I wasn't going to post today, but I can't miss out on a good confessions post.

I mean, that is sort of what this blog is all about anyway...right? :)

So, without further ado...

1. OMG. I am SO excited about football season. After a brief temper tantrum, Dez Bryant signed a long term deal with the Cowboys (WOOT WOOT). So we can all breath a sigh of relief and get to work planning our SuperBowl Sunday plans....as well as the celebratory parade that follows our win. Yes? YES!

2. I weighed in last night. I lost POINT FOUR. Over it. Such a struggle here lately. I blogged about my consistent (key word) lack of motivation last week. It's pretty bad. I will be ON FIRE one day. And then done with anything healthy for two or three days. If you are keeping count...this approach does nothing for the number on the scale. I am currently waiting on C to get home though...going to go for a walk. It's only 97 degrees outside. Also, when did 97 become acceptable? I mean, it's better than 100+ degree days....so I suppose Texas summers will mess your with mind.

3. I last minute changed venues for C's party. They bar/restaurant we had initially booked....booked a heavy metal cover band to perform that night. Um, NO. I mean, I love a good 80's/early 90's hair band as much as the next girl...but heavy metal? Yeah, no thanks. So, we just happened to stumble upon this other place down the street that a friend is playing at. YAY!! Of course, I changing all of your plans for a party less than a month before said party? SUPER stressful. Thankfully, my procrastination covered the invites too, as they have yet to be sent out. So...I'm last minute rushing to get them all sent out tomorrow. Yikes.

4. I think I'm ready to quit drinking coke. Did I just say that? I usually wake up CRAVING it.  But, here lately...it's not hitting the spot. I think because it is so hot outside, my body just craves water (imagine that). So...I am really, really going to try and cut back...and eventually...cut out. Of course, I'm having a mini panic attack just typing that.

5. Speaking of quitting. We are finally getting ready to cancel cable. We have been talking about it forever...but keep putting it off. Then I had a reader email me the other day that NCIS is on Netflix now (YAY!)...so that was the final push. The only real shows I watch are Big Brother and Pretty Little Liars. But, then again...it's off season. I'm not sure what we will do when all the shows (Scandal, Big Bang, Modern Family, Madame Secretary, etc) come back on this fall. Not to mention...ALL THE FOOTBALL. Maybe it will just be a temporary break from cable. LOL

What's going on with y'all?

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  1. Yay! So fun to see you linking up today!!! I REALLY wish my body would decide it didn't like diet coke anymore #thestruggleisreal and you will NOT miss cable one bit!!!