest thing. We are getting used to having a fur-baby in the house again, but it hasn't been too bad. She cried a little last night...but she has done really well today. She is a big fan of C. In fact, he just got home and she is curled up on the couch next to him as I type. I basically don't exist now. Ha.

Have a great week!

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