I'm not 100% sure why I continue to set monthly goals.  I look back at the last few months and wonder "what did you do?" I mean, I'm obviously doing stuff everyday...but I'm not having much consistency in accomplishing my goals for the month.

But, I do love a good to-do list, and I'm nothing if not (ignorantly) optimistic at the beginning of the month. Ha. So, I'm hoping and planning for a good June!!

1. Start bible study at church. I signed up for the women's bible study at church this summer. It starts next week, and I'm so excited!! 

2. Continue reading the bible daily. I printed out a plan last fall. It's actually a 90 day plan, which is incredibly ambitious. I am just using it as a guide. I'm still plugging through The Old Testament, but I'm enjoying it. 

3. Get a new car (dreaming!!!!). So my Jeep and I are having issues. She keeps overheating...even though she has ALL NEW PARTS. It's time for us to separate paths. I just dread having a car payment after not having one for the last few years.

4. Hit the 40 pounds lost mark!!! Even though I've been trying to hit 35 pounds for about a month...I'm really close to that. Hopefully I can get another 5 off after that!

5. Read 5+ books. I've gotten SO bad at reading here lately. I mean, I've started about 5 books, but I just can't get motivated to finish any of them. 

6. Order invites for C's party. I was going to design them, but I found some cute ones to order...much easier and actually, a lot cheaper. Win Win!

7. Refinish Buffet. Seriously, one of these days, we will actually finish re-doing this. In our defense, it rained all of May, and we couldn't exactly work in the rain. I don't have much of an excuse for the previous 11 months. Ha.

Seven goals. TOTALLY doable, right?!! I can do this!!!

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