I Regret Nothing: A Memoir / Fitbit Flex  / Essie / Burt's Bees

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Just like this month, the weekend went by TOO fast. We have had SO much rain this month...so much. But, the last two days have been PERFECT!! Lot's of sunshine. We even went swimming today. My white legs nearly blinded everyone! Ha.

This month was kind of wonky, what with my Dad's surgery and all the stress involving that. While those days at the hospital seemed to drag on forever, I feel like the rest of the month happened while blinking. But, there were some bright spots...and I thought I would share some of my favorite "things" that I have been enjoying this past month.

NCIS. Y'all! Where have I been? I know this show has been on FOREVER. But, I just randomly caught an old rerun a few weeks ago...and I've been dvr'ing (that's a verb right?) every episode since then. I just adore this show!!

Rodan + Fields REDIFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream. Loving this. I have some serious dark circles and puffiness...not to mention some fine lines trying to pop up. I got this after seeing some positive reviews. So far? I love it. I've only been using it about 3 weeks...so I'll try to update again here in a month or two.

Jen Lancaster's I Regret Nothing. Not quite done with this one...but I've laughed so much. I always love her memoirs though. I HATE that I missed a chance to see her this month. She was doing a signing in Dallas, but we were at the hospital in Fort Worth. Anyway, so far it's really cute. I feel like we are kindred spirits...so I always get a kick out of her stuff!

Essie Mint Candy Apple. Such a fun color. I've had this for a while...but I'm really digging it here lately (on the toes).

Fitbit Flex. C got this for me at the very end of April. I LOOOOOVE it. It's a little shocking some days to see how very sedentary I am. I mean, I knew I wasn't running a marathon everyday...but I was SHOCKED at how few steps I normally get. Definitely challenges me to move around a bit more.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm. LOVE this stuff. I always love stuff with mint in the ingredients (I love the tingly feeling..ha). This has been a long time favorite for keeping my lips in check. If I'm not careful...my lips will get SO dry and peely. It's not cute.

So there ya have it....what I've been loving this month. What are your recent faves?

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