There are 10 days left in May. What?!! That is just crazy.

I never got around to setting my goals for the month of May. And... y'all know I am sooo the type of person that needs to write down my goals (or even my daily to-do's) to have the best chance of accomplishing them. Even then, it's iffy.

Admittedly, I've been really unproductive thus far this month.

Solution?  I thought I would challenge myself with 10 goals for the last 10 days of the month. Here goes....

:: Hit the 35 pound lost mark (need to lose 2.2 this next weigh in to do so)
:: Get all greens (steps, miles, calories burned, water, activity time) with my FitBit every day
:: Go to church both Sundays
:: Mail the stack of things I have sitting on my desk
:: Wrap up all open orders/get caught up on inquiry emails
:: Clean inside of Jeep
:: Deep clean the apartment
:: Read the Bible daily
:: Read (or finish the ones I've started) at least 3 books
:: Enjoy the 3 day weekend with C

So those are my goals for the last week and half of May. Feeling pretty confident about them. That's a good sign, right?!

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