I remember doing a 'currently' post in September of last year, and I really enjoyed it. They are my favorite type of post to read on other blogs (hint hint). So, when I saw Bailey share her's for today, I thought I should do one again!

STARTING::  To clean out my apartment/storage. Too much stuff!! Simplify!!

READING::  I'm reading a few things right now: The Bible, I Regret Nothing (Jen Lancaster), The Shunning (Beverly Lewis) and Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella). Plus several magazines!

WATCHING:: NCIS. Duh. We are about to cancel cable and just get Netflix...but I just saw that NCIS isn't on Netflix. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! I'm also finishing up all my dvr'd stuff before I lose it ... mostly Revenge (OMG) and Downton Abbey. 

EATING:: Awful. I'll do good for a day or two...and then completely lose my mind for a few days. I just told my friend that I needed an intervention. I am trying to eat gluten free though. I just seem to feel better when I do. 

EXCITED:: About my new car!!! C bought me a new (as in brand new!) SUV this past weekend. I've never had a new car...I've always driven older cars. I mean, I know it's just a car but...I'm just SUPER grateful for it...and I love driving around in it. 

TRYING:: To get out of bed earlier. I have such a hard time going to sleep at night...and an even harder time getting up in the morning. Ugh. 

CELEBRATING:: My baby brother's high school graduation (last week). My mom's birthday (Saturday) and my Dad's (Monday). 

CREATING:: Some samples for blog design clients. :) 

LISTENING::  My car has XM radio...which I've never had before. I'm loving the prime country station, the elvis station and of course...the 90's station. Old school!

THANKING::  God my dad is getting better everyday. We are just so blessed that it wasn't worse than it was. 

WAITING::  For football season. I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait!!!

WANTING::  To buy a house. C and I are in full on saving mode. We go through periods where we lose motivation... right now it's pretty serious!! (this is the exact same answer from my September currently post...but hopefully we are close!!). 

PLANNING:: C's BIG birthday party. Less than 2 months away!!

DREAMING::  Of going back to school this fall. Got accepted, now I just need to figure out the logistics (ie the finances) of it all.

NEEDING:: To get some new clothes. Especially a bathing suit (which I dread shopping for).

GOING::  To start Dave Ramsey's FPU again. We were doing so good and then slowly we started using credit cards again and now, I just feel like we need a reset. Maybe I'll post about this soon. 

FEELING::  Icky. I just feel run down a lot. I know if I would change my diet (and not just for a few days) and get more activity in....I would feel so much better. Got to do this!!!

FINISHING:: My glass of water. Trying to get in my minimum target everyday. 

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  1. In case you didn't see it, NCIS is on Netflix now!! My summer vacation plans have sudden been filled!!!