Assuming you haven't been living under a rock, you have probably seen/heard about Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  Y'all know I am trying really hard not to spend extra money....so I have seriously added and removed things from my cart so many times that I'm convinced Nordstrom is just going to have pitty on me and send it all to me free of charge.

While I wait on that to happen, I thought I would share some of the things that I am SERIOUSLY considering buying. I mean, truth be told...there are lots of great deals to be found, but I'm not going to be buying any over the knee boots or designer purses anytime soon. 

I'll start with some of the home decor type stuff today. 

print/throw/candles/glasses/LED monogram
I just want it all, K? First, those adorable glasses (and the tray!) are less than $10. And the candles remind me of my coffee mug I got from Anthropolgie!

That throw and the cow print would look fabulous is my living room. I have a faux fur throw that Daphne (the cat) confiscated. She doesn't share, but that's fine since it's pretty much a catch all for her fur (thus making it a semi real fur throw...ew. haha). Anyway....this one is 1) adorable 2) matches my living room and 3) less than $40.

Though I do love a good monogram...I try not to have them ALL OVER our apartment, ya know? But, this one is super fun.

What do y'all have on your list?



I wasn't going to post today, but I can't miss out on a good confessions post.

I mean, that is sort of what this blog is all about anyway...right? :)

So, without further ado...

1. OMG. I am SO excited about football season. After a brief temper tantrum, Dez Bryant signed a long term deal with the Cowboys (WOOT WOOT). So we can all breath a sigh of relief and get to work planning our SuperBowl Sunday plans....as well as the celebratory parade that follows our win. Yes? YES!

2. I weighed in last night. I lost POINT FOUR. Over it. Such a struggle here lately. I blogged about my consistent (key word) lack of motivation last week. It's pretty bad. I will be ON FIRE one day. And then done with anything healthy for two or three days. If you are keeping count...this approach does nothing for the number on the scale. I am currently waiting on C to get home though...going to go for a walk. It's only 97 degrees outside. Also, when did 97 become acceptable? I mean, it's better than 100+ degree days....so I suppose Texas summers will mess your with mind.

3. I last minute changed venues for C's party. They bar/restaurant we had initially booked....booked a heavy metal cover band to perform that night. Um, NO. I mean, I love a good 80's/early 90's hair band as much as the next girl...but heavy metal? Yeah, no thanks. So, we just happened to stumble upon this other place down the street that a friend is playing at. YAY!! Of course, I changing all of your plans for a party less than a month before said party? SUPER stressful. Thankfully, my procrastination covered the invites too, as they have yet to be sent out. So...I'm last minute rushing to get them all sent out tomorrow. Yikes.

4. I think I'm ready to quit drinking coke. Did I just say that? I usually wake up CRAVING it.  But, here lately...it's not hitting the spot. I think because it is so hot outside, my body just craves water (imagine that). So...I am really, really going to try and cut back...and eventually...cut out. Of course, I'm having a mini panic attack just typing that.

5. Speaking of quitting. We are finally getting ready to cancel cable. We have been talking about it forever...but keep putting it off. Then I had a reader email me the other day that NCIS is on Netflix now (YAY!)...so that was the final push. The only real shows I watch are Big Brother and Pretty Little Liars. But, then again...it's off season. I'm not sure what we will do when all the shows (Scandal, Big Bang, Modern Family, Madame Secretary, etc) come back on this fall. Not to mention...ALL THE FOOTBALL. Maybe it will just be a temporary break from cable. LOL

What's going on with y'all?




Though it was pretty uneventful, I had one of the best weekends in a long time. C and I went on a drive Saturday night...and that is probably my favorite thing to do. Just love hanging out with him.

I started this post earlier today...but got sidetracked with apartmently things...laundry/dishes/etc. But this image just brings me lots of joy. I'm in to pinks/corals right now. And peaches and flowers. And dreaming (always dreaming).

I am feeling SUPER motivated right now. Working out and chasing goals...marking those things off my to-do lists. I hope to share more soon.

In the mean time, I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!




It has been a while since my last Weigh In Wednesday post. I thought I would do a little update on my journey.

I'm basically right where I was the last time I updated. I got to 34.8 pounds lost on June 2. Since then, I've gained a lost the same 2ish pounds. Right now, I'm on a gain...and I'm sitting at 32.2 pounds lost.

It's super frustrating. Not just because I'm not losing (though that is incredibly frustrating), but because I know that I am the reason why. I can't seem to get or stay motivated with tracking my points/cooking healthy at home/exercising/cutting out unnecessary "treats". I'll do okay for a meal or day or even a couple of days, but then I lose my mind. At this point, I'm just grateful that the gains haven't been more than they are.

Last week I decided to really try and focus on tracking. I'm sort of control freak in that I want to track exactly what the points are. If I don't know...I feel like guessing is "wrong". I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone else. But, somehow...in my mind...not tracking is better than guessing and being wrong. I realize this is complete nonsense. Nobody has ever accused me of having a sane outlook on weight loss. HA.

So anyway, I have started tracking again...pretty regularly. I'm actually quite proud because I started last Friday...the first of a 3 day holiday weekend with C. He's rarely off work a full two days on the weekend...and he was off all three days last weekend. We celebrated by EATING ALL THE FOODS. But, I tracked everything. It was a big eye opener. 

I've always been very honest that eating out makes it VERY hard for me to lose weight. I don't order the worst thing on the menu...and half the time I share something with C. But...something (maybe sodium or sugar?) causes me to gain. I also think that when we eat out...I am hungry sooner. Possibly because we share? I don't know. Bottom line, I know eating out is a tricky game that I need to reign in.

I've also started walking again. It's so hot here, but it's manageable if we go later in the evening. I've also been doing the treadmill thing, which I despise. I pray every single time I'm on the treadmill that my heart would be softened to it...and that I would crave time on it. So far...no success. Ha.

Anyway...I've been in these slumps before, and it's here that I usually give up. I'm happy to report that is not the case this time. I'm just working through it. I'm excited for the scale to start dropping again. I've got a long (long) journey ahead of me. But, even on the hardest days, I am motivated by the fact that I've lost nearly 35 pounds. That's a lot. The other day, in the gym, I saw that they had 35lb dumbells. So I picked one up. I didn't expect to be as heavy as it was...and I actually had to use both hands to pick it up/maneuver it out of the rack. I just stood there and held it for a second. It's CRAZY to think that last summer I was carrying that weight on my body all day everyday.

Makes me excited to drop the next 35 pounds!!!  



one / two / three / four / five / six
Confession: I could easily spend all my money on makeup... (and books...and slurpees... but those are posts for another day). While one of my favorite things to do is walk the aisles of Ulta or Kohl's (they are upping their makeup game!)....I usually end up talking myself out of the makeup purchases at the last minute. I mean, I have my tried and true faves. But, most of the time...I think I want to try something new... and then I chicken out and don't want to spend the money. If I don't get my act together soon...I'll be baring my face au naturale , because I'm literally scrubbing the pan to get the last little bit of my makeup.

So, while I'm sitting up late at night watching makeup tutorials and reading reviews online, I thought I would share some of the things that are on my list right now!

one // Essie Marshmallow :: I love this for summer..it looks so great on tan skin. I think it's been around for a while, but I've never tried it...mostly because I am about the same color as the polish. Maybe I can make it work?

two // Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Pink Peony :: I've never tried Tarte lipstick. But, it's paraben free (a must for me) and has pretty good reviews.

three // Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten Baked Cheek Color in Pink Buttercream :: I've actually tried this product before and LOVED it. I got it in Pink Grapefruit last time...but want to try something with a bit more pink. This lasts FOREVER AND EVER. :)

four // Real Technique Makeup Brush Set :: My brushes are all kind of sad. Probably because I use every last little bit of my makeup (which requires scrubbing the pan! ha!!). I can't seem to get on board with spending lots of money on brushes though. These seem reasonable but also have good reviews.

five // Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara :: I used to wear this a lot, but got several bad tubes. That was discouraging, so I've been using a bunch of different products that I honestly do not love. It's hard to find paraben free mascara that I like. It's been about 2 years since I've worn this particular kind...I'm ready to give it another try.

six // The Balm Nude Dude Eye Shadow Palette :: I look at this palette EVERY time I go to Kohl's (the only place near me I've found The Balm products). One of these days I'm going to just bite the bullet and buy it!! Ha. Probably sooner than later...as I used the very last speck of eye shadow I own (save for some random plum color that I do not like) the other night (yikes!).

Have y'all tried any of these products? What's on your list?



background image

I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that is it is July. JULY!!! I am not a big fan of summer, especially Texas summers. But, this one is zipping right by. I went to Hobby Lobby the other day...and they were putting out Christmas. I know this makes most people roll their eyes....but I get all kinds of excited! Bring on the fall and winter months!

Anyway, this past month was pretty anti-climatic...except...I did get a new car!!! I love it sooo sooo much. I'm in my 30's and have never owned a brand new car, so this is a big deal for me. It really never bothered me not having something brand new. But, I'll be completely honest...that whole warranty thing is kind of exciting! Ha. Mostly because my Jeep was just falling apart and that was getting expensive.

Other than that, I didn't get much else accomplished from the goals list for June. What's new right?!

To recap:

1. Start bible study at churchDecided against going, mostly because of the car situation at the beginning of the month. Looking forward to fall study though!

2. Continue reading the bible daily

3. Get a new car (dreaming!!!!). YAY!!! This is one I was kind of kidding about. But, I'm super grateful for it!!!

4. Hit the 40 pounds lost mark!!! Rough month on the weight loss front. More on this later in the week. 

5. Read 5+ books. I read ONE book in June. Not doing so good on my book challenge this year...just haven't been in much of a reading mood. 

6. Order invites for C's party. I'm counting this as complete...I'll order them this weekend!

7. Refinish BuffetWe were going to start this this past weekend (honest!) but then C cut his hand really bad at work and had to get stitches last week. So, once again...this one get's put off another month. 

As for July....I'm not sure why I continue to make goals. It is a part of my 101 in 1001...so at least this is one goal I am getting accomplished! I've always been a list maker. Though my track record doesn't really back me up...I promise that my little lists of to-do's and goals DOES help me get things done. However, I've clearly got a lot of room for improvement. And, I guess that is why I keep setting these monthly goals. :)

1. Continue reading the bible dailyWould love to wrap up the Old Testament this month.

2. Get registered for fall classesThis is something that will take some planning and praying. I am so excited about going back to school and getting my teaching certification (finally) but, with everything else going on (new car, saving for a house, trying to pay off debt) this is going to be a bit of a financial challenge. Praying for guidance and favor. 

3. Deep clean apartmentI was just telling my friend how much I love a clean apartment...like super clean. But...I hate cleaning. Challenging myself this month to do those tasks I hate doing (baseboards, vents, etc). 

4. Hit the 40 pounds lost mark!!! Let's try this again! Ha.

5. Read 5+ books. I just picked up a bunch of books at the library! 

6. Continue planning C's partyGetting excited!!

7. Refinish BuffetWhat's a monthly goal list without this?!

8. Color hair. No explanation needed (haha)!!

9. Design / blog "stuff"Lots of ideas for my design site, this blog, and a few other projects I'm working on. More on this soon.

10. Friend timeWe have sort of been hermits the last few months. We need to be more diligent about spending time with our friends. AND....my best friend will be here (from DC) for several weeks this month...so that is exciting!!!

11. Weekly goals/challenges with CThis is kind of a bonus goal for the month.  C and I were at dinner last night talking about how June was kind of a bust on getting things done. So we decided to set some small weekly goals to get back on our game. I'll be sharing more about these (hopefully!) at the end of the month.

What's on your agenda for the month?!