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I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that is it is July. JULY!!! I am not a big fan of summer, especially Texas summers. But, this one is zipping right by. I went to Hobby Lobby the other day...and they were putting out Christmas. I know this makes most people roll their eyes....but I get all kinds of excited! Bring on the fall and winter months!

Anyway, this past month was pretty anti-climatic...except...I did get a new car!!! I love it sooo sooo much. I'm in my 30's and have never owned a brand new car, so this is a big deal for me. It really never bothered me not having something brand new. But, I'll be completely honest...that whole warranty thing is kind of exciting! Ha. Mostly because my Jeep was just falling apart and that was getting expensive.

Other than that, I didn't get much else accomplished from the goals list for June. What's new right?!

To recap:

1. Start bible study at churchDecided against going, mostly because of the car situation at the beginning of the month. Looking forward to fall study though!

2. Continue reading the bible daily

3. Get a new car (dreaming!!!!). YAY!!! This is one I was kind of kidding about. But, I'm super grateful for it!!!

4. Hit the 40 pounds lost mark!!! Rough month on the weight loss front. More on this later in the week. 

5. Read 5+ books. I read ONE book in June. Not doing so good on my book challenge this year...just haven't been in much of a reading mood. 

6. Order invites for C's party. I'm counting this as complete...I'll order them this weekend!

7. Refinish BuffetWe were going to start this this past weekend (honest!) but then C cut his hand really bad at work and had to get stitches last week. So, once again...this one get's put off another month. 

As for July....I'm not sure why I continue to make goals. It is a part of my 101 in 1001...so at least this is one goal I am getting accomplished! I've always been a list maker. Though my track record doesn't really back me up...I promise that my little lists of to-do's and goals DOES help me get things done. However, I've clearly got a lot of room for improvement. And, I guess that is why I keep setting these monthly goals. :)

1. Continue reading the bible dailyWould love to wrap up the Old Testament this month.

2. Get registered for fall classesThis is something that will take some planning and praying. I am so excited about going back to school and getting my teaching certification (finally) but, with everything else going on (new car, saving for a house, trying to pay off debt) this is going to be a bit of a financial challenge. Praying for guidance and favor. 

3. Deep clean apartmentI was just telling my friend how much I love a clean apartment...like super clean. But...I hate cleaning. Challenging myself this month to do those tasks I hate doing (baseboards, vents, etc). 

4. Hit the 40 pounds lost mark!!! Let's try this again! Ha.

5. Read 5+ books. I just picked up a bunch of books at the library! 

6. Continue planning C's partyGetting excited!!

7. Refinish BuffetWhat's a monthly goal list without this?!

8. Color hair. No explanation needed (haha)!!

9. Design / blog "stuff"Lots of ideas for my design site, this blog, and a few other projects I'm working on. More on this soon.

10. Friend timeWe have sort of been hermits the last few months. We need to be more diligent about spending time with our friends. AND....my best friend will be here (from DC) for several weeks this month...so that is exciting!!!

11. Weekly goals/challenges with CThis is kind of a bonus goal for the month.  C and I were at dinner last night talking about how June was kind of a bust on getting things done. So we decided to set some small weekly goals to get back on our game. I'll be sharing more about these (hopefully!) at the end of the month.

What's on your agenda for the month?!

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